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  1. Steam store version = main version, always up to date, and moddable Windows store version = neglected version, always lagging behind the Steam one, and NO MODS Epic store version = released very recently, no mods for now (should change in the future) As you can see, choice is easy. Steam is the way to go. Another thing to know : players using the Windows store version can only play with console users. Players using the Steam version cannot play with console users, but they can play with players using the Epic store version if the server has no mods.
  2. A good trap actually prevents splash damage, totally. If you ask for help, at least listen to people who help you. Credit where credit is due, this trap was designed by Captain Fatdog. Original video :
  3. Oh, nice idea, yes ! It would probably work. The time zones may add some difficulty though, if the server is located in another time zone. That's the case for me. The timestamp I can see in Filezilla is always 1 hour ahead of my local time.
  4. Thank you for your answer, and yes you're absolutely right. I made some tests and indeed the server creates a .tmp file if the save file is being downloaded when the autosave occurs. That means that this autosave is lost / skipped but 15 minutes later, when the next autosave occurs, everything returns to normal and the tmp file is automatically deleted. So as MirageUK said there should not be any issue.
  5. To each his own. Ok then, so the solution for you would be probably to raise the first foundation until the grass is hidden. After that you place the other foundations.
  6. Instead of using foundations, use pillars and ceilings. That way you can control exactly at which height you have your first floor, and another benefit is that you get a crawl space to hide your cables and pipes. Even on a flat area, I always build my bases that way. No more grass problem, and a clean layout without cables and pipes everywhere. EDIT : Also, don't forget you can easily raise or lower foundations inch by inch. You can watch for example this recent video from Captain Fatdog if you don't know how to do it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkD_ZInBGOg
  7. I have a question about the FTP feature of ARK Viewer. Well, in fact, not directly related to ARK Viewer but more to the FTP stuff itself : Since the save takes around 1 minute to be downloaded via FTP, and since my ARK server makes an automatic save every 15 minutes, what happens if the ARK server makes a save when the save file is being downloaded via FTP ? There is 1 chance out of 15 that it happens, so it will happen sooner or later. How does the FTP or the server handle it ?
  8. Hi @MirageUK, I didn't have time to download and use the version 54 until now. There is a issue when I start it, it's stuck : it seems it tries to download a save on a FTP server, which is probably your server, because a "Mirage Genesis 1" folder appears in the ARK Viewer folder. I can't access the settings of ARK Viewer, when I click the settings nothing happens, and I couldn't exit the program either, I had to force close it. EDIT : the second time I launched ARK Viewer, it loaded your Genesis save and I could access the settings to delete the credentials of your FTP server and use
  9. Hi, a very minor bug : in the "Tamed Creatures" tab, the colors of the dinos are shown in the columns Stored to C4 instead of C0 to C5.
  10. Dedicated vanilla server (no mods, never had any mod) with official Small Tribes servers settings, i.e taming x 2.5.
  11. I tame a lot of basilos and I never had any issue. But I always do it with kibbles and I never build a cage. Maybe the cage is the culprit ? I don't know by the way why you build a cage. The basilo moves slowly and always stays in the same area. Just be aware of your surroundings and go and kill the aggressive dinos (anglers, megalodons, mantas, cnidarias...) which may wander a bit too closer. Also, during the taming there are often several wild Ichthyos closely following me and the basilo, and as I said I never had any issue. So I don't think that they interfere at all.
  12. Is it still true ? In the Imprinting page, the wiki says : I don't have a Snow Owl yet so I can't test by myself, sorry.
  13. Hi MirageUK, After your post from August, 30, where you told me about ARK Smart Breeding, I downloaded this application to test it. And incidentally I noticed that the few dinos in cryopods that your application can't see in my savegame, for an unknown reason, are seen by ARK Smart Breeding. If you remember, I reported to you that I have often some dinos in cryopods that inexplicably don't appear in the list of tamed dinos. I just have to uncryo them to make them appear in ARK Viewer. So, not a big deal, but a bit frustrating sometimes. My dedicated server is and has always been vani
  14. Thank you for your answer, and I totally understand, no worries.
  15. Hi @MirageUK, I don't know if you still play ARK and are willing to add some features to your awesome tool. I have a suggestion which is, I confess, purely comfort-enhancing : On my server we like to tame and breed a lot of dinos. That's our thing, breeding. Hence we are always looking for dinos with best stats, and we make a weekly dino wipe to renew the population. With your tool, if I want to breed Basilos, I select Basilosaurus and I look for the best stats in the current population of Basilos. Easy. Let's say I'm currently breeding 3 or 4 species of dinos, I closely watch these
  16. Did you try with a Wyvern of another kind ? Don't forget that a Wyvern is immunized against breaths from its own species. A Tropical Crystal Wyvern will get no damage from another Tropical Crystal Wyvern's breath, but it will be damaged by a Blood or Ember Wyvern's breath.
  17. Ha ha ha, wow, what a nice attitude ! I find it unsettling to see a moderator on the official forum allowing himself to be sarcastic towards a player ... and even insulting. Unbelievable and sad.
  18. I confirm. Best ARK tool ever, and its developer is very listening and helpful.
  19. Isn't the Deinos strategy more interesting than the Theriz one now ? Just asking out of curiosity. I haven't fight the Island Dragon yet, only the Alpha Valguero version, and only 5 Deinos melted it in 2 minutes or so. I know that the Island Dragon is more powerful than the Valguero one, but since the Deinos bleed is based on the opponent's health, I guess it should work too. Am I wrong ?
  20. Now they can also play with Epic version players, if the server has no mods.
  21. @Cedric Please remove these stolen fan arts. I spit out my coffee when I read the Community Crunch this morning because these fan arts have been around on internet for YEARS and are well known. Seriously...
  22. This update will occur in 13 days, on August 25, as officially confirmed. Source :
  23. Thank you guys for your answers, much appreciated. Ok so, unfortunately, no way to tame a Basilisk on Crystal Isles by spawning a fertilized egg. That's a shame. By the way, I found on the wiki an "Eggs" page which says the same thing that @Castlerock found : Source : https://ark.gamepedia.com/Eggs
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