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  1. If people cheat in games you need to figure out how to prevent them. Every game has cheaters. You can contact WC as much as you’d like but you’re still going to have issues.
  2. Pro: I like all the events the new colors are fun to tame. It would be nice if a new feature is put in at the same time. Con: Chibis are cool and all but the fact they reset back to lvl 1 when you kill things with a mount rather than your character was pretty annoying. Maybe next time the Wc crew can test a little more before just rolling it out. We are not your QA team.
  3. GENESIS!!!! We want an update on Genesis! These Community Crunches are still keeping us in the flipping dark.
  4. Most of the community feels the way I do and don’t come on here to express it. I’m in development, we don’t all operate this way. One day maybe you will wake up. It’s nice though that they have some peon giving them the benefit of the doubt every time they repeat their antics. Great job!
  5. Big whoop chibis, most of the time these events contain much of the same thing, colors, increased rates, same event dinos. They flip a freak number, a boolean, whatever, takes them a total of two minutes to do that crap. They added a little something eh great job? nah. In response to your playable rather than rushed, give me a break, they have had plenty of time to get something non-rushed together and working. It must be great to sit back, cause a bunch of hype with trailers etc, take the money and not deliver knowing people like you come on here time after time and forgive them for this crap saying "id rather have something playable than rushed". Listen no one is rushing them, they tell us about a release, toss us trailers etc, have us pay for it and then they don't deliver nor do they tell us anything about a tentative date, or simply let us know they are close. We are tired of this, nuff said. A prediction for a release? Wow bro, let us all look around and point a finger to someone else and say "they do it, why can't I", release dates SHOULDN'T be predictions or else they would be called that. I know of PLENTY of games who set a date and they work overtime to HIT that date. Keep mentioning the fact you would rather something playable and I am going to find a trash can to puke in, seriously, every release we hear this excuse.
  6. Look where I work this type of QA'ing wouldn't fly. Don't cut them slack just because you're an Ark addict yourself.
  7. Release Now? May as well release it and add the BUG forum to Genesis. Regardless of if it’s released now or who knows when it’s going to contain bugs and hopefully Ark has a crew dedicated to fixing them unlike the prior releases which still contain a crap load of bugs no one is bothering to fix. We pay for something with a release date and you push it out and don’t give us a new date? That’s garbage, other game developers hit their release date on time even if they have to work late hours. You ask us for feedback and what we want to see in events and such, well here you have it, we want you to keep in contact with the community, release when you say you will, and fix the bugs that come out of the release. Flipping a Boolean value to enable an event that’s been enabled in the past and hoping we get distracted is trash.
  8. They need to at least give us an update on their progress.
  9. Not sure why the release date is even “projected” at this point. Come up with a date already and stick to it.
  10. Nothing is “Free”, crawl out from your rock.
  11. It's getting annoying the servers updating so often. Freaking test your crap before you release WC should be doing these changes ahead of time so when they turn on the event they know it works because they have been testing it months prior. Fact is, we are their QA department.
  12. Find an unofficial server or even an official server that doesn’t have a bunch of people on it and you will get plenty of drops.
  13. Vending Machine Often people put a vault or something out to give away stuff they have gotten in game. It would be nice to have something similar to rust like a vending machine to trade/give away things.
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