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  1. Strop

    Mutation stats Question

    Thanks verny mUch everyone gustafvschmidt - I really appreciate your effort to explain the process to me in laymans terms.
  2. Strop

    Mutation stats Question

    RipRavage thanks for your help. Both of these are fresh lines bred in. With 0/20 on one side. When i breed them together i keep getting the 13764 on both sides on the offspring. I cant figure what im doing wrong
  3. Hi All Just cant get my head around this breeding and Mutations thing Ive got a Male rex with 0/20 muts on Patrilineal side and 13764 on the matrilineal Im mating with a Female rex with 13764/20 on Matrilenial and 0/20 on Patrilineal. Offsping come out with 13764 on both sides. Not ideal. Q1. What do I do to remove the Muts to get less than 20 on the female so I can get better offspring? Q2. how do I rotate better offspring in? Thanks
  4. Strop

    Aberation farming BUG

    In the Blue Bios the anky will bug on plants on the ground sometimes you can right click to harvest. but rarely works well. If you notice the tops of the metal deposits are flat you can jump up there and harvest from there, however if the anky is full when you demolish the deposit he will be stuck there till it re spawns and you can jump up there again to retrieve him. Its metal rich but you need to be selective on what you harvest for best results. Good luck
  5. Strop

    Buggy Rock Drakes

    Ive never experienced that problem. Lag being high on the list of cause of most issues
  6. Strop

    SE starting Tips

    I think a procoptodon is the best mount to grab first up. they carry lots, move fast and jump high. not a big fighter but for moving around the map. Also maybe a quick trip to rag and grab a pteranodon.
  7. Strop

    Gamma Dragon fight

    How are the therizins stats distributed for Boss fights. delicate / Health or power/ health? Why are they better than Rex's at the moment? cheers
  8. Strop

    Karkinos saddle bp?

    I have AR MC 218.5% bp, MC Flak Chest 284.4 BP, Paracar MC saddle BP 55.5 , Ravager saddles Journeyman, MC Carbonemys saddle will sawp 1 for one with yours I have ASC flak boot BP 320, asc Fab snip rifle Bp 231.5 if you want either of these offer me something extra with your Drake saddle
  9. Strop

    Karkinos saddle bp?

    would 100 black pearls interest you?
  10. Strop

    Karkinos saddle bp?

    Sneaky Im interested in a drake saddle. not sure what the mats are for it so am not sure what the value to offer. can you link few pics of mats.
  11. Hi Im solo on ABB as well and looking to either farm of even just do some boss runs. very much a noob but enjoying the experience Ill add you guys on steam
  12. Strop

    Lost dinos

    Really grateful for your time. Ill be messing around with some of these ideas.
  13. Strop

    Lost dinos

    Thanks GooGee, Im on Official.
  14. Strop

    screenshot Design pics

    Thanks GenTech Im looking at the videos. I also build big. I like to stretch out. Other pics would be great to get some Ideas.
  15. Strop

    Lost dinos

    Found 1 eventually while out exploring. Still lost the other. Im going to use the tracker on all of them from now on.