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  1. I guess it's all relative really. When you deal with death all around you for a daily living I guess it desensitizes you to situations that won't matter anyway shortly after.
  2. Some could say the same concerning the effect that a complete stranger's comment on a message board about a video game has on an individual. Touche?
  3. Offending you was not my intention with either of those statements. It's just obvious that killing off wild takes time and patience. As for the official/proud of yourself comment that was more so directed at the general player base (not everyone) that feels like official is the only way to play Ark which is what I gathered from your choice of emojis following your statement of only playing official. Edit: & yes, I am quite happy with myself. Life is too short to be unhappy especially with yourself whom your stuck with for life.
  4. So killing them would be your best bet unless patience is a virtue you do not possess. Only official huh? Lol, you must be very proud of yourself 👍😜 kkkkkkkk?
  5. Are you playing on an unofficial server? If so, then a wild kill will make them stop spawning. Other alternative is to hunt and kill every dino of the previous color scheme.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. And yes, saying the tek variant is more powerful is slightly misleading. You wouldn't believe how many I've seen essentially retiring their regular lines to start fresh with tek. I guess when it comes down to it, the tek variant is more of a trophy dino since there's no real added advantage. I must have got lucky with the stats on my tek rexes taming at 3k higher health and 30 higher melee without breeding compared to my best hatches after 6 months of breeding before imprint at 11k health and 374 melee and I only spent 2 weeks looking for them. Edit: for clarification, 6 months of breeding the regular rexes I've yet to see an increase in the hatched health and melee whereas after spending a couple weeks taming tek rexes I get the higher stats. To me, any rex hatching at 9k health and 300 or more melee is boss fight potential so to get the tek variant with an immediate 14k health and 400+ melee was the reason I viewed a release of tek Quetz and Giga being too OP. However those 2 tames are more rare to tame with 100% effectiveness let alone breed with full imprint compared to rex anyway so I guess the rarity would balance out any potential for being too OP.
  7. So are you suggesting that if the same amount of time was invested in breeding the 270 Tek line as people have into their already 300+ regular line, that the Tek line would not surpass the regular line in terms of stats given all things were the same as far as kibble tamed and full imprints across the board?
  8. I know the stats matter more than level, for instance when I kibble tamed a 135 regular rex that came out with 11k health and 374 melee- automatic breeder right there more than worthy of boss fights. However, when I tamed a level 180 tek rex it came out with over 14k health and over 400 melee, so I feel like the further spaced the levels are, it does start to impact the stats some. I doubt any level 95 to level 120 has tamed from wild with close to that. On another note, if they all have the same base levels, then why was the tek rex announced as "more powerful" by WC? Or are we now talking just in terms of damage output with zero impact on stats?
  9. I would be surprised if WC releases a tek variant quetz or giga. Simply for the fact that both as they normally are already have decent health. So add extra health on top of that with breeding capability, they would just end up nerfing the hell out of them as soon as an alpha on official gets raided by a tribe using them. Although, the release of the tek rex pretty much renders the original rex useless in comparison so who knows.
  10. The cluster now has a PSN commuity for general discussion, server announcements & reporting rule breaking (with supporting screen shots and/or videos). To find the PSN community, search: Arkopolis Then, look for the ascension arm photo which is my profile picture here.
  11. Greetings fellow survivors! I have just launched a new PvP cluster that is designed for players who want to progress in the game. The settings have been slightly adjusted to allow for a long-term balanced experience for anyone who wishes to join. Perhaps you're tired of being wiped by a mega alpha or mega alliance? Each map on this cluster has a tribe size limit of 5 and alliances are disabled. The cluster includes The Island, The Center, Ragnarok & Aberration. My goal is to provide players a place to grow in a healthy non-toxic community where you can actually experience the entire game. If this sounds interesting, then review the settings below: 2x XP 4x Harvest 4x Taming Per level stat increase for players: Health: 20 Stam : 15 o2 : 25 Food : 15 Water: 15 Wt : 30 Melee: 8.5% Speed: 5.3% Craft : 25 Fort : 5.5 Tame limit is 350. Max wild dino is 180. Daytime lasts about 50% longer. Food & water drain for survivors is reduced by 10% so you aren't starving/thirsting to death after running a few yards. Spoil timer is increased slightly so prime meat doesn't spoil before you can use it. Alliances are disabled. Damage numbers are disabled. ORP is disabled. Hit markers are enabled. Third person is allowed. Spawn animation is disabled. Corpse locator is enabled. Flying in caves is enabled. Loot drops are 2x (default is 1). Fishing loot is 3x (default is 1). To find the server, search on PS4 under unofficial pc sessions: Arkopolis Server name: Arkopolis Cluster 2x XP/4x Harvest & Taming Server rules: No cheating of any kind (duping/ undermeshing)- this will get you banned without warning. No toxicity (actually let players experience the game and progress). Raiding is ok, it's PvP, but don't foundation wipe or be that player wiping level 30s on the beach in wood huts. If this happens, you will be warned once. Second time results in a ban. I will not engage in PvP & I am the only admin throughout the cluster.
  12. Myosapien

    Will Extinction be released on schedule?

    Have they released an actual date in the past though, or has it always been a seasonal time they propose?
  13. With the track record concerning being on time in the past, will WC be on time this time? With speculation that Extinction might not be released until next year based off past history, what are your thoughts on this for the new map? Do you think come November 6th we will have access or will there be a delay? My thought is that after the past, WC will be on time this go around.
  14. Will we get SAMs too? Pretty much merging Wildlands with CoD in a prehistoric setting.
  15. Myosapien

    Taming rex

    Place foundations if theres no structures nearby. Kill 4, tame 1. Destroy foundations after Rex is tamed.