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  1. Tek Sleeping Pod + Tek Skiff - Issue Logging out while sleeping in Tek Sleeping Pod on a Tek Skiff causes lots of issues and you cannot retrieve your character without an admin tping you to a location out of the pod, then relogging.
  2. Unless your playing on a cluster that doesnt allow you to transfer artifacts, I say get them all from crystal isles, its like a walk in the park compared to all the other maps.
  3. Sikaflex

    Eldritch Isle

    Eldritch Isle Anyway to get rid of the looming dark smoke like stuff? I am on unofficial. I have been able to tone them down a bit with my settings but they are super annoying because I see them inside my base sometimes.
  4. Character Changes (Like Mindwipe, but Call it Lookwipe) I would like to change my characters look, being level 131 there is no way I'd create a new character, so why not have a soup to allow us to change our character?
  5. This is nothing new, the guys at WC love to break stuff. I am sure they will spin it off as a ddos attack or something, but that's only after they get done with the party/hang-over they are having.
  6. Exactly, I have been having this same issue, I have to constantly wear Scuba gear to prevent from dying if I DC in the ocean.
  7. Sikaflex

    Ocean Biome

    So I tried to do Mosa Proposal this morning, and here's the results. I am beyond ticked off at this game and rage quit. Keep in mind I wear scuba gear because heaven forbid I dc under water with plenty of oxygen I insta-die anyways from lack of oxygen even if I log right back in. 1. On the way to the mission riding my mosa I DC. 2. I log back in grab my mosa make it to the mission, start mission I DC. 3. I put settings on High from Epic, log back in grab mosa and restart mission I DC (right in the middle of sharks). 4. I log back in grab another mosa and go to retriev
  8. Sikaflex


    I have same issue with ocean biome and no issues with other biomes. I’ve done plenty of missions but I can’t seem to do any in ocean without disconnecting.
  9. Lunar Bulbulb Basketball Doesn’t record scores. No one is in the list as to have done it yet plenty of people have.
  10. Sikaflex

    Sleeping Bags

    Sleeping Bags Please let us put down Sleeping Bags in Mission Zones.
  11. Sikaflex

    Loot Box Loot?

    I have been saying this too on our server, buying those crates were fun before as we got some decent loot, then it seemed like with every release they got trashier and trashier. It's an absolute waste of time opening those crates unless you literally just stepped into the game with a new character. I think they should put more blue prints in there, it doesn't have to be anything super crazy but lilke randomize jm/mc bps in the 35k and lower the quality with the crates below.
  12. Seriously? You are genius. I can't believe this is even a thing and I have been playing for years. THANK-YOU!
  13. DROP ALL BUTTON Seriously, please have a drop all button for Skins/Costumes or do something besides overload my inventory with them, every-time I transfer from map to map it puts all this trash back into my inventory and I have to sit here and go through it to get what I need or type in "Skin" and "Cost" in the search and drop. It's super annoying and I have dealt with it long enough. Please
  14. Sikaflex

    Ocean Biome

    Ocean Biome I have done everything I can, updated drivers, lower settings, wired in etc. This ocean biome has issues, I have disconnected so many times. I have no issues in other biomes. I cant seem to do any of the missions on this biome without disconnecting, the races I have not even been able to get through any of them at all. I am about to give up on this part of the map entirely. RTX 2070 ROG STrix Scar II P.S. I will say this doesnt happen to me playing local. This is probably an issue where it's trying to load in so much so quickly. In addition
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