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  1. Dear Devs of Ark/Studio WildCard. Please Region lock the box [][][][][][] players. Let them have their own language server. Let them speak their own language and not messing with international communities. We are SICK and TIRED of seeing those box[][] dupers in all the servers! DO SOMETHING!!!!!
  2. I agree with what he said. He wasn't being honest too much. But I will say it. What he meant was the BOX people [][][][]. And Yes they are making the servers unstable. if you want to know how they are making it, why don't you come down and take a visit to all the servers with your character? He is telling the truth. Some random guy from the server name [][][][][][][] make the lots of dino gates(when I mean lots i mean like 50 or even more) and then he tried to close and open multiple time. In which I believe it made the server lag and then crushed. When I got there again when server back up. a
  3. I had had IT! yeah I said it! I HAD HAD IT!!! With all those BOX BOX [][] people all around the servers, especially in OC servers. Literally can't play the game in peace. They take every resources in PVE (eg. Oil Veins) and LOCKED THEM!!!! which at some point you cant get the enough from somewhere else. AND...... the another critical thing to add this disaster, "THE SERVER PING/LATENCY". YES you see it right! They tried to take down the whole raptoring GEN2 server!! like LITERALLY!! I was playing in OC 979(now i moved to other server) there was like all the boxes[][][][] are there. No English
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