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  1. Since the patch update for Extinction, wyvern and drake eggs will not spawn. I have run the wild kill command, restarted the servers & individually killed each empty nest. The wyverns and drakes spawn fine and so do the nests. However, after waiting even an hr, eggs fail to spawn. Your patches are nothing more than skin grafts as they always take away from something else. Please stop throwing band aids at us and actually fix the game we as players have made you rich enough with to do so.
  2. Myosapien

    PS4 Server Recruitment- SonsoftheChomp

    There's a known issue with the enforcer and the mek. There's nothing wrong with your server. I have noticed after the patch yesterday, which was vague on what the fixes were, we're not able to even craft the enforcer so I believe Wildcard disabled them with yesterday's patch. Hopefully the issue will be truly fixed with the next patch update. But again, nothing wrong with the actual server, just an Extinction specific bug is all.
  3. Agreed. It's absurd many things are long term unresolved issues. I know they wanna make a quick buck off people but damn how much more money they could make by treating their players (the hands that feed them) right in the first place and how many more players they would get and be able to retain. The action of showing that you genuinely care goes a long way even if you hit dead ends along the the way. But the lack of that care is their downfall.
  4. Myosapien

    Managarmr Breath Attack

    While using the Managarmr breath attack, with the crosshairs on target, half the time the hits aren't registering. I've tested this at ranges varying from point blank to about 8 foundations away, well within targeting range and the attack is wasted about 50% of the time.
  5. Myosapien

    wheres my character

    Looks like they did say that...
  6. Myosapien

    Mek can damage turrets out of turret shooting range.

    I'm pretty sure the video I saw was the actual replicator structure not a blueprint. Which would explain why they quickly moved the camera off of it within a half second maybe a whole second at most.
  7. Myosapien

    Mek can damage turrets out of turret shooting range.

    Probably from a blue (easy) OSD. There was a glimpse of this in one of the videos. That should not be loot from a drop of any kind imo.
  8. Myosapien

    Mek can damage turrets out of turret shooting range.

    Were all the turrets on that tower tek turrets? If so, that alone explains it.
  9. There isn't a reason, but whatever excuse they throw, such as this one : " but we believe that this extra time will result in an improved experience for everyone who plays Extinction on console" is nothing more than an excuse. Because our experience is so great on all the other maps in their current state. Hell, pc players were getting disconnected last night. Improved experience my ass. We will have major issues day 1. The only thing delaying console by a week does is delaying the console bug reporting by a week. They know console can't run this game optimally or at least anywhere near as well as pc can so why would they release it to us on day one? All it would do is make them look worse than they already are on their release date.
  10. When did I pin it solely on Ark? Shouldn't say fix when all they do is put a Band-Aid patch over their issues. Were your feet as salty as my popcorn?
  11. Sure. That explains all the remaining brokenness. Guess they fixed Ab before it was released.
  12. Until you said "...at least they fix things before putting it out..." How many seconds have you played this game?
  13. The Steam delay only serves to provide a false sense of fairness to console players regardless of excuse given.
  14. I'm interested in the 2 second segment of the one video where it shows one of the OSD items being a tek replicator on the easy blue level. Funny how quickly the camera view moved off that. While players have to learn the tek engram, this takes away all grind for that structure. Might as well add asc giga saddles to white drops.