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  1. Strop

    Karkinos saddle bp?

    I have AR MC 218.5% bp, MC Flak Chest 284.4 BP, Paracar MC saddle BP 55.5 , Ravager saddles Journeyman, MC Carbonemys saddle will sawp 1 for one with yours I have ASC flak boot BP 320, asc Fab snip rifle Bp 231.5 if you want either of these offer me something extra with your Drake saddle
  2. Strop

    Karkinos saddle bp?

    would 100 black pearls interest you?
  3. Strop

    Karkinos saddle bp?

    Sneaky Im interested in a drake saddle. not sure what the mats are for it so am not sure what the value to offer. can you link few pics of mats.
  4. Hi Im solo on ABB as well and looking to either farm of even just do some boss runs. very much a noob but enjoying the experience Ill add you guys on steam
  5. Strop

    Lost dinos

    Really grateful for your time. Ill be messing around with some of these ideas.
  6. Strop

    Lost dinos

    Thanks GooGee, Im on Official.
  7. Strop

    Passive aggression

    Thanks or the heads up.
  8. Strop

    Passive aggression

    Cant say, But there has been some weird activity on that server by some of the farmers, Still not bothering me so im content
  9. Strop

    screenshot Design pics

    Thanks GenTech Im looking at the videos. I also build big. I like to stretch out. Other pics would be great to get some Ideas.
  10. Strop

    Passive aggression

    FYI - I submitted a ticket. took 14 days but a GM come by and cleared out the Dinos, removed the pillars that was restricting my growth. I never heard what happened to Just Fatty but one day I found a dead body on my door. but alls ended well.
  11. Strop

    Lost dinos

    Found 1 eventually while out exploring. Still lost the other. Im going to use the tracker on all of them from now on.
  12. Strop

    Advice for a solo player

    I agree on weight. Its a must just to transfer wood, stone or metal from dino to forge or vault.
  13. Strop

    screenshot Design pics

    Does anyone have some cool pics of your base designs? Id like to see how you lay things out with limited space and uneven terrain. Do you leave the Dinos out to wander or lock them up. what about the larger beasts?
  14. Strop

    Beating bosses

    Im a real noob to ARK, what drops from the Boss's that makes the investment in time worthwhile?
  15. Strop

    Official PVP is Trash

    Or there is PVE