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  1. Thanks for having held these contests. They have been going almost 3 years so I think that is just part of the natural life cycle where it feels like most things have been done in some form or another or people have moved on to do other things. I remember way back in 2015 when there were 15+ entries to the building category. The idea Jat was talking to me about in December would be interesting to see followed through, the "themed ideas". So for pics, the themes could be like "carnivores" or "action" or "colorful" or "black and white", and similar key words for other stuff, like build a dinosaur for arkitect, create a vehicle, a ship, spaceship, etc. I think having such a specific focus might create more appeal since you won't suddenly have someone come along with a massive village that took 200 hours or something, and levels the playing field a bit more.
  2. Recreation based on the design of my local one (because there are thousands of variations) , kept closely to scale as possible. I uploaded via Imgur today because it keeps triggering "error 1015 - You are being rate limited", and prevents access for an hour when trying to access the gallery. ARKitect Submission: ARK McDonald's Album here, I don't know how to link the pics/album to be clickable from the site https://imgur.com/a/88utE
  3. Can put a door in his mouth and then he is a house, lol. I decided to try building him while waiting on the new Nintendo Switch game. ARKitect Submission Kirby
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  5. For this submission, I tried to create the Titanic in ARK. I used a lot of reference images, but the models varied quite a bit from photo to photo, so this isn't an exact replica or to scale, but rather to get a lot of it as close as possible, based on what I can eyeball off those images as a collective whole. ARKitect Submission: ARK Titanic A couple key images Rafts recreated, I thought these were a pretty key piece Ropes done with Zip Lines Retro Lighting look The Promo Image
  6. Wolf Angelus

    Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC!

    I am curious if my stuff isn't being looked at because I have to do slideshows now as my CPU is worn out. I don't find any logical explanation why else a pixel art heart would get runner up rather than a fully functional design considering the shaping and theme were identical.
  7. I am obsessed with the new Direwolf Model, love him so much, please create a large plushie of it to sell! Going to be lots of Ansels with them this week :3 I built something for Valentine's Day (since its never been done and there is so little that can be built). Has a Tunnel of Love themed ride using the Pelagornis replacing the Swan :3 and a heart shaped island for a little romantic getaway. Some special lighting, especially on the ride I thought looks really neat. To build doesn't require mods, just the decoratives. Since Crunches were Friday's, I had picked this week since it would have been within 2 days of it, with the switch to Monday's I hope it still works, I did finish it on Valentine's Day :3 ARKitect Submission: Slideshow format again
  8. Aberration inspired design (mushroom houses) with a strong enchanted forest theme. Lots of color and glowyness to go for that fun, fantasy feel, and keep it practical. 16 houses & 4 dino pens, with a fair amount of space in each. Videos will now be slideshow format here on out, I hope that is still enjoyable. I was rather sad to have to change to this : < . The issue seems CPU related and ARK using 80%, and OBS needed 40%, so it was video capturing taking the hit causing the output to be what it was, only started since the new year too oddly. ARKitect Submission: Zauberwald
  9. I was wondering, how much "Freeform" can be edited before it is no longer "Nvidia based" but rather photoshop designed? Well, I think my CPU is just wearing out too much for video or I don't know what happened with OBS. For this submission I turned on FPS counter to show it is something hardware related when taking a video, and as you see, what I get does not match the the video, as it's 30 usually. I recommend trying the race rather than watch the video, and experience it. It is race ready, so you just need to pop the file in and turn on Structures + Map Download (Structures+ Required) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b2BDbbIKP6Ovltd15Qc0zI3b7-WbElLu ARKitect Submission: *No images, but a bit over 5 mins. Because of how long the track is, this is far far easier than the amount of images it would take. ARK: Exotica Racing Evolved - Tour de Paradis
  10. No mods needed for the gameplay itself, just decoration. It's a close replica, but a few adjustments to the shape due to how the shapes of ARK. Dinosaurs are part of the "Immersion Decor" and not just randomly standing there, and combined with customized Signs and a few bits, it is meant to be an "ARK Experience" of "ARK Life", basically, you should feel immersed in the world of ARK while playing. Video is recommended viewing for full intended experience, screenshots are purely layout and skip the entertaining signs & experience. I don't feel like screenshots are a valid way to enjoy this, and only included them just in case because it's 10 minutes to ensure nothing is missed, it is 100% ready for play. ARKitect Submission: ARK Edition: Game of LIFE *Video demonstrates a full tour showing the writing on each panel. Showing writing on 154 signs takes a little while Screenshots *Screenshots demonstrates the layout of the build (but the upload doesn't organize in orderly sadly), and doesn't show the humor on most signs tiles or focus on the immersive gameplay experience.
  11. Inspired by the X-Wing, but not meant to be a replica. It's a full spaceship base, complete with a well-sized hanger dino-pen, and production areas/bedrooms. The only thing it can't do unfortunately, is fly :< 7 mins to squeeze in showing off the coloring lighting, so I imagine it's fine :3 Most of it can be unmodded as you'll see, they are all just normal tek bits minus the inverted sloped pieces (regular sloped bits that also invert), and some decor / alternate glass. ARKitect Submission: The Wolf-Wing A few images - not extensive since the video does a decent job showing it all
  12. Hi @Jatheish A question on the new "Freestyle" segment: 1) What are you guys looking for in this category? Is it solely the filter style, or does how nice the picture is also affect it? The allowing of either image or video option is confusing me, since it's hard to compare a still photo vs moving picture 2) Does it have to be taken in Ansel mode, or is it irrelevant and a regular screenshot suffice? Again, the video option is confusing since you can't video an Ansel, so I was leaning to no Thanks