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  1. Theri would have been a great choice if I had brought the one I had over from the island instead of a rex, unfortunately it's not on SE plus it's definitely bigger that a carno, but Mantis would be a great choice I have a breeding pair of them on SE already, but I'll have to think about it, I'm bringing a thyla for an early game way of getting around until I can get a hold of a rock drake
  2. OK I want to clarify it is a private server we are doing so yes we are doing the setting that allows any dino, I'm aware of the radiation thing we are not planning on taking theses dinos down into that zone to be killed, and so far we have only been on the Island and Sorched Earth so we haven't had access to any dinos that came in extinction, and genesis yet, what we brought from the island that is unique to Scorched Earth was a spino and a Bary both of which are being taken to the next map as well by my friends, I brought a Rex from the island but with the wyverns he has become a paper weight
  3. we are on Scorched Earth we didn't bring a Basilio from the Island
  4. Hello, so My Friends and I are playing through each of the Story Maps by beating the Alpha Version of the Main Boss, leading up to release of Genesis Part 2, the we have agreed on taking 1 or 2 dinos with us each time we go to a new map I'll break down the rules we've created that determine what we can and cannot bring with us - No Flyers can be brought with us - 1 Dino if it is bigger in length than a Carno (Head to Tail) - 2 if they are smaller in Length than a Carno (Head to Tail) - Cannot bring a Mate Boosted Pair - Cannot Bring the Same Type of Creature as Someone Else Now I'l
  5. Do I put the UseStrucutreStatisGrid in GameUserSettings.ini or Game.ini on Nitrado?
  6. Player Spawn Build Prevention? I run 2 PVE Ark Servers on Xbox using nitrado, Ragnarok and Valguero, and a rule on my server is to not build on top of player spawns (that way people aren't getting stuck inside a base when they spawn in), unfortunately I still get people doing it cause they refuse to read the rules my current solution around it to prevent this is to sink a foundation underneath the spawn so no one can build in the area, but on a map like Valguero that has a ton of player spawns it's tedious work doing that So here is my question, is there a nitrado code I can use in exp
  7. Summoning Structures (Not GFI Codes) Hello there Not too many people know about theses commands (If you do then this thread is probably useless to you) but anyways I wanted to share theses commands with you admins to be able to use on your own servers Whether you want to just add some public oil pumps or Gas collectors to your map, or you want a full blown Floating Base on top of an ocean platform well here is what you need to know: So when you pull out your Admin gun and turn it to red you may have notice that there is a line of code on the structure you are looking at, well this line of
  8. Tek Sky Platform So I'm pretty sure this idea has been thrown around before, But I wanted to throw in my hat for this Idea, We have Cliff, Ocean, and Tree Platforms, and it got me thinking why not a Floating Stationary Sky Platform, probably Make it Tek and extremely costly to make but a worthwhile Structure, There would obviously have to be limitations to the platform like the ocean platform does to keep it from becoming a Impenetrable Sky Fortress, but the idea to be able to just place this platform where ever you wanted in the sky and then be able to build a rather large base on top of
  9. Lunar Cave I'm built in Says it's a mission Area now after last Update I am Built in a Lunar Cave, Coordinates are Lat 31.7, Long 36.8, So Before the March 11th Update This cave was not a Mission Zone, After Update it suddenly gives me the Mission Area Icon, Now when I pull up the Mission Boundaries there is No Mission in the Area, Now this isn't that big of a problem for My Unofficial Server as I allow Building in Mission Zones Setup, But I Thought I would bring it up anyways for the Servers who don't have that option set
  10. If there is way to, I think making flyers a PVE role only, just make it so they cannot harm players or tames, would make PVP more interesting, it would force players to stick with ground attacks, and leave the Flyers home, the idea can be played with a bit, since they couldn't do damage to others they can't be damaged by any other players, It's just an idea to play with
  11. I would love to make my map idea a reality but I have the issue of not being able to install the Epic Games Launcher, my computer won't allow me to
  12. Please Tell me Structures + will come to Consoles as soon as possible, I want to build nice things!
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