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  1. Bored during quarantine? Come join us on our cluster! Enjoy roleplay? Check out our Western themed roleplay server!
  2. Hi Slinky, we updated our advert to include our new discord link. This one will never expire! Sorry about the delay!
  3. Over 200+ whitelisted players, tons of streamers and lots of shenanigans! Check out our community, join discord or search SRP on Twitch to see if the server is a right fit for you!
  4. https://discord.gg/Dm9PZwJ Is our new discord, so sorry about that! We had a hiccup that needed to be dealt with.
  5. Welcome to Silverton, Colorado. Where the land is lawless, wild and ready for taming. How will you help shape Silverton? Who will you become? Our server is inspired by the famous Gunsmoke map created by Caseface, using the same mods created by Caseface, Libby and Cadwah, and other additional mods; we hope to give you a unique adventure! We are excited to see what tales come from your experiences in Silverton, Colorado! Our server features: Dual Professions Player & Admin Events! Season 2 started Friday April 24th 2020 Voice Mods ALLOWED! No mic? No problem! Apply as a mute! [Applications must include how you will efficiently roleplay without using text chat.] No more lost baggage! [Head to the bank for your luggage! Which includes a coin purse of $50] Visit the Federal Bank for a Horse or Donkey, to aid you in your journey! and MORE! Our Discord: https://discord.gg/cupboardpandacrew Our Website: https://cupboardpandas.com SilvertonRP is based on real life Silverton, Colorado. During the late 1800s, it was a booming mining town. While we may not be able to change the past, we can most certainly shape what it becomes on our server! Server opened December 22nd 2019, with Season 0! Apply for whitelisting today to join us in Season 2! Stop in at the depot to collect your belongings, hit the saloon for a quick drink or three, and don't forget to swing by the stables to pick out your new companion!
  6. Christmas is on its way! How exciting!! But first, lets celebrate the beautiful fall colors outside, turkey dinners, yummy pumpkin pie and maybe have an adventure or two on the Panda Cluster!
  7. Woot! Happy Halloween Adventurers! Come join us for some spooktacular fun!
  8. Ah, October, that fresh smell of dea-- wait no, thats pumpkin spice! Hehe! Get ready for a spooky adventure! Starting October 1st, our month long holiday event begins! Featuring: Colorful Dinos - spoopy orange, ghoul-some black, terrifying purple, slime green, ghostly white are just a few of the colors you'll be seeing on critters across the maps! Random Lootable Graveyards - Be wary of the Guardian of the Dead! Spooky Themed Decorations, Skins and Costumes - For the month of Oct, we are using some pretty spooktacular mods to help make things a lil creepier for our community! So whatcha waiting for! Come join us already! -Gemma
  9. "We started the cluster over 6 months ago after a group of us became frustrated that we couldn't log in and play on our official server during the Valentine's day event. Because of this frustration, the cluster was born! We strive to provide a fun, healthy environment for everyone!" Woot! WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE......... Join us as we welcome a new member to our Admin team! Alevia was one of our first new players to the cluster when we opened it up to the public! (Can you believe its been over 7 months since our inception?!) She accepted the offer of being an admin and we are excited to have her on board! Woohoo! About our cluster -- Our cluster under went renovation [wipe] 2 months ago, and is fresh and ready for new and seasoned adventurers! We had a cluster wide wipe because we attempted to turn our cluster into a PvPvE setting, and ultimately, it did not work out, which is fine, not everything will always go as planned! That is how life is! As such, our cluster is back to PvE (with plans to add in a PvP cluster at a later date, see below for more information). Long term goals of our cluster are: - No matter the # of players, the cluster will always stay online. Whether it be 1-2 or 20+, we know that every game has its highs and lows, when it comes to server population. Low pop does not bother us, it just means more loot for us from boss fights! Silliness aside, our cluster has no plans on shutting down any time soon, unless of course, the provider shuts down, then we just move providers, but since we use Server Blend, I don't think that is ever going to happen - so you can count on our servers being here (I hate to say forever, but we def intend on hosting them for a good long while!) - Provide a unique and fun place to play, no matter your play style! We host events, some are silly little events like scavenger hunts, others are more involved like build events, boss events! We also have several quality of life mods and plugins, that give players more time to play the game! - Ever evolving community. Our goal for our community is to grow and expand, adding to our list of servers that we host! We know that our players will grow bored with Ark, we all go through that