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  1. Is it confirmed that the Glass custom cosmetics mod doesn't work on PVP ? I have a dedicated server in PVP mode and I don't see the Glass option in the cosmetics tab (no problem with the two other custom cosmetics). My server is vanilla like officials, no mods at all.
  2. Yes, confirmed, it doesn't work for me anymore (content failed to load).
  3. Thank you Mirage ! 😃👍 About bee hives / giant bees, would the informations given by the admin rifle in green mode help you ? I mean when you target something in game with the admin rifle, to get ID. Also, I noticed a bug : when you load a new save for the first time in ArkViewer (by refreshing it with the FTP feature, or by loading manually a new save), several species in the Tamed tab don't appear. I have to exit ArkViewer, then launch it again in order to see every species in the Tamed tab. Not a big deal since the workaround is easy of course. I already noticed it with previous version, but I totally forgot to report it, sorry.
  4. From patch notes : v33.72 - 01/31/2024 - Minor version for servers Performance improvements Disabled the ability to declare tribe war on Official PVE
  5. Hi, I noticed I can't see bee hives anymore in ArkViewer. I know that in ASA we often see Queen Bees flying in the wilderness, but ArkViewer doesn't detect any bee in the Wild Creatures tab nor any bee hive structure in the Map View. If I remember correctly, I was able to see them in the early versions of ASA-compatible ArkViewer.
  6. I just sent you a private message with a link to download my dedicated server save. You'll get an example with a Giga not in cryopod who has a saddle but this saddle is not found in the item search. I came across other instances of items not found, but I can't remember them exactly, sorry.
  7. Hi Mirage, I hope you make a full recovery very soon ! Take care. For your information, I noticed that sometimes the item search does not succeed to find some items, especially saddles on tames (tames live in the world, not tames in cryopods). Are you aware of this, and do you need a save ?
  8. As far as I'm concerned, I'm very excited with this upcoming new possibility. I never use mods on my dedicated server, not even the official event ones, for several reasons. To be able to install skins, and other cosmetic stuff, only client side, without having to install mods on a server, is very interesting and a great change IMHO. I'm sad and tired that each time devs announce something, it's instantly trashed by some people.
  9. UPDATE : Very interesting theory from someone on Steam forum where I created the same post : "What i've seen so far is that this occures when a server or SP session is shut down and then restarted. Every wild baby that existed before will get bonus levels when claimed and every wild baby that spawned while the sever/session is running won't."
  10. Hi, Why do some babies get bonus levels when claimed, and others not ? What is the rule ? I've been reading a lot of different theories, but are there established facts now ? My dedicated server is totally vanilla (no mods at all, not even the official winterwonderland one) : Two days ago, I tamed a Male Brontosaurus level 145. When it was tamed (coming out at 217), I claimed its Male Juvenile baby, that came out at 145. Yesterday, a player tamed a Female Rex 150, coming out at 224. He claimed its Female Baby, that came out at 225. (Yes, 225, not 224.) So what is the rule ? I can't figure it out.
  11. Thank you ! If you want to fully understand the new mutation system, this video is really well done : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXx_gxYLfkA Probably the best change in ASA vs ASE, if you like to do breeding of course. Also, if you didn't try them yet, I recommend you to spawn in your single player playthrough the new vanilla tek binoculars exclusive to ASA (you get them after beating the Overseer), they are awesome to see the wild and tamed dinos stats, no need for a spyglass mod anymore. The command is cheat gfi ElectronicBinoculars 1 0 0
  12. Something that would be very useful in the future, without abusing your kindness, would be to model Ark Viewer on Ark Ascended's new mutation system. As everyone knows, mutations are now counted separately and no longer affect base stats. The phenomenal advantage of this new system for breeding is that you can always improve your bloodlines if you discover a wild dino with great stats, even when the breeding of its species is already underway or even completed. Ark Viewer mirrors the old system, i.e. instead of indicating, for example, 50 in HP + 15 mutations, it directly indicates 80 in base stat for HP (which is somewhat wrong with the new ASA system). As a result, in order to remember the base stats of your bred dinos you have to look simultaneously at the stat columns and the mutation columns to find the dino with the highest stat without being mutated (if you still have this unmutated parent). Or you have to substract the value added by mutations on your bred dinos. Not very practical. I don't know if my explanations are clear, sorry as English is not my native language. To sum up: could Ark Viewer, in a future evolution, reflect what you see when you look at a dino with the new tek binoculars from the vanilla game?
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