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  1. Oasisaur seems kinna OP... And the fact that it will potentially be tied to the paid Frontier Pack is kinna ridiculous and just makes these packs p2w. The paid packs shouldnt have anything more than cosmetics imo.
  2. Its not a $15 reduction though is it... We are literally investing in a beta test for the game just like we did with ASE and the fact they havent said that they wouldnt charge extra for the maps doesnt mean anything at this point in time... Hell they said ASA was a free upgrade to those that had ASE look how that turned out. Final thing... If you think that ASA will be in early access for only a year then you are deluded. WC has never ever hit a deadline or initial date since the launch of ASE and I dont see that changing.
  3. We will see... Studio Wildcard dont exactly have a history of sticking to what they say...
  4. "Nah man, when did they say you need to buy the DLC separately again ?" You really think they wont? "They simply reduced the price (by 15~20$ overall IIRC from 59.99$ to 39.99$ at start)" They didnt reduce the price by $15-$20... They knocked $5 off the early access price... Its literally in the article... You have way too much faith in Wildcard.
  5. " it wouldn’t be feasible to complete Scorched Earth to a standard we’re happy with." When have standards ever been a priority for WC? "We had initially planned to ship with more content on Day One, but that won’t be happening, so we’re adjusting the launch price accordingly." So basically "It was a mistake to mention the DLC being included within the standard price of ASA now we reduced that price by $5 but we will later charge $15 for each map moving forward unless we decide to hike the price"
  6. Yea I think youre right. Just got to make sure I do that.
  7. T They were fully fed & full health etc before I left. The only reason they were out was due to my item collector collecting the oil they produce. I think im just going to cryo them next time I need to portal/change realms.
  8. Its like 12-16 walls deep. Also I took the oil from them before I left and they had no damage so I know they werent overpressured.
  9. I play single player and my basilo are always fed, kept in moderately shallow water on Fjordur and inside a sealed "fish tank" under a couple ocean platforms. but whenever I go fight Broodmother, Megapithecus or the Dragon they always die while im fighting the boss. Nothing killed them or whathaveyou it just flashes up they were killed... This is the third time it has happened. The Dunkle, Mosa and Anglers in the same "fish tank" are all fine and none of my land dinos that are kept out have any issue either. Its just the Basilo. Any ideas why?
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