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  1. Reading the wiki would help you. In addition after someone knocks the female out and takes its milk there is a delay before it makes it again so if you’re knocking out females that have just been milked you won’t get any.
  2. Not the point, don’t release a trailer with them in it if they are just going to be taken out. How would you like it if you watched a movie trailer and then started to watch the movie and nothing of which enticed you to watch it is actually even in it?
  3. I voted for all these items. I most like colors, different types of boosts like the valentines mating boost, and I like the egg idea which boosts the Dino’s speed and changes it’s color, and I also wish the Dodorex came back or something similar like a new Dino only to be tamed during the event not clonable/breedable and not seen again until that event reoccurs that way you feel special if you have one
  4. Griffins? Why are they in the trailer but not on the map? Also I thought there would be snow owls too? Additionally, I’ve ridden a Rex around and of all the times I’ve been attacked by Deinos not once have they jumped onto the Rex’s side and tried to eat at its rib cage like the trailer shows (which I thought was pretty awesome). So how come these things are in the trailer yet not in the game? Just curious.
  5. The corruption is nothing to be worried about or afraid of, just don't go in on foot.
  6. Like the others have said, you can only transfer once some items. If the timer is resetting it's because you already transferred it.
  7. I have yet to get any of the legacy servers to work locally. I found some instructions in a few different places here on the forums but the game just crashes. Ark sees the files fine, and starts to load, but then it crashes. I am trying to play single player, and have tried all maps. I have even tried to clear the folder, start a session, then copy the files (skipping or not skipping the main file), doesn't matter, still crashes. I have tried just to extract the files in an empty folder, still crashes half way through. Any help?
  8. First of all "Meshing" is it's own problem which needs fixed. You're pretty much saying anything that promotes meshing shouldn't be enabled.
  9. Walls Clip Ground If you build ceilings on top of pillars and put walls under the ceilings they should be allowed to go into the ground to close it off.
  10. I am on the Island, maybe it's just for one map, I don't know but we all seem to complain about it being a bit much. When you think about the fog from a dev standpoint sure you want it to show, but for someone in game having it show so often is a real drag. It would be more realistic if weather in the game didnt seem to change every ten minutes or so, or whatever the time is they have it now.
  11. The Fog is NON-STOP on OFFICIAL. Tone it down a notch or two, it happens every two minutes it seems. Please..
  12. I know personally as a solo player I have spent the last year or more working on a base/dinos/etc on the official servers. Sure everything is Tek and lasts awhile but if I want to kinda kick back and take a break I can't for any real length of time. This setting would allow even tribe members (if you're not solo) to retain their permissions etc and download their tribes progress locally as well. Like you said, no uploading, just downloading to play offline in a "Local" version.
  13. Server Setting - Download To Local Suggestion... Have a server setting which allows players to download their entire gameplay, buildings, items, dinos, character etc. This would be great for someone who wants to play offline now but started online. It would also be great for players who were on a discontinued server who doesn’t want to setup server hosting etc.
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