phase, where another game takes our time and commitment, as such we want to provide other avenues for our players to pursue, should their choice of game change. We also have plans on adding other game modes, like a vanilla cluster, PvP vanilla cluster, and PvP modded cluster! Future Plans: - Plugins, plugins, plugins! We are looking for devs to help us develop unique plugins for our cluster that will entice new and old players alike! - Oh, Website, where art thou?? Looking for a website designer who would be interested in helping us craft a beautiful site for our cluster! - Loot Boxes & Kits Starter kits, loot boxes and more are going to be revamped to better suit our cluster So, as you can see, we have big dreams for our community, and have plans to stick around for a very, very long time! And we invite you to come join the Panda Crew, and see if we are the right fit for you! Sincerely, Gemma
  10. WTB 2 Custom Ark Plugins Hi! If you are reading this, you either are like me and looking for a plugin dev or you are a plugin dev and looking for work! If it is the latter, YAY! If it is the former, hopefully you find your answer here, same as me! Anywho, on to the topic at hand -- I really need an experienced plugin dev who is currently free that would like to be paid to develop 2 plugins for me for my cluster. Thank you! You can contact me on discord at: Gemma#5418
  11. Cupboard Pandas presents: A 8 map PvE cluster! Come join us on our adventures in Ark! Our cluster has been around for over a year! Once Crystal Isles is available as an official map, it will become an 9 Map Cluster! How exciting! Come join our crew! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Server Rates: x4 Tame/Harvest/Exp x3 Maturation/Breeding /Hatching Maps: Genesis Island Ragnarok Extinction Valguero Abberation The Center Scorched Earth Crystal Isles - Coming Soon! Our Servers feature: Friendly Admins Cross Cluster Chat Cave Building/Flying enabled Unlimited Respecs enabled Auction Houses Community Centers Public Teleportation Pads at every Obelisk .............and more! ------------------------------------------------------------------ For Server Rules, Mod List, Server Addresses & more ; check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/cupboardpandacrew ------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Community is sponsored by Gameserverapp! Click the banner to check them out!
  12. Our cluster has been online for 6 months! Come join our cluster family and start your adventure today!! Our Most Popular Maps: Valguero and Ragnarok! Check out our beautiful Community Centers, grab some gear and get out there and explore!
  13. 7 map Cluster -PvE- x2 H/T/Exp [x4 weekends]& x3 M&B&H The Cupboard Pandas has its own private server cluster! We are looking for more fun, active players to join us! Come start your new Ark adventure with us! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT EVENT: Weekend x4 Event starts Friday and Ends Monday. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Servers feature: Active Friendly Admins Month Long Holiday Events Boss Fight Events Cross Cluster Chat 1 FREE Custom Wyvern of your choosing! (customization limited to type and color regions, only 1 wyvern per player (not character)) Ask for an Admin ingame or in discord. (link below) x4 Tame/Exp/Harvest Event Weekends! x2 Tame/Harvest/Exp x3 Maturation/Breeding /Hatching Cave Building/Flying enabled Unlimited Respecs enabled Auction Houses Community Centers - See 3 of our favorite CCs below! Public Teleportation Pads Cross Cluster Chat ..............and more! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR SERVERS: Steam Connect 1-Island - PvE steam://connect/ 2-Ragnarok - PvE steam://connect/ 3-Extinction - PvE steam://connect/ 4-Valguero - PvE steam://connect/ 5-Center - PvE steam://connect/ 6-Scorched Earth - PvE steam://connect/ 7-Aberration - PvE steam://connect/ IP Addresses 1-Island - PvE 2-Ragnarok - PvE 3-Extinction - PvE 4-Valguero - PvE 5-Center - PvE 6-Scorched Earth - PvE 7-Aberration - PvE ------------------------------------------------------------------ SERVER MODS: To make your initial server (first time) load times a bit faster, subscribe them before trying to load into the server! Below is the link to our cluster's official mod package! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675918179 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Server Rules, Donation Link & more can be found on our Discord: https://discord.gg/4TbWMam ------------------------------------------------------------------ Peek at our Favorite Community Centers! Click the links below to view each one. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The Center Community Center - Tropical Island South - Coords: 48.7 / 74.9 Aberration Community Center - Fertile Lake 2 - Coords: 24.7 / 47.4 Valguero Community Center - Small Islands - Coords: 55.0 / 37.7 ------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are thinking about joining our cluster family, please familiarize yourself with our rules, they can be found in our discord under #ark-cluster-info
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