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  1. Tek Sky Platform So I'm pretty sure this idea has been thrown around before, But I wanted to throw in my hat for this Idea, We have Cliff, Ocean, and Tree Platforms, and it got me thinking why not a Floating Stationary Sky Platform, probably Make it Tek and extremely costly to make but a worthwhile Structure, There would obviously have to be limitations to the platform like the ocean platform does to keep it from becoming a Impenetrable Sky Fortress, but the idea to be able to just place this platform where ever you wanted in the sky and then be able to build a rather large base on top of it would be really cool, you can of course add your own ideas to this P.S. I am Aware of the command that allows you to spawn a tree platform wherever you want, I'm using this in my Server for a sky base right now but an Actual Building like this would be awesome not only for PVP (Note: I play PVE so not very knowledgeable in how this would affect the PVP side of the game) but it has some really cool potential for PVE Base Builds
  2. Frame Drop Problems on Xbox I've made a post about this before but I Feel the need to Reiterate this Problem Frames seem to Drop when: - Crafting Large Amounts of Anything in Inventory/Smithy/Fabricator/Industrial Grinder/Chemistry Bench/Tek Replicator/ETC. Basically any Crafting station - Hovering over HLNA Skin In Inventory If your on a Different Platform having the same problems let me know
  3. @Toxy I've also found 01 100 0 works too, still annoying that this crap is happening but that does work
  4. Better Whistle Shortcut for Consoles Idea So you guys attempted to give console a whistle Shortcut by simply holding B (Xbox) or Circle (PS4) well clearly not many were fans of that, so instead how about this, Holding LB then Clicking in on the Right or Left Stick Doesn't do anything so why not apply a Whistle Follow One and a Whistle Stop One to those Buttons, Just a Thought
  5. It the censorship, Wildcard needs to take it off I've already make a post about it for this exact reason
  6. I've also been told L is another letter that gets blocked
  7. The Reapers have been a long time problem since the very earliest of Genesis' Lifespan, they initially fixed the Drones and Defense Units and now they are screwed again, 1 step forward 2 steps back
  8. GET RID OF CENSORING, its getting worse with every update I Can't see any general Ark Bug Reports here so I'm just gonna leave this here: Censorship of Words and Numbers have been getting progressively worse with each update, Some Commands can't be Typed anymore (Example: Cheat SetTargetDinoColor 1), I'm gonna put in some of what can't be said currently in the Xbox Chat: 1 11 31 61 81 Biome Narcotics FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THE LIST IN COMMENTS GUYS This needs to be addressed, Minecraft let's you speak Freely without being censored, so why can't your game, Figure it out with Microsoft, cause this is getting ridiculous!
  9. OK I want to say theses are my personal cons, and I just wanted to throw them out there I don't expect Wildcard to do anything with what I said, but I can still say something, All I'm saying is that I feel X creatures feel half done which is why I call it a pro and con, as for the Teleporting you are definately not invisible to wild creatures, I and many of my players have been killed by wild creatures before having a chance to load into the new area, one of my friends was even killed by an Alpha Carno when she teleported to Volcano, as Building sets, I've been yearning for New Sets since Scorched Earth Introduced a new set way back when, as for the 5 new Creatures that is probably one of my biggest complaints here, after the amount of new Creatures Scorched Earth and Aberration (Despite 4 of them being light pets which I did have a problem with being counted as 4 different species) Extinction and Genesis really lacked in that Department, was not happy about it with Extinction, I'm not happy with it about Genesis Either
  10. @Wesmanee I can Relate to you about the alpha missions, even on my Slightly boosted server I struggle to complete missions without the aid of players I've allianced with, the Missions should calculate the amount of players and set the difficulty depending on the players to at least make it doable
  11. My Pros and Cons of Genesis and How I'd Improve it So I'm Gonna Start with The Pros and Then Go into the Negatives, after that I'll say How I'd Improve the Cons (At least to the Extent of Content I've Played so far as an Unofficial PVE Player and Server Host) Pros - Missions (It gives more things to do and adds a new twist the Game play) - Separated Biomes (Allows for better Rendering because your not rendering the entire map all at once) - The New Creatures (I love the New Creatures They bring a new way to play, I have found new Uses for All of them, There is a con I'll be getting into also about this) - The New X Creature Skins (The Idea of the Different Skins for Each Creature for specific Biome is great, However This will be a con at the same time I'll be getting into) - Ocean Platforms (Really opens up not for just Genesis