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  2. A bit of a qwerky game mode could be a progression type server cluster. As an example they could do monthly rate progression. First month 1x second month 2x third month x3 up to say 10x making the appeal of restarting after being wiped higher. In my head this seems cool but i do feel like practicality it could be pretty lame.
  3. Yeah I gave up on all that a year ago and have been playing single player since. It’s actually pretty fun, playing on your own, although it would be great if some more servers went up
  4. Should I just send all rexes to attack dragon at first and then just wait for whenever manticore lands? Is it better to wear gasmask (primitive) and flak armor (1600 armor) or hazard suit (journeyman)?
  5. I am so relieved to find out I'm not the only one, this is so frustrating. My map coverage, pins and explorer notes have all been reset. Now I have to find all of the locations again for 5 maps. 😕
  6. Xbox cross play not working I can't seem to connect to any unofficial pc servers with my xbox, or even the official ark ones. Help?
  7. Xbox cross play not working I can't seem to connect to any unofficial pc servers with my xbox, or even the official ark ones. Help?
  8. Small tribe pvp PC. Unplayable Well this mod is unplayale the community is SUPER toxic . Ive been trying to grow in this mod since february . Im now almost level 105. I started trying to build random bases at random place , like a noob. Ended up geting every single stone/metal base blown up in less then a week. Then I listened alot of videos and decided I should go in a pearl cave... It was getting good , was level 100 had a very nice heavy turret wall after a week , my friend was doing some mana breeding in the cave. and lvl 130 players comes and mesh the damn pearl cave, my friend saw everything( It was MUrphy that meshed us the guys was in a HOD meshing video) . Ok now im very dissapointed , I take a little break for a week of 2 then I find myself a real tribe . we are 6 active player(we where 3 previously) After that we try the pack cave. Before we could even establish . there 2 guy lvl 135 in front of the cave.... we push em back kill his trike and almost killed his mana. they finally leave after 2 hour of raiding. Only to come as a 4 men team of lvl 130+ with full tek gear and all end of game mutation dino etc.... and they wipe us.... we had other hidden spot base on extinction (more like a farming spot) so we started back and went for ice cave in island 1 guy just got wiped and we took the cave( there a reason the guy got wiped lol we didnt really thing about it ) so we are in the cave for over 3 weeks . Im down in the bottom of the cave taking care of breeding . and whats happened? we got mesehed 3 guy popped fuly mutated /breed giga in the cave .... cant do anything we lost all. they bypass our 70 velos and 100 turret and the entrance.. We even had to throw all the damn bullets on the ground because the guy shot with rocket our tek gen from within the dam mesh! So thats the reason the cave was empty raptorING MESHING so now we are like lets go sneaky on Ragn Water vacuum ... guess what in are nowhere near anything... and it didnt take a week that we got wiped in the bottom of the ocean on ragn... ho and our quetz base we had for over a month got killed the same night(coincindence?) , so we lost our restart option to restart from the quetz ( we had a replicator on it and a full kit to restart... gone) So to anyone gonna try small tribe pc, dont this game mode is dead... the community is full of toxic top level player destroying bob stone base and if you have a decent base , your gonna get mesh. the only way to succeed on this server is to pay real money for boss fight ( its impossible to breed/tame enough dino legit , your gonna get wiped before you have everything to run a boss fight so tek Is basicly behind a paywall because of the community) and then play 24/7 with other and have no life for 3 month until your base would basicly take 3 days to raid so that way you have a chance to come defend it while your online. Worse online community ive ever been part of .... Thanks wildard for not fixing your game
  9. I love my sarco. He was so easy to tame and so ridiculously good! I tamed him with a sling in my fifth day, and he was amazing! Still is a great help for going underwater.
  10. When I first started playing the game last January, I remember a bug in which you would run off a foundation and get stuck it mid air. It was really annoying, and it was solved by crouching and punching like crazy. This never happens anymore. Don’t say the devs aren’t fixing things, because they are. I play on Xbox single player by the way.
  11. How long does it take to get help from forums? or get in contact with gm? Transfered to main server and grabbed some stuff to transfer back and while waiting for refresh my game dced and now everytime i try to get on that server or the one previously on it tells me to make a new char yet my char is standing exactly where i left it off.
  12. Server is something different from the other server. its perfect and the staffs are helpful and not abusive really active
  13. People mistake official as the complete package and most common complaints are the state of the servers, not the game itself. Bugs are much less noticeable when you can play the game smoothly.
  14. Ced, I have been an ark player for over a year starting on Legacy, keeping that base on the island and starting on official when we first started hearing about decommissioning of servers. We moved from official island , to scorched, to Ragnarok, and then to center. Each experience on official was worse than the next. We didn’t have the same “community” on official as we did in legacy. So far we have survived the great migrations on 537 as we have people that play and we work as a community to help each other and new players. We never saw this on official, or at least the severs we visited. Several of our members have been there since beta and have Thousands of hours invested in their bases and Dino’s. They are the ones that are the first to help, especially new players. Sure we like to see new maps and stuff, but not at the convenience of wiping others out to get new content. I would be in favor of a subscription to keep my legacy server and would probably get the download if you close it down and host it myself. Living the island life -Mao Noel
  15. Maybe they could set it up so that a map like Scorched Earth, Aberration or Ragnarok would be available in the app store, separate from the original ARK Mobile app
  16. This is really subjective. I play on good hardware for my client. Good hardware for my server. Most major bugs, like ovis babies falling through floors, can be avoided with workarounds.
  17. Over a year online now, the community is still very active. New Coliseum Event map added! Summon your own boss fights, 24x7 Treasure hunting, Outdoor PvP area, and the new Labyrinth Maze! More events coming soon!
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  19. As the discussions around a relaunch of Astral ARK have been more frequent on Discord, we have put a website in place to give a bit more details about what you can expect once the servers are live. For those of you still playing on the current cluster, worry not, we will do what we can to allow you to keep some of what you've earned so far More details will follow. Everything is explained on our new website dedicated to ARK. This website will be completed with the relevant info when we manage to reach our goal. Thanks a lot for your support, and we are looking forward to seeing you again on Astral ARK, soon! https://ark.astral-imperium.com/
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