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  1. Thanks for the reply guys, I have resolved this issue I was having. Let me explain. So I first set up my server using the expert mode thinking after doing lots of research that this would be the only way I can my server to the way I wanted it, I managed to get the loot drops the way I wanted as well as all the little settings but the one thing I could not get to stick was the dino level. No matter how many times I change the override setting and stoping and starting my server it would just never stick and would always revert back to the default setting. After 3 days of constant research I found out that you can add your own ini codes within the engine settings “facepalm hard” so I have copied my ini settings and stopped using the expert mode and up to this date everything is going well and I’m using the override setting on 33 so level 1200 dinos are spawning in
  2. How to Override Difficulty on Nitrado server Ragnarok Hi, can anyone help me I have been trying to over ride the wild dino level on my ragnarok server but every time change the “overrideOfficialDifficulty” ini file and restart my server it always reverts back to 1.00000 Things I have done- I always stop my server before editing any ini files and so far I’ve not had any issues with any other ini codes I always wait a minimum of 10 minutes after editing and saving before I restart my server
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