but also the other maps for new Places to build and I just love the Idea of them) Cons - Mission Areas Take a lot of build able locations out of the Picture - The Teleportation is very flawed cause things can just attack you while your still loading in, I can't imagine how bad that is for an Official PVP Server, I dread to think about it - Lack of New Creatures, if you don't include the Microbe Swarms and Insect Swarms there are only 5 new Creatures, ONLY FIVE! Like Come on Scorched Earth and Aberration had 10+ Creatures Each - Lack of X Creature Skins, Only some Creatures get Skins, I feel like this should be Expanded across all Biomes for every Creature - There are No New Buildings Sets, Aside from the Ocean Platforms, I was really hoping for a New Material set to Build out of, Kind of sick of only having Thatch, Wood, Stone, Adobe, Metal, and Tek, I want more - Can't grind mission loot, those Cancel Signs preventing you from Grinding up the Loot I think it one of the dumbest things ever, and it's a real kick in the face, like we spent time to do the mission to get this stuff and your telling me we can't grind up the stuff we worked to get and some of theses Missions are rather difficult, Especially the Alphas How I would Improve the Cons - Mission Areas, I would have made it so you would enter The Missions own play space instead of being in the world, Like Copy the Biomes and Place them under neath the map or something like that, you know a mirrored World for Missions - Teleportation needs a way to protect you and your tames while Travelling to another Biome, Perhaps have a Temporary Impenetrable Bubble/Force field placed around the Player that only Allied Players and Tame can Enter - More New Creatures, add another creature or two per Biome, I don't have any Specific Ideas yet - Expand on The X Skins, That's all I can say - Add New Building Sets to the Game I don't care if it their own Separate DLC or a Mod Added to the Game, I'm Xbox so were Limited - Just take The Cancel Sign stuff out, it's stupid and I hate it, or at the very least give Unofficial Server the Ability to turn that stuff off So I'm sure not everyone is gonna agree with this or think things should be added or removed but hey power to you Go ahead and Comment, I'm sure everyone has their own ideas
  12. Setting for Unofficial to allow us to grind up The Mission Loot I'm gonna be Frank here and say I think it's stupid you can't grind up all the loot you get from missions, Why? I get so much Loot that I'm never gonna use From Missions that I can't Turn into resources and I feel like it's a kick in the face when you Worked really hard to get through a mission (Especially the Harder Ones) and you obtain loot that you don't want and then you can't even turn it into resources using the Grinder. I get your trying to make things balanced for Official but again like the Tek and Flyers Options we now have, I'd like to have my options for my Personal Servers and this is one of those things I'd like to have an option to disable this, Please and Thank you Wildcard!!! For Those of you who Don't know What I'm Talking about that little Cancel Sign on your Items basically means you can't Grind them down in the Industrial Grinder, and I'd like an Option for Unofficial to Disable that
  13. Lunar Cave I'm built in Says it's a mission Area now after last Update I am Built in a Lunar Cave, Coordinates are Lat 31.7, Long 36.8, So Before the March 11th Update This cave was not a Mission Zone, After Update it suddenly gives me the Mission Area Icon, Now when I pull up the Mission Boundaries there is No Mission in the Area, Now this isn't that big of a problem for My Unofficial Server as I allow Building in Mission Zones Setup, But I Thought I would bring it up anyways for the Servers who don't have that option set
  14. Reaper King is Invisible on Genesis So name speaks for itself, Reaper King is Invisible on Xbox on Genesis, Idk about the other platforms though, found out after one attacked me outside a cave I'm built in on My unofficial server, I know it's the reaper king because they are the only creature that gives you the Cocooned Status effect
  15. The HLNA Teleporting Issue (Console, Low End PCs) This is mainly For Console and low end PCs, The Issue is the Time it takes to render in the Area, and it puts you at risk of dying cause Raptors, Rexs, or Some other Carnivore taking the oppurtunity to Kill you, I'd like to Suggest a few ways to fix this which I'll post Below: - A Mini Force Field That lasts 30-40 seconds that pushes wild creatures away from you and your mounts allowing you time to Render in - Allow you to Stay on your Mount when Teleporting so at least your creature can tank the damage while you render in (You Know that is if Your Creature can Tank the Damage) - Make all Teleporter Points on the Map Have a Permanent Force field that Wild Creatures can't enter (This would also Require not allowing players To Build in the area, or if a building is placed there, it would rapidly take damage until Destroyed, In fact do that as a feature anyways) You guys got any other Ideas I'd love to hear them
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