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  1. I hope they don't abandon this game, because if they do - bam! Ghost-town. If they start just making once-a-year or so DLCs then that'd keep people playing and buying the game.
  2. PLEASE say that creative mode will be something that servers can turn on and off, now I'm waiting before I make my huge pvp arena
  3. You might be giving them the wrong food, also dinosaurs loose food slowly. I used to thing that ptera's were herbivore and could never tame them, you may have either of these problems.
  4. Please, please make everything actually SLEEP! And those herbivores need to eat... everything non-aggressive needs to eat as well...
  5. My ideas - Dodo, bronto, direbear, dolphin (sorry couldn't spell it's actual name) raptor (I'm guessing you're doing that one) and argy please!
  6. Can you give me a link to said raptor? i haven't seen it
  7. (Sees Rockwell first time) (Backs up into room) Wake me up when we get normal ARK again... Also that end schematic! Anyone remember the days of T-Rexes and giant spiders being the weirdest things in the game?
  8. Are we ever getting dino armor? Like even for the ones we can't ride? (I can only trust the wiki so much about it's planned additions)
  9. Wow. WOOOOOWWWW. Thanks a lot ARK! Now you're going to release it on the last day of the year!
  10. Any large water bits in aberration? I need my mosa's : )
  11. What if we've built stuff using S+? Will we loose it? My base's half half so you can understand why I want to keep it!
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