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  1. Captain Fatdog, famous for his brilliant traps and incredible building tricks (always vanilla, without any mod), just released a video with his top 10 building features he would like to see with #ARKBuildingTLC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy4lEa1iq1A I think he nailed it, great suggestions !
  2. @Ph4nt0m6979 Since you play on Valguero, kill Karkinos in the underground "Aberration" zone. Tons of polymer.
  3. Just for information, the version number is a funny error from devs. They said in their official Discord :
  4. Not a nerf obviously, but a bug introduced with the latest update, since the whole point of Mantis is to harvest stuff with tools. Devs maybe wanted to fix an exploit linked to Mantis and they unintentionally broke harvesting.
  5. Interesting. I thought that when a drop lands it destroys everything on the ground. So if I understand you can place "permanent" structures near enough to aggro waves but distant enough to not be destroyed by the drop ?
  6. Tusos exist on The Center. I have a dedicated server running The Center and according to ARKSaveViewer there are currently 6 Tusos and 1 Alpha Tuso on my server.
  7. I fully agree. While you can still build awesome bases without any mod (see Aaron Longstaff and The Pilgrimz Project channels on Youtube, for example), ARK is way behind Conan Exiles regarding building structures, furniture, etc. I play vanilla, PVE, I love building and I wouldn't mind paying for small cosmetic DLCs like the ones Conan Exiles regularly adds to its base game.
  8. From v335.8 patch note : Hopefully the bug is fixed for PC players now
  9. From v335.8 patch note : Hopefully the bug is fixed for PC players now
  10. Kill credits for Titans are currently bugged, I can confirm this. I killed Desert Titan twice and Forest Titan 5 or 6 times and I never got the holograms. Playing on vanilla dedicated server. One player on this server got Ice Titan hologram after killing it a dozen times, the only thing he remembers is that he was maybe closer this time. As for loot, I see nothing weird : Titan bodies disappear because your dinos "eat" them instantly. The loot goes in one of your dinos. But for Forest Titan, it goes in a death bag because your dinos get encumbered with tons of wood during the fight. For Desert Titan, I always found the loot in one of my wyverns (I'm killing it with Crystal Wyverns). Another recent report of this credit issue :
  11. From a lore point of view, the dossiers were handwritten by Helena, so it makes sense that she did a few mistakes here and there, even typos. That's why also there are sometimes discrepancies between her observations and the "reality" in-game. For example, she thought that the Diplocaulus is piscivore while in fact it's carnivore. There are several examples of such differences. As alex4401 explained, the wiki transcribes exactly the dossiers, and it has this disclaimer on each creature's page (under "Basic info") :
  12. If you took the time to read the whole thread before stating "Fake", you would have noticed that it's an issue with PC/Steam players, not console players.
  13. It seems to me that this long-standing issue became worse recently. I have been playing on a dedicated vanilla private server (which is PVP only for breeding purpose, but we play PVE) for 1 year and a half, and I noticed that when I try to tranquilize a wild dino my longneck rifle with shocking tranquilizer darts always misses several hits, although I see the blood. It seems worse than before. Wasn't v332.14 patch supposed to fix this 2 weeks ago ?
  14. No, you get chibi xp only from Alpha dinos. But on Extinction there is a specific spot where an Alpha corrupted Rex (I think the exact name is Enraged Corrupted Rex) spawns continuously and you can chain kill them. Coordinates are 60, 90.
  15. If you have a good imprinted Giga, and if you have access to Extinction, solo red OSDs and you'll get to 125 in no time. Especially if you drink a Broth of Enlightenment.
  16. @Joebl0w13 Twins are normally a 10% chance and triplets a 2%, IIRC. Certainly not 1%. Anyway, we hatched hundreds of eggs with Egg Incubators and we didn't get twins or triplets a single time, so obviously there is an issue for Steam version (since Xbox users confirmed they got twins/triplets).
  17. According to this thread and to the other one, Xbox players get twins and triplets out of the incubators, but no confirmation from PC/Steam players. So it seems the issue is with the PC/Steam version.
  18. PC/Steam version ? Or console ? Because on my PC/Steam vanilla dedicated servers (no mods at all) we didn't get twins or triplets once since Gen 2 release, and we do A LOT OF breeding. We use the Egg Incubators on Extinction, not on Gen 2, if that matters, but it shouldn't.
  19. Check the current wind strength in your character's inventory, near current temperature. At less than 20% the turbine is still slowly spinning but it's not enough to power your devices. At 20% and more your devices should be powered. A 65% zone in SE doesn't mean that there is always a 65% wind strength. According to the wiki : So, if the wiki is right, you should have electricity around 65% of the time.
  20. Not yet on my dedicated servers (Steam version, vanilla, no mods), and we do a lot of breeding. It seems bugged indeed, or at least the chances to get twins / triplets are way slimmer !
  21. I don't remember exactly how I did that, but I just "subscribed" to their announcements section and PC patch notes section, and yes they are automatically posted on my Discord. I didn't have to install any bot.
  22. Community Crunch 238 (September 18, 2020) clearly announced the launch of the official ARK Discord : It quickly became the place where devs and @Cedric are the most active. And to be honest I like it. For example, the patch notes are automatically posted on my own Discord (for the servers cluster whom I am the admin) and my players can see them instantly.
  23. Source : official Discord, section Announcements
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