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  1. yes bro! but were playing an official legacy cluster atm, if thats aight?
  2. Single player settings Aight so ive been player official pvp for ages now but i feel like i have never had time to go through the story so im going to play singleplayer but i want a challange to do. just a rule i must follow. its goig to be like my own little cluster so i will build on all maps. any suggestions?
  3. not sure but ethier way i think its best to move now instead of build up the the cluster gets taken down. i like late game tho and am a huge grinder so i might look for a new tribe instead of starting from scrach.
  4. Oh well. i guess its time to go to a new official server and get duped haha. oh lord.
  5. How to fix ARK Everywhere you will see problems about ark and what needs to be fixed but it is rare to see a solution. in this topic i want to see how many suggestions we can come up with to fix certain issues. i think i might even consider turned all of this into an email to wild card to see if there is a way to help the devs out a bit. My suggestions: 1) No throwing out cryo dino near enemy foundation to help people prepare when being raided 2) 2.5X damage for turrets and plant X (possibly even spikes) when a tribe is offline or even just making a resistance buff? to make people online raid more. 3) No desert titan on abb. WC made a no flier rule now lets stick to it 4) ask the player base what they want instead of just adding something random because sometime we might not like it. 5) more events! lets get the servers more populated for PvP because thats what most your player base are here for! 6) Big tribes a bit nerfed. the gap between the average tribe and the overlords is getting a bit too big IMHO. maybe making better bp's a little esier to find so thats its not just alphas with good weapons/ Armour but you would need to be very careful with something like this as to not break the game (ask pvp players on their opinions) 7) engram points. please fix this. i know that its still possible to make everything because of mindwipe tonics but maybe for small tribes maybe you get a few more points per level and even make an option to auto unlock all engrams that your high enough level for on singleplayer. 8 ) make fast fliers an option for singleplayer aswell and even something to toggle speed on how fast items craft/ cook/ smelt etc. Please don't be afraid to put your suggestions below!
  6. thats ok but i only play official and i enjoy the late game so i like being built up on legacy and as long as high population then they will not take down so then its like a free server on official for us to play on by ourselves. thankyou
  7. ARK Cluster ending Ok so i play PS4 legacy cluster and i just wanted to know what happens after great migration? the other server you get to move to official that is new before the old server turnes into legacy. but clusters you cant transfer to any server, it has to be in the cluster. so if a cluster is getting taken down after great migration then do you just leave everything behind or does it give u the option to take your stuff to the new clusters? (not complaining just wondering)
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