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  1. Sikaflex

    ARK Complete + Full DLC - $$$

    I wouldn't get rid of the one you're using, keep it free. I would just release a "Full Version" with no-ads. For instance. ARK Survival Evolved - The Island - Free + Ads ARK Survival Evolved - The Island - $50 - No Ads - Full Version w/Transfers and w/Connectivity to Official Servers - In-Game Purchases to Purchase the other DLC'S
  2. Sikaflex

    Island Swamp Cave solo

    Yea, with a megatherium I am still using the same gas mask I have used in the cave several times before, I don't take any damage. There is one spot in the cave right when you go in at the first pond that if you want to get back out you have to repod him but do it after you kill everything. If you go left once you're at the first pond you can shimmy through backwards and then also shimmy back in by looking left, so I dont worry about podding there. It's only if you want to go back out to the main entrance that you would need to pod. Some people leave their mega there at the first pond (using two, one to get you to that part) but I don't. I take it all the way back out to where you enter. Of course you would need to repod a second time if you want to exit all the way back to the forest.
  3. Sikaflex

    Island Swamp Cave solo

    I have done this cave a bunch of times, during 2x weekend I tamed a lvl 100 or so megatherium, once the tame was done it was like 130 or so. So I didn't breed it for stats or anything I just took it to the swamp cave. To get it in you have to use cryopod, then just do the cave. They get buff from killing bugs. I have never even seen my megatherium lose any HP really and it's at 8k hp. So it makes that cave extremely easy to do. Just don't forget a gas mask.
  4. Sikaflex

    Solo Boss Fight - Worried About Crashing?

    LOL, me too! I crash at random sometimes, not often, but I do. The fact I spent all this time breeding up 19 boss Rexs solo only to lose them all to a crash is extremely daunting. If you crash during a boss fight they should pause the fight and put you back in the arena when you log back in (if you're the only one in the arena). The reason I believe they don't allow your fight to continue without you online is due to possible abuse/hacking. For instance, if you crash and they send your dinos back to obelisk, or let them continue fighting, people would crash on purpose to get out before they lose the fight, or before their character dies. They would need to make sure these types of intentional "crashes" aka pulling the cord, don't happen. By this I think the best route is just putting you back into the fight where you left off.
  5. Sikaflex

    ARK Complete + Full DLC - $$$

    You're right, there are limitations. However, running this game on an iPhone I actually feel as if I am playing on a PC with how well they were able to port it over to these devices. I know they put some work into it and it was not as simple as selecting a different target when building the app. With that said, the app already has most of the functionality we see on PC so this gives me an optimistic outlook on the fact that this request is indeed possible. Just look at Youtube, people are uploading mobile game-play videos just as they would PC versions. On top of that there isn't much of a difference between the DLC's (just different content/maps) to make it "not possible". I am just letting them know if they put the effort into porting the rest of the functionality to our phones we would definitely pay for it. As time goes on our devices will get more powerful/cheaper and most people would rather opt to get a better phone than some "Nintendo Switch" device (which it doesn't run as well on compared to some mobile phones already). Prices of high end phones will come down. These guys could make some serious cash by focusing on this great game and being ahead of the curve in terms of having the full version run on phones. Again, i'd pay whatever the PC version costs, and I am sure many others would too if they are able to get the full version of the game running on the phones....without ads!!
  6. Sikaflex

    ARK Complete + Full DLC - $$$

    I would pay the same amount you charge for the PC versions if you put the full versions with no ads and all DLC on the phone. That means everything, bosses, tek, all maps, server transfers ect. And on top of that if you allow us to connect to the Official Servers on our phones that would be great! Then I could keep up with my base on the go. You guys did a great job with the iOS version, the Android one I am still a little upset you have to have a $1,000 phone to play it with.
  7. Sikaflex

    Solo Boss Fight - Worried About Crashing?

    Thanks alot, I will have to do something like that too.
  8. Do you actually lose the fight/all your stuff if your in the boss fight solo and your game crashes? I just bred up some serious boss rex's (19 of them) and don't want to lose everything due to me crashing while in the arena. Playing Official PVE Server
  9. Sikaflex

    How to get Rex/Spinos/Drakes saddle BP?

