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  1. Yeah they need to bring back primitive servers. Would only need a couple tweeks like no giga taming and stego nerf/plant buff
  2. Solo/duo would be nice but I doubt it. Small tribes is already an embarrassment because it has more mega tribes than 1x. People would do the same thing on solo/duo servers unfortunately. Also they won't even give us primitive servers back or classic season 5 haha.
  3. there's a ton of griefing in pve servers, people will block off their caves with large walls that clip into the ceiling to not have to deal with it.
  4. Where is classic season 5? Conquest is dead it doesn't need increased rates.
  5. It's 100% all notes on all maps. Good luck getting it on and official server. Many are gonna be blocked on pvp or pve. Ice caves, Ab caves etc.
  6. Prim plus is broken and they've openly stated it won't be supported going forward. We need normal primitive servers back.
  7. yup I've been having a blast on PC haha.
  8. Yeah, that's true lol. Unfortunately no other real choice if you want non tek pvp. From what I've seen most people there are not actually beginners though.
  9. Hello, I've been enjoying the Beginner PvP servers and wanted to make a short guide on the meta for anyone who wants to try them at the next wipe. They stayed populated for quite a while this wipe (dying off a little now though) and the primitive style pvp feels very nice compared to the cancer of 1x and small tribes with all the OP DLC dinos, ridiculous lines, and what not. -Base max player level is 44 but can get to 49 with Chibis. That would take forever, however, since the max wild dino level is 30. This means the alphas do not give that much Chibi experience. Getting to 45 is pretty
  10. There are no rules against insiding so they won't be able to help you at all.
  11. Small Tribes feels like old official servers used to at this point. The whole reason small tribes was created was because of how bad official was. Ark pvp down bad pls help.
  12. I highly doubt they would do no PvP. The question is how are they changing it because I also doubt it will be the same. The above post is right that remaining community is mostly PvE but PvP community is still large and I'd bet that PvP has a way larger potential community. Pretty much 90% of people I knew that liked PvP quit a long time ago due to the atrocious state of PvP ever since server transferring and then extinction came out.
  13. Wildcard is based in Seattle so the first place we'd hear about it is their twitters/discord/weekly community crunch. Also a lot of people including myself don't like unofficial. It's either dead on arrival, pay to win/promoting their shop, full of admin abusers, etc.
  14. Hopefully. Game needs it bad. Best PvP experience currently is beginner servers and first couple weeks of arkpoc lol
  15. I don't think they've ever done that. Would be a ridiculous amount of work plus people would constantly try to abuse it. Maybe you're thinking of unofficial servers? Anyway your best bet is to message the guy to see if he'll get on to transfer ownership
  16. What even happened with classic season 4? they released the b servers that were supposed to merge with the main cluster after a certain time period. After the time period was up all the servers just disappeared lol.
  17. well if it's offical pvp the max level is 500. If your baby is borned above lvl 500 it will get deleted and if it's born above level 412 you won't be able to fully level it. I'm not sure if that's the case in PVE though
  18. Don't know exactly off the top of my head somewhere around born with 40khp and 2k melee. You have to breed out everything like oxygen and have it be a x or tek rex to get the extra levels they can get. Also need it born at level 412 so you can level it 88 times for it to be level 500. Basically it will take years if you don't start with someone else's line through stealing or trading.
  19. Arks servers are good. It is and always has been player behavior that ruins servers. From intentionally crashing it for duping purposes to breeding 1000 gigas at a time. Every server would be silky smooth if they implemented a dino cap or nerfed breeding in some way. Everyone would lose their poop and cry though which is why we need Ark 2. They can have these considerations from the start before people farmed up 100000000 gigas to cry about losing.
  20. Also waiting for classic....needs to be a permanent mode
  21. Best/easiest way to level a chibi solo is to get a decent squid saddle and crossbow from SE desert crates, tame a good squid on Rag, go to the squid spawning field on the west size of the map, around 50,5, get alpha squids to as close to 1 hit as you can, last hit by shooting alpha squid with crossbow. Clear out all the non alpha squids so they can respawn. It's a little scary to get the hang of it but I've done it several times and never died.
  22. think the game is gonna be very different. I wouldn't be surprised if they go with a better form of ORP, raid times, safe areas of the map, a combination of that or something new entirely. No way to know until they say though.
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