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  1. Yeah but that's the whole point of this section of the forums , to try get people wiped . Maybe some panic gang on a bored one check this forum for a troll mission , maybe some unknown trolls go give them some grief , who knows ? And yeah I already destroyed their turret towers and most of their tek , and pulled up with a forest titan , I am doing things too. I'll probably just mesh them in the end , but transfers are open now and don't really want all 99 coming to my server lol
  2. All that sounds like he has just been reading the negative reviews and not even played the game. Character loss was bad when every one and their mom was duping during early access and abb release . It was caused by joining a server that then had a roll back before sever save . A problem created by players cheating that has mostly died out. Freezing and lag are Internet problems , any games with loads of people actively pvping will have lag. And glitchin and falling through the floor are unreal engine issues . All games that use that engine have similar problems. Ark Devs did the best they could with the technology available to them 5 years ago.
  3. Notice that he doesn't deny the location or pve players not online in UK time or vaults full of loