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  1. You go to the forums, under the ark section go to general discussion, and look for the topic community crunch entry if the new one came out it's normally right on the top, then you either link your video or pictures to a reply on that topic, make sure you say what contest your joining, I wish you luck if you ever enter
  2. I don't think it's really fair to call it just "a pixel art heart" since the building in that is really impressive.
  3. Thank you for the fan feature, I hope people enjoy it.
  4. I can see why turrets would be a problem, seeing as my tribe would compact layers of them to the heights of behemoth gates pretty scary looking might I add, and every single one takes an item up in the area which can slow things down once that limit starts to fill up, but that applies to everything you can build though.
  5. Thank you so much this just lit up my day.
  6. Oh my gosh thank you for choosing my entry!! Also I hope I remember the E3 live stream time, but if you wouldn't mind me asking but for people who miss it will you be uploading the full video unto YouTube or something after all is said and done (sorry if it's a dumb question I don't know how these things work).
  7. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you guys liked it.
  8. Well I got ark when it released on Xbox one, played single player for awhile by myself, then split screen came and me and my brother played for a long time together, then I started playing PvP unofficial servers, found a server I liked and I met friends I still play with, things happened and we jumped to PvP officials and we roam around in the great lands of ark to this day. Also drawing art or building things in single player are always a fun way to pass the time.
  9. Thank you so much for picking mine!!! I'm so happy !!!!
  10. So these mysterious creatures will we be able to tame them cause that last one was really cute?
  11. Nice I've always really liked fishing so this is perfect
  12. Yes this is the bird I need now I can land on my stupid boat with out ever worrying about falling off can't wait!!
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