    I just found a Mastercraft Rex Saddle Blueprint in this cavern after the 4th or 5th try. The saddle bp was actually in a yellow drop which I almost passed up since I thought they would only be in Reds. I recommend taking a frog so you can hop around on land. That way you dont leave your dino in potentially dangerous waters. The cave is super easy nothing really dangerous in there from my experience although things can spawn. I was running the Swamp cave too, and did so several times, it takes a little while to go through everything (and get artifact too) and all I kept getting was trash blueprints from the drops in there. I was on a megatherium with like 8k health and it didn't loose much HP at all. I pretty much gave up on this cave. If you want to take the megatherium all the way back out you need a cryopod. Some parts you can shimmy through but I couldn't find a way to get him all the way back out. I also sifted through many red orbital drops near carno island with no luck.
  10. Sikaflex

    What do you do for fun?

    Wow, so much flack over the way I play. Get over yourselves people, not everyone plays the way you do, or the way you think they should. If I want to drown people and take their crap on PVE, so be it, don't cry about it and call me a griefing. First off, if I start on a server that's the quickest way for me to obtain things I may not have unlocked yet or are hard to get (saddles, bp's, etc). It's called strategy. You can sit there for hours and grind, I'll have a base up before you by stealing things from others. The reason I play PVE is to prevent damage from dino's/etc. I get the best of both worlds playing the way I do. And on top of that, I am not the only one who plays this way so quick trying to gang up on me like a bunch of twelve year old's. I play both PVE and PVP, and I play the same way on both no matter what game I play, Rust/Ark/H1 (when it existed). Bunch of whiners on this forum I tell ya. By the way, my bases are full of stolen loot and every box is locked, and I sleep on a bed. Take notes.
  11. Sikaflex

    What do you do for fun?

    Never said that, I just don't have time to keep up with it.
  12. Sikaflex

    What do you do for fun?

    Yeah, I wouldn't dare play PVP solo, and with me not being online often it would be a disaster. So I get my PVP in creative ways on PVE..
  13. Sikaflex

    What do you do for fun?

    I second this on our PVE server, but I go the extra mile to break into your base if there is an opening and yank you out. Takes time sometimes dragging a body a long distance to a body of water but totally worth it. Also enjoy looking for open boxes, have gotten great stuff doing both. Now you also get the extra benefit of stealing dinos in pods. PVE Rule #1 - Sleep on a Bed when you Log Off. PVE Rule #2 - Always Double Check Doors/Vaults/Boxes and make sure you have not unlocked them on accident. You wont believe how many people do neither. I keep a vault full of dead "User Implants" just for kicks. I also kill people / bases on PVE with agro dinos but not on my server unless I can get away with it without them knowing who is doing it, it's already bad enough having noobs complain about pillars every few minutes.
  14. Sikaflex

    Menu Option - Goodies

    The "Shoes" and "Print Shop" options don't work. Either remove or update the links please.
  15. Sikaflex

    NEW Breeding Calculator!

    That's awesome! Great job! I would like to see a calculator to help us get visibility on feeding. So for example, I just log in to feed usually (most do), so if I knew when to log in that would help. 1 Selection would be the type of dino(s) your breeding 1 Selection would be how many of these dino(s) your breeding 1 Selection would be what you're feeding, Raw, Cooked, Jerky, Kibble ect. 1 Selection would be where the food is located, Dino Inv, Trough 1 Selection would be how many stacks of food or the amount of food you tossed into the Dino (I put food in dino usually so other dino(s) dont eat it, or I move the dino(s) to a place where it has the only access to a specific set of troughs (how many troughs?). and then tell us when the food will be needing refilled, this algorithm would use the above selections to tells us when its all used up based on how much of the food will spoil + be eaten and how many hours/minutes left until having to refill it. I am a developer as well and would do this, but I dont have time and what you have out there already looks great! Thanks again!