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  1. Sikaflex

    Imprinting as a solo tribe

    I play solo with 10 tek troughs on official. I don’t have to log in for awhile if I don’t care to imprint. Most of the time I still get 60% or more imprinted. Dino’s like bears I can get 100 on since they are 20x5
  2. Sikaflex


    Can WC add back the DodoRex during these events? At least keep it in PVE
  3. No DODOREX? Please add this PVE Also, what’s with you guys complaining about the mana nerf? This forum was full of people complaining about them being too OP and wanting a nerf, WC just listened to y’all. I could care less either way they need to just fix it so they don’t go poof on the island if you use them.
  4. Sikaflex

    Dino Mind Wipe

    It should be a setting. I’m talking the official server setting. Locally you can put it as whatever.
  5. Sikaflex

    Dino Mind Wipe

    Yes on Dino Mind Wipe. Needs to have a cool down time though, maybe a month or so.
  6. Sikaflex

    Wild giga nerth.

    No on Nerfing Wild Gigas.
  7. Sikaflex


  8. Sikaflex

    cryopods craftable at fabricator

    Work up to it and create them yourself. Why complain? Everything doesn’t have to be fair. Stop crying about it.
  9. Sikaflex

    Make dinosaur breeds

    I've thought about this idea before too, it's called cross-breeding. It would take some talent and lots of work from the WC crew to actually go and make every cross-bred dinosaur that would possible.
  10. Sikaflex


    Need a bigger sign to hang on the wall. Need the signs to be straight, not crooked (it's annoying to look at crooked signs). Maybe allow Upper and Lower case. Regardless, please overhaul the signs in game. Maybe make a tek sign that when powered by tek generator is like neon lighting with ability to change color.
  11. Sikaflex

    kibble What's The Point?

    To kind of wrap this up, you all have made really great points. I don't think I considered it a real waste of time to work my way up the tier to a specific type of kibble in order to tame a certain dinosaur. I thought it was challenging, however come to think of it, I never really did do this, I skipped ahead taming whatever creature I wanted with prime meat / mejoberries etc, but I did tame a bunch of those that would save me time taming certain creatures via the kibble made. I do think the new system is better now that I read some of your posts and see your viewpoints. I like the fact we don't need to have such a big farm and useless dinos for eggs. These developers do know what they are doing and I am sure they thought about this much more than we have. Good Day!
  12. Sikaflex

    Tek upgrade

    Sometimes I take a vacation longer than metal, so I just switched to Tek. Tek is great from my experience, and if you like to breed the tek generator + trough is awesome, who needs a fridge and gasoline for a generator. And yes as another poster added, the gates/doors will change your life.
  13. Sikaflex

    Help me out here, please guys

    Until he travels out too far and a whale gets him! Tip: stay near shore when sailing.
  14. Sikaflex

    Help me out here, please guys

    I loved reading your story. This newbie struggle you will never forget my friend. Put the settings back to normal and stop crying about dying. Once you get to a point where you can live normally you will feel such an accomplishment. Make sure you're starting in an Easy Zone first thing, and lay a bed/sleeping mat. Then work up from there. Sounds like you just had some bad luck. You have already learned to run from raptors and never agro a bronto near your base, good job!
  15. Sikaflex

    Broodmother Gamma Fight

    I say do it with whatever you have, if you lose, so what, just start over. Oh the joy (or the pain) you will have fighting the brood not knowing if you will win or not I just started doing alpha brood solo to get element, I could care less if I crash or die in the match with 18 boss rexes (already lost a rex and yuty to alpha brood). On top of that I don't even take a yuty in anymore.