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  1. Thanks for having held these contests. They have been going almost 3 years so I think that is just part of the natural life cycle where it feels like most things have been done in some form or another or people have moved on to do other things. I remember way back in 2015 when there were 15+ entries to the building category. The idea Jat was talking to me about in December would be interesting to see followed through, the "themed ideas". So for pics, the themes could be like "carnivores" or "action" or "colorful" or "black and white", and similar key words for other stuff, like build a dino
  2. I am curious if my stuff isn't being looked at because I have to do slideshows now as my CPU is worn out. I don't find any logical explanation why else a pixel art heart would get runner up rather than a fully functional design considering the shaping and theme were identical.
  3. This little wolf spies a new, sleek looking, Building Mod for after Holiday season. The detail on each piece makes it stand out for customization versus the entire thing being a single colored panel. It is so getting decked out with flowers though, lol.
  4. If anyone wants to play the "Hidden Objects" game from the Freeform, here is the original, full-sized image https://we.tl/sgTbRfTVs9 :3 You need the original for sizing/zoom to work, as the clickable isn't the 8x quality required for it to work. Link is good for 7 days of this posting.
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