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  1. The problem with Wildcard is that they have dealt with too much issues. Financial, gameplay etc. They broke too many promises to the point the community will just up their pitchforks. I am not even going to point every single fault they did there, because there's way too many. Its true that some of us are just whiny lil dodos or snot-nosed brat that can't behave civilized, but that doesn't mean we are always in the wrong here. Its because of too many broken promises and too many issues plagued with ASA development that caused people to start hating them. It doesn't matter if they did a lot of thing, if they choose to break the promise and made themselves the laughing stock, no amount of hard work will make them climb out of the hole they dug too deep in. People can wait, but if the devs continues to only post little crunch every single week, people are going to get fed up with what they are doing. They might as well only post crunch when its necessary with some juicy info, not just post one just to fill it with nonsensical details. People don't want to waste their few minutes time to look at crunch only to be nothing but little details every time.
  2. We would give them a little more positiveness. If they at least give it back. Because clearly from the last few crunches and too many complaints, its clear as day that is not possible.
  3. You shouldn't get banned with using Macros at any server with Battleye (it doesn't flag as a cheater software). But whether its fully permitted or not at an unofficial server is up to the server owner's discretion.
  4. Given the fact be brought this irritating topic means he is choosing to ignore most of the people here on the last thread. Goes to show how much wood he gives a care about people proving him wrong. Depressing.
  5. They are likely going to stick to its current sunsetting month: August. No mentions of any changes to this. Thats how stupid they are at management.
  6. I really love how people are demanding or asking for things for posts like this ever since the first.
  7. I honestly felt like some of the point of this post is just pure contradictory. You said "our first instinct is to try and take action with the intention of preserving the integrity of our official server network", YET some of your staff here doesn't even know how to moderate the report properly. Some very good example are restoring of lost dino and reimbursing most, if not all, data of old character to new ones because of rollbacks, because of the issues YOU GUYS didn't bother to fix or just fixed temporarily and slapped it as completely fixed. Half of your staff will fix the player's issue, the other half? They don't even know how to do their job and give "internal policy" as a sorry excuse not to even do anything, and instead just close the ticket when they still wanted it fixed. Same goes for reporting, especially in PvP servers. It felt either corrupted, or just half-stupid. "First instinct"? Then why "Upon further review of the situation involving H.O.D Gaming, we felt that it was not deserving of a permanent ban"? Why not investigate WHICH INCOMPETENT STAFF permanently banned him in the first place before you start reviewing this ban of his and either get him fired or something? It just shows how poorly moderated Official Servers are. And don't get me started on the fact that some GMs will listen to other players like dogs to master, and devwipe tribes that didn't even deserve it, or had done nothing wrong to deserve such a treatment. And look at the amount of report that has been piling up in your reports of both bug and explot. 10 frigging k has not been resolved. How the heck is that letting people enjoying their experience when your staff can't even properly keep up with the reporting issue? Maybe you guys really should relook at how your moderating GM are doing properly with both the game servers and any reports YOU GUYS never fixed, or just half-fixed before you try to raise your head high.
  8. Well, I did say probably not and some. We don't even know if they will consider adding pillar for being tested.
  9. ...Its called beta branch for a reason, so clearly no, unless the major bug it is related to the beta items like S+ integration or new kibbles. Probably not. They are only including some features in it.
  10. Debating if I should test the beta branch. 1. S+ implementation will come to console, most of them anyways. 2. Their eggs are still usable. The problem is that if they have kept the specific ingredients are kept inside, people would complain about how it is hidden behind a paywall if it does get released.
  11. The main point is the blood sweat tears of finding a high level wild either for taming or killing. If they had the intention of making it incredibly easy they would've added this, but they didn't. Plus, some random people will come and jack away the wild from you.
  12. Something just came to my mind. Will we still have access to official server if we have that beta installed? Not stated. Given how they work, i doubt this will be taken into consderaton, hence the tribe or bp reason. Doubt it. If they have no kibble, it probably will stay that way. Aak the mod maker. Oh wait, he has no plans for it. Too broken in vanilla gameplay. Nope. Now where did you spring that assumption that thry will add more dlc? Tlc is in question but dlc? How. We will only know if thet add that kibble set to those eggs when the beta goes live. Unfoetunately i doubt they will change it back, long as there are immoral player there sending other peoples dino to oblivion with it even under offline protection.
  13. And its going to be something he will deliver by their final decision, so we won't know until then. It was done with fence support, which judging by the looks of it, is a hastily patched up version of dynamic adjustment of railings model, since it just rotates and not adjust.
  14. Thet never mentioned anthing about the reworked kibbles retaining the recipe from extinction. We can only wait until the public beta comes out this week to kmow of they are lazy or not. They mentioned nothing about thr recipe point, so given their reputation, most people would assume the worst for that. The stone stairs/ramp woudl make a great addition. Its a shame it wasnt added before.
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