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  1. This still doesn’t work on console
  2. Crappy thing is they are needed for the +10. Hopefully wildcard fixes this soon
  3. Ninja’s solution didn’t work. It was the same thing we’ve all done. But irregardless I tried again and failed again
  4. Yeah I hope they come up with a fix soon. Trying to do a giga killing event to reach those higher levels. I also sent a message to support for complaint purposes ninjakiller from YouTube says he has a fix and will be coming out with a video.
  5. I got all the ???? Notes along with everything else with the exception of the padlocked Dino dossiers and I didn’t get the +10 levels
  6. How tf do you unlock the new Dino dossiers? I tamed raised claimed and I still have a padlock.
  7. I have all the notes except new ones finished today. Didn’t get the +10 level message nor does it say on my implant. so the question is does the prologue and epilogue matter or the non story dino dossiers or both
  8. Ps4/5 here I’m on 898 I’m the alpha tribe on mine. Finally got argy and mosa saddles I’d like to know so I can transfer all my event gigas out
  9. Hi I’ve been experiencing some strange things on my server. I’m not sure if It’s bugs or something more strange. about me, I’m a beginner hence why I play on beginner server on PlayStation pve898. However, despite being a beginner I’ve been thriving; I have multiple ‘big’ Dinos I don’t use traps to tame gigas and taught my six year old daughter to tame them with out dying. I found the coveted argy saddle on beginner and shared with friends. I kill alphas with relative ease or alpha rexes with pikes, alpha mosas and tusos with one imprinted mosa. Yet, despite all of this I’m only level 46 with chibi help. I’ve been trying to fish for giga saddles and that is my end goal on this server before I move on But that’s when the weirdness started to happen, actually it started happening when I put a ticket in when I was in the ocean swimming with my shiny blue fishing rod nowhere close to the border and I died from the world border but here’s my weirdness to include but not limited to all salmon 2.0x + I try to catch before I even sit in a chair kills itself by beaching itself currently I’m at six in a row Every time I am about to reach level 47 I lose all my stuff to include when I was sleeping in my bed offline I fought an alpha mosa and before I fight water Dino’s I clear the entire area I hit a lag spike and I was surrounded by jellyfish to which my mosa died they literally came out of nowhere like a magic show my rescue party to get my stuff back which consisted of 4 mosas two died randomly to mantas or jellyfish a level 50 mosa with ramshackle saddle died to one level 4 manta after a lag spike four times my game blue screens while I’m flying and I wake up being surrounded by alphas my newly tamed Dino’s stop following me and they get killed by you guessed it jellyfish my Dino’s randomly run away and get killed passive neutral whatever once I was in deep water away from the swamp 55,90 and a lag spike occurred my bary on my covered raft was swapped with a wild moschops and my bary was underwater being shocked by jellyfish I was raising a giga baby and kept it fully fed (my wife and I took turns feeding the baby) she logged off the baby was gone when I woke up in a spawn of an hr like missing despite being in a closed off area of my base and it ‘starved to death ‘ baby was at 60+% When lagspikes happen something bad happens someone please help is this just bugs or am I being hacked?
  10. Interesting I might have to give that a try. i asked customer service if it was still possible they said yes so maybe I’m just not lucky
  11. Crazy as everyone says it can’t be done but the admin said he saw people riding on gigas 5 years ago. I’ve gone though a few rods and haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep trying until wipe.
  12. I started playing ark 4 months ago. I play on a beginner server 898 pve currently I’m level 46 in pretty much a solo tribe. i have a stone home but I can build metal. I have 30 rexes 60 gigas 1 quetzel 20+ mosas to include a breeded mosa and 20+ tusos ive beat broodmother twice I think three months isn’t enough I’m still trying to fish for giga saddles
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