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  1. Mmm, except that you're not safe at all on a Mosa alone, while you're totally safe on a Tuso alone. Both are affected by Cnidarias, but you will be dismounted on a Mosa, and you will never be dismounted on a Tuso. Mosa encountering Cnidarias = high risk of death for you, Tuso encountering Cnidarias = little annoyance. Your Tuso can even grab Alphas (Mosas, Megalodons), and it can flee at high speed if needed (press C). Don't get me wrong, I like the Mosa too, and I use it, but as far as I'm concerned Tuso is highly superior to Mosa. And of course the Basilo is overall the more v
  2. Honestly "due time" should be 24 or 48 hours. I'm the first one to defend devs of ARK which is a truly amazing game. But think about players who have their base in this area of Crystal Isles : they have not been able to play for the last 10 days. This bug is CRITICAL and what puzzles me is that nobody from Wildcard mentioned this issue in their recent communication, neither @Cedric nor @Jatheish
  3. Don't put it in gameusersettings.ini. It's a command line argument, ?AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=true. Don't forget the ?.
  4. You're right about the Deinos being the best choice for the Dragon, but OP said "species strictly from the island".
  5. Mmm, actually if you meant taming effectiveness it's raw mutton > raw prime meat > cooked lamb chop > cooked prime meat.
  6. Group whistles DO work. I use them all the time, and I have been using them since the last 314.3 patch too. I used them a few hours ago in a boss arena. No problem at all. As others said, check your tame group. Press H to see which group is currently active.
  7. On Crystal Isles there are always 2 Gigas at any time (when you kill one it may take from 1 minute to 3 hours to have a new one respawning, though). The areas where they spawn are relatively small : either the desert or near the volcano. We are currently in the process of taming good Gigas in order to breed them, so we have one outpost in the desert and one near the volcano, each having 8 good Rexes and 1 Yuty. As soon as we spot a Giga, if it's a low level we kill it with the Rexes. And we wait for a new one to respawn. If it's a high level, we tame it obviously. Spawn map : https:/
  8. I am the admin of a dedicated server hosted by LogicServers. I opened my server on December 28, 2019. Until Crystal Isles release, no issue at all. That means, no issue from January to June. Since Crystal Isles release, here is what happens : for best performance and stability, and to keep it up-to-date, each day I stop, backup and restart the server. After I restart it, 2 times out of 3 I can't join the server, neither my fellow players. We get the dreadful "Joining failed - Connection Timeout" issue, although Battlemetrics and my server control panel say that everything is ok. And
  9. Hi, I play the PC Steam version of the game. Dedicated vanilla server, no mods. According to the wiki, to get the Maximum Survivor achievement you need to reach the maximum survivor level : When I reached level 105, I didn't get the achievement. Now I'm even 106 (thanks to Chibi), still no achievement. Is it currently bugged ?
  10. You are right, and it's a good advice, but still this has been a new issue for the last two or three days. I'm the admin of a vanilla dedicated server, Steam version, no mods, and my players report now that if they log out while on the ground, they appear under the mesh when they come back. If they log out while on a structure, they appear on the ground. And if they log out while on the second floor of a structure, they appear on the first floor. Never happened before (and the server has been running for 10 months), so there is definitely something new here.
  11. Steam store version = main version, always up to date, and moddable Windows store version = neglected version, always lagging behind the Steam one, and NO MODS Epic store version = released very recently, no mods for now (should change in the future) As you can see, choice is easy. Steam is the way to go. Another thing to know : players using the Windows store version can only play with console users. Players using the Steam version cannot play with console users, but they can play with players using the Epic store version if the server has no mods.
  12. A good trap actually prevents splash damage, totally. If you ask for help, at least listen to people who help you. Credit where credit is due, this trap was designed by Captain Fatdog. Original video :
  13. Oh, nice idea, yes ! It would probably work. The time zones may add some difficulty though, if the server is located in another time zone. That's the case for me. The timestamp I can see in Filezilla is always 1 hour ahead of my local time.
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