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  1. I play on Xbox and this is what I found Pros: - Chibis - The Island having Snow (Nice to see custom changes to a map for the event) - New Skins Cons: - Not Enough unique Skins - Low Spawn rates on some Chibis - The Island Having Snow (Bloom sucks on Xbox as it is, Snow made it worse) - No Snow for other maps Suggestions for next year: - Add New Skins more unique skins, for example Angel Wings would be cool even if it's just for aesthetic, also stuff we can use to define our characters and make em more diverse in look - Get and Option on console to turn off bloom, so were not blinded next year (I don't want to hear about the single player commands stuff either) - Chibis could use better spawn rates on some of them
  2. Bring Full S+ features for Private Servers I'd like to start by saying this topic has most likely been brought up, but I looked through the first five pages of most voted, no where to be seen, so this is an attempt to rekindle the topic So let's be honest when S+ was announced to be an official mod, the outcome was extremely underwhelming, we only received a fraction of what the mod has to offer, I understand it's meant to keep Official Servers balanced, but that doesn't mean Wildcard can't give us the full mod for Private servers When I heard S+ is going to be an official mod, I imagined making bases with the stackable foundations, or placing Vacuum Compartments out of water and in the irradiated zone, snapable crop plots, making my base float up in the sky, different sized pillars and walls, and countless other features that didn't make the cut (((((PLEASE VOTE GRAB THE ATTENTION OF WILDCARD TO SHOW YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, VOTE ON OTHER POSTS YOU AGREE WITH THE TOPIC, WILDCARD MAY ACTUALLY DO IT THEN!)))))
  3. It's not just you, a lot of people on Xbox (unsure about Steam or PS4 versions) have the issue, the whole feature broke after Extinction was released
  4. Kage360

    Bring in more S+

    I am very disappointed they didn't bring the entire mod over, all because they wanted to "bring it into official" if you bring parts of it to official fine but give us non official guys the entire mod
  5. Server UI Previews I think having a Preview of Server settings and a brief description made by the server owner of the a selected server would help people find something closer to what their looking for when searching through servers, instead of having to go through the tedious process of joining a server to see if you like the rates, settings, etc. until you find something you like, it would make for a cleaner and quicker experience
  6. How about a gametype that has No Flyers, No Metal, No Guns, No Explosives, I've seen flyers are used way too much in PVP, taking them out would change up the the game and force players to get creative, as for taking out guns, Metal Explosives, I know it would basically sound like primitive + but hey mix things up a bit
  7. I've always liked the Tech Generator for it's wireless use of power, but I've never enjoyed the Particle Effects the Generator gives off, just blue particles everywhere inside a building just doesn't look good, toggling the effect on and off for the Generator help give an aesthetic appeal to your structure, and maybe help with frame rate to when using multiple generators
  8. Ark has a lot of creatures already, but I feel adding new ones that have their own unique abilities and uses every now and then would help the game, they don't have to be based off just Extinct creatures, they could be based off mythology or just wild imagination The existing DLCs for ark I have always felt were lacking in creatures and here are few ideas I've had (Feel Free to add your own Ideas) - Perhaps adding A bigger Mid Game Black Widow looking Spider to Aberration that can climb walls and ceilings and create it's own zip lines, and has a stinger that can paralyze targets for a short amount of time - Maybe Making Smaller Versions for the Titans, give them their own unique abilities and a bit of a remodel, and rebalanced stats to their new size, so they are tamable creatures just roaming on the Extinction Map -Add a giant rideable Wasp to Scorched Earth, that can dash from side to side to avoid attacks and when it stings the target, it takes damage for a little while
  9. I've commented here before, and I honestly don't expect a 3rd TLC anytime soon, atleast not until after The Extinction DLC, so I'm just going to list all the Dinos I feel could use a TLC, I'm not going to say what you should do with them Ability wise but they all could use a serious Remodel - Araneo - Carnotaurus - Quetzalcoaltus - Megalodon - Liopleurodon - Terror Bird - Dilophosaurus - Stegosaurus - Plesiosaurus - Brontosaurus
  10. If there is way to, I think making flyers a PVE role only, just make it so they cannot harm players or tames, would make PVP more interesting, it would force players to stick with ground attacks, and leave the Flyers home, the idea can be played with a bit, since they couldn't do damage to others they can't be damaged by any other players, It's just an idea to play with
