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  1. Hey there, and welcome! Glad you were able to find it. Let me know if you or your friends have any questions.
  2. Scavenger hunt this weekend. Join the Arkopolis psn community ( the one with my profile pic here ) for more details.
  3. Join us tonight for dino deathmatch at the arena. 3 classes, 3 rounds each class. Winners from the 3 rounds will move to a 4th final round. The winner of the finals will receive a prize from me.
  4. Myosapien

    wyvern not spawning Wyverns Not spawning Help

    Try using a whip in the nests. There has been a bug where the eggs are there but they are invisible. Finally corrected on my cluster and now we have visible eggs again.
  5. From the menu select Join Ark. Then at the bottom of the next screen, where it says session filter, select unofficial pc sessions. This will bring up the unofficial servers. Upper right side of the screen, choose PvP for map mode. Once you do that go to name filter a little to the left and type in Arkopolis. That will bring up my cluster with all 6 maps. From there just select Scorched Earth or whichever map you prefer. Once you get in a map, you will be able to transfer dinos, items and yourself between maps at your leisure by using either the supply drops or the obelisks. It is boosted so if you choose to be solo you can as there are a few who are established as solo tribes. Or, you can use global chat to ask if anyone wants to invite you to their tribe. I'm usually on Ragnarok but I do go to each map frequently. Myosapien is my psn gamertag so you can talk to me in game as well. Feel free to join at anytime & let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Myosapien

    Blood water on Ragnarok

    That is one of many results of a classic Wildcard band aid... er, I mean, patch.
  7. Myosapien

    PS4 Several providers

    Nitrado.net G-portal.us Survivalservers.com ^ These will be the main hosting companies. Although, my good friend Google did pull up a couple others as well which I've never heard of.
  8. Currently about 30 players play on the cluster at various times of day. These players are from multiple time zones so there's usually someone on. During peak times there usually is anywhere from 15 -25 on at one time throughout the cluster. Small community but growing & plenty of areas to build.
  9. Thank you psxxbox2004. One thing I do like and try to provide for the community is a place where players can actually progress. Arkopolis is the place for that. While raiding is part of the game, and it will happen here, all players who make Arkopolis home can experience Ark beyond getting wiped repetitively. As for trolls, sometimes they add some spice to a PvP server, but I will always combat extreme toxic behaviors that are actually huge contributing factor as to why people choose unofficial over official in the first place.
  10. Myosapien

    Console Server mods?

    Yeah, now it is.
  11. Myosapien

    Console Server mods?

    Explains how this found it's way to bug reports & technical support when the OP wasn't saying anything about a bug or having an issue with the game itself. He was asking if he could host the game on his console or a computer which falls under general discussion which is clearly stated as part of this sub-forum. If you wanted to get technical, it wouldn't even fall under technical support as the OP was asking about the capabilities of his PS4 & a computer and by definition technical support is a service provided by a hardware or software company that provides registered users with help and advice about their products. Last I checked Sony & whatever companies the OP's computer components are built by have nothing to do with Wildcard which does a bang up job with issues. WC should rename Bug Reports sub forums to something like Burial Grounds because that's all it really is. If the dedicated server sub forum is intended solely for advertising, then the word discussion should be removed. Either that or every single post in here that is not a server advertisement needs to be moved to Bug Reports and technical support because that's essentially how you treated this OP's post by moving it there to begin with.
  12. Myosapien

    Console Server mods?

    Because they like to bury posts they either don't like or don't want to answer.