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  2. applegrapple


    hi can i join i have level 73 character have all maps psn grapplecan
  3. AngrySaltire

    Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin

    Ah, just looked into it more just now and apparantly it is a thing, cant wait to get one when its fixed. Its weird because it isnt even mentioned in the patch notes.
  4. SoleSurvivor2571


  5. BritishGeezer

    Structure pick up

    same here I entered this string in the "custom game.ini settings" normal mode but it is not taking effect.
  6. SaltyMonkey

    pve Looking for casual adults

  7. SaltyMonkey

    Structure pick up

    Are you using expert mode or standard?
  8. SoleSurvivor2571


    What Servers do you use.
  9. MissesHunter

    Structure pick up

    Thats what I mean. I'm using it in that and it just doesn't seem to want to work. I have put everything in the right places and it doesn't take at all.
  10. Up guy sorry for up this, many time, but, some people want it, and WC do nothing for now..
  11. Picklestatus

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    wc for event weekends maybe start spawning random world bosses like they do on WoW that just sit around until ppl want to kill them. Make events more interactive or maybe every week once or twice at Saturday you spawn in a legendary supply drop That features maybe a lesser boss and drops awesome poop idk
  12. Moon78

    Griffins need a change

    Griffins are probably my favourite flying mount; they fly, they have speed, one can shoot off them, pick, they are versatile. Recently however with manas and new species griffins are kind of useless. They are too squishy, you cant breed them and now with the kibble change they are very expensive to tame either mutton and they take a very long time or the kibble which is not my fav change as it is expensive. For how squishy a griffin is for a one time mount they arent worth the cost to tame them. i think it would be cool if we could breed griffins, for starters baby griffins will probably be the cutest baby EVER, but this would also justify the cost to tame and would give the opportunity for better stats along the way. Or making them easier/cheaper to tame justifying the squishy one time use one gets out of a griffin in pvp. No matter what this Easter event we are taming as mnay as we can cause this is the only way to get pretty griffins! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/449373018557251584/568773787542355968/unknown.png
  13. Because of all NA ragnarok servers, only the 383? It's just the 383. 😪
  14. MooPaMa

    pve Breeding dinos

    Good to know. Thank you.
  15. Today
  16. shadowkyuubi

    April patch 2019

    have you try to verify the files on steam
  17. Lycan187u

    How many hours have you played for?

    Rofl!!!! You need to become one with the ark. Cedric!!! Lag is love lag is life
  18. applegrapple

    PS4: ArrangedFire90

    hi not great at posting stuff I've been trying to join you. I have extinction, I'll help on that one if you need but I'd like to join rag and my psn is grapplecan and im in my 30s lol
  19. After a friend of mine found my body on targett and killed me i was able to eventually log in again …
  20. unosavannah


    Hello I’m playing multiplayer on a iPhone 8 Plus , thankyou heaps for getting back to me
  21. Since i uploaded dino and stuff I need to log my charachter in the hours or they will be lost forever ….
  22. These past few days running around the ark I noticed that there don’t seem to be as many dinos running around on my ark survival evolved on the Xbox! Is it just me of is anybody else having this? Took me forever to find a Baryonx and the same goes for Spinos plenty of Sarcos n dilophosaurs plus some others. Plus is anybody having issues with cooking kibble in a cooking pot? Doing all the right stuff yet still no kibble! Even crafted a new cooking pot!
  23. XxxGodzxxX

    Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Dino_Marshmallow_Hat_Skin its not ingame BUT should be
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