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  1. If I understand correctly, that means that the new dinosaur will not be specific to Crystal Isles, since Crystal Isles will be only available on PC on June 4th.
  2. @invincibleqc Thank you, I didn't know that. It's a shame we never got the patch note for Genesis release.
  3. Oh it's 88 now ? I was still at 73... When did it change ?
  4. @Darkholis Je ne pense pas que Ke20bzh parle de la même chose. S'il s'agit du même bug que j'ai rencontré il y a quelques semaines, il se produit de la façon suivante : tu ouvres l'inventaire d'un contenant (par exemple un vault), puis alors que tu es en train de transférer ou de trier des items, d'un coup tu te retrouves à passer au travers des ceilings et tu te retrouves au niveau du sol. Personnellement, en plus de 1000 h de jeu, je n'avais jamais rencontré ce bug auparavant. Et je joue en vanilla, donc sans mod. Comme je l'ai dit, le fait de passer de Linux à Windows pour mon serveur a fait que je n'ai plus jamais eu ce bug, mais bon c'est peut-être juste une coïncidence.
  5. Salut, j'ai eu parfois ce problème sur mon serveur il y a quelques temps, lorsqu'il était sur Linux. J'ai demandé à mon fournisseur de passer sur la version Windows, ce qu'il a accepté immédiatement et sans supplément de prix. Depuis que mon serveur est passé sur la version Windows, je n'ai plus jamais eu ce bug. Mais bon, je ne te garantis pas qu'il y a un lien. Pour info, mon serveur est vanilla, sans aucun mod, donc ce bug n'est pas lié à un mod quelconque. Pour la petite histoire, je ne suis pas passé à Windows en raison de ce bug, mais tout simplement parce que les serveurs Linux sont souvent mis à jour par les devs de Ark avec du retard par rapport à la version Windows.
  6. Everything seems ok now ! Thank you !
  7. @Jatheish FYI, on our Valguero vanilla server (no mods at all, never) we didn't use any Mindwipe Tonic after Genesis release, precisely because we read about the issues on several forums. We waited for the patches. Now, with the current 307.43 build, if we try to use a Mindwipe Tonic, we can't consume it. We are not able to drink it. So, in short, we are not what you call a legacy character. And we don't have any timer issue. We just can't drink Mindwipe Tonic.
  8. Vanilla server, no mods at all, and we can't even drink mindwipe tonic, either crafted ones before v307.4 or newly crafted ones.
  9. In Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\, backup these ini files : GameUserSettings.ini, Game.ini and Input.ini. Then if your settings are reset again, overwrite these files with your backup ones. I don't have this issue. I get it after verifying the integrity of files with Steam though, and it wasn't an issue before Genesis release.
  10. Weird. On Valguero (my dedicated server, totally vanilla, no mods at all), wild raptors don't pounce me anymore. It's been like that for several days now, and it's been reported by a lot of players in forums. Unfortunately devs don't tell anything about this issue / change, even though they were asked about several times.
  11. Thank you @MirageUK for this Preview34, impressive list of fixes and features !
  12. As Glydyr said, this issue was fixed for PC Steam version. Maybe not yet for PS4.
  13. Well, I just tested again with 2 separate regular wild raptors on Valguero (vanilla server, no mods) and they didn't pounce me, none of them. I was on foot. So it's not just the dismount option which was removed.
  14. Wild regular raptors on Valguero don't pounce anymore (vanilla server, no mods), so it's not specific to Genesis and / or X-raptor.
  15. Thank you. That's what I thought, no confirmation of the concerned dinos since the announcement of TLC3 yesterday. So as you said yourself we can't be sure if plans from 2 years ago are still valid.
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