  11. After 2 TLCs coming out and seeing better ideas for animals, I'd like to revise my earlier ideas - Terror Bird, I still hold to my remodel Texture ideas, bigger and more terrifying, I have realized that there are subspecies of the Terror Bird and the Current model is taken from one of the smaller terror bird subspecies, I believe that it should be modeled after the Titanis or Kelenken Subspecies, as for Abilities aside from it's ability to act as a ridable parachute, I think it should get a pack buff that increases attack damage and speed for a short time and a call that inspires fear into certain creatures nearby, and an ability to pickup small animals and players in its beak - Spider, this particular creature can become more useful, especially on Aberration, a Remodel and slight size increase, the ability to climb any surface with ease with increased speed, along with abilities to form ziplines and grabble around could make for a useful tame, the Aberration map could use a creature like this as it would be a somewhat early version of the rock drake's mobility - Megalodon, a Charge attack that can do some crippling damage and launch itself out of the water, size increase and remodel - onyc, right now this creature is just annoying to cave explorers, this creature with the ability to echo locate, could make this creature a more effective guard dog for bases in PVP, a Remodel couldn't hurt either - plesiosaur, allow this creature to move freely from bottom of the Ocean to the surface, also add the ability to go on to the beach, a Remodel would be nice, and and when traveling in groups of 2 or more give a pack buff that gives it increase health and melee, maybe even a bleed damage that last for a short period of time like the Allo's bleed damage Theses ideas could give new life to theses creatures, I'm especially pushing for the ideas on the Terror Bird and the Spider, both can really use the TLC
  12. I Really Like this Idea all I have to put in Addition is to make it faster, spiders can move very quickly when they need to
  13. Still Holding out for a more terrifying version of the Terror Bird, just hate the current look, it's an oversized murder dodo right now
  14. So I'm back and A lot of people want to see the carno become useful, I have an idea, while probably not a trait the real life carno had, but In the Jurrassic Park book Lore, Carnos have the Ability to Camoflauge, it would be a really cool idea and Would make an interesting mechanic for a Vanilla Creature, also Make the new Model and Animations more Menacing, I want to fear this animal when on foot Stego could use an increase in base movement speed, they are slow and useless, perhaps a scour ability with their tail like the kentro, and a better run animation, and an increase in size Raptor, I feel should have a more horizontal look especially the head area, faster movement, higher jump, and perhaps an ability to latch onto bigger animals and start tearing into them with their claws, smaller animal would be pinned down and killed Tuso or squid while a great addition, needs a better hit box so things don't get stuck inside you, and/or make it so smaller creatures just get pushed out of the way of this massive beast, in fact that mechanic would be useful to all larger animals Titanosaurus, The dossier said anything to be step in by this thing would be crushed as it causally walks about, yet it doesn't happen, make it so, and reduce how often it moves, the things moves about way too much in the wild That's what I got this time when I think of more I'll be back
  15. So they're certain creatures I feel that need an upgrade in particular - The word Terror, implies something menacing, not the overgrown dodo that the terror bird is right now, give the head a longer and slimmer look, lengthen the neck, extend the legs up a bit, make the body look reduce the roundness of the body, and give it a feathers sticking up from it's head, eye placement should look more like a bird of prey, an image to show something similar to what I'm describing, just make it more menacing please - Megalodon, needs a Sirius increase in size, they feel too bland, give them a slightly slimmer design not so round looking, give them a grab a thrash ability, along with an ability to do a burst of speed, even a breach attack, and ease down on their regular swimming animation, I feel like it's less intimidating when the front have of their body moves back and forth too much - Sarco need a death roll and a lunge attack that grabs, give them a sleeker less round look with the back more detailed - Trike needs a size increase, they feel too small compared to the rex, give them a charge, and faster base movement speed, and the running animation could use a little work, but the model itself is fine - Giganatosaurus, nerf the stats and decrease the size, to make it a little bit bigger than the rex, I'm fine with the current model but I'm sure you'll change it up - Spiders need more functionality, perhaps a grab and real in type of attack and maybe the ability to make a web that can catch animals to either tame or kill them, and maybe like the coel and Salmon, give them varying sizes, making only the bigger ones ridable, but you can grow them in size once tamed, and perhaps a faster movement speed I'm sure I'll have more as I think about it, but for now theses are the ideas I'd like to bring to the table
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