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  1. Inspired by the X-Wing, but not meant to be a replica. It's a full spaceship base, complete with a well-sized hanger dino-pen, and production areas/bedrooms. The only thing it can't do unfortunately, is fly :< 7 mins to squeeze in showing off the coloring lighting, so I imagine it's fine :3 Most of it can be unmodded as you'll see, they are all just normal tek bits minus the inverted sloped pieces (regular sloped bits that also invert), and some decor / alternate glass. ARKitect Submission: The Wolf-Wing A few images - not extensive since the video does a decent job showing it all
  2. Hi @Jatheish A question on the new "Freestyle" segment: 1) What are you guys looking for in this category? Is it solely the filter style, or does how nice the picture is also affect it? The allowing of either image or video option is confusing me, since it's hard to compare a still photo vs moving picture 2) Does it have to be taken in Ansel mode, or is it irrelevant and a regular screenshot suffice? Again, the video option is confusing since you can't video an Ansel, so I was leaning to no Thanks
  3. I think viewing screenshots this time will be must, as the build is very large and detailed, and I tried to rush the video way more than I'd typically like for the amount of time it took to make (and set up movement speed too high which was really hard to control), also I didn't quite catch all the details and bits since I am rather sleepy atm >.< . My CPU was struggling trying to fit the recording software in too since ARK was already at 85% CPU so I think the quality might be stuttery. It's inspired by Fairy Tail if the name didn't give it away. I decided to try a new wood texture to keep things a bit fresh. Contains: -18 rooms for shops,etc -16 bedrooms -Large Stables on Basement -Tons of Balcony to sit on -A relaxing, fun atmosphere you would want to find in an adventurer guild -A tavern style touch to add to the fun atmosphere ARKitect Submission: Wolfy Tail: Adventurers Guild Screenshots (Recommended for viewing all details and extras I missed in video) - a very generous amount of them :3
  4. @Jatheish Is this for today, or next week, since it's Friday currently? You saw me tweet this earlier this week, so you probably knew it was coming. An advent calendar, ARK-ified, that works of course. Mods would be optional, I just wanted to decorate a little fancy for the season. Great idea for server admins, or anyone who wants to surprise other players with goodies like dinos, resources, coupons, items. Can make a less complex version requiring less resources/time too. ARKitect Submission: ARK Advent Calendar!
  5. Ansel doesn't work anymore, on any map, since the update. If you use 2x super resolution or higher, or 360, it crashes the moment the progress bar comes up. *Using the default mode works, it seems to be related to the higher resolution modes Can confirm, this is happening to several of your regular, well-known Ansel users, as we found out on twitter. Reinstalling graphic drivers & verifying ARK doesn't fix it. Attached are the crash logs that show up on every attempt 12.14-04.39.39.crashstack Dump-1192267472.dmp
  6. This little wolf spies a new, sleek looking, Building Mod for after Holiday season. The detail on each piece makes it stand out for customization versus the entire thing being a single colored panel. It is so getting decked out with flowers though, lol.
  7. Holidays are here, and I have 2 creations planned for the 2017 Holiday season since Christmas is fast approaching and will pass just as fast. For creation 1, I have a fusion design, mixing our standard family game of choice on Christmas, decorating it for the occasion (Christmas), and making it "3D" and "alive", a 3 in 1 package. My description is "you can play it, live in it, and enjoy the view" The last 1 minute gives further text info on signboards if you are curious on additional rules/mechanics, no images should be necessary here. ARKitect Submission:
  8. An original design, quite different from what I usually do. It's meant to be very relaxing, a tranquility theme basically. Lots of nice scenery and star gazing at night from baths that are specially lit to help set the atmosphere. Roman Architecture inspired with a Garden of Eden touch. The location and atmosphere are meant to be a bit mysterious, with music to compliment. You should have a rather unique experience, it's designed to touch your senses through visual and audio stimulation to remove stress and forget your surroundings. ARKitect Submission: Some Images (Viewing is intended through Video Format though, to give the proper relaxing sensations)
  9. Reminder to resend ANSEL WeTransfer Links in case anyone's forgetful. An automated email from WeTransfer that last week's links weren't downloaded, but I think everyone knows the drill by know and got the same email. PGMs ended like 2-ish months ago by the way, lol.
  10. Never built with platforms before, learned they are quite restrictive lol. Why on a platform over a stationary, larger, "house" version: Mobility. I thought being able to fly makes it more fun/unique/special, which is a key special feature of the real thing. Only downside is platform limits, such as 8 tall x 8 wide as I quickly found out. Had to adjust a few pieces to make the shapes work for ARK, and those constraints :3 ARKitect Submission: Mario Odyssey Quetzal Ship The actual ship for those who might not be familiar with it.
  11. Mario Odyssey Quetzal Ship

  12. Shouldn't this week be Halloween themed ? For the Grand Finale, Halloween Town! Key Features: -Heavily customized lighting (adjusting light range, brightness, size) (Thank you RedDwarf for the custom Pumpkin Light Poles done to my picky request) --Lighting indoors to look more realistic for windows shining light -Fall themed atmosphere, utilizing heavy tree growth for effect -16 houses (or 10 houses + 6 stores) -Tons of small decor bits, such as creepy crawlers, pumpkins, graves, stickers, coffins, string lights, fog, cobwebs -Gothic style finish on roofing ARKitect Submission: The grand, Halloween finale! (been dieing to make and put this out since early October, but made the most sense as the finale) It is 11 mins, but I know you will absolutely love this :3 It was just impossible to go any shorter, as the detail is aimed at 50% day, 50% night, and it is a huge town! Images! Just in case you don't make the full video, I did a pretty thorough job on pictures, but they don't capture the feeling and music of course :3 (I tried to alphabetize these for convenience so they are shown in order, but the site doesn't register that properly. Order is A1-9 > B1-9 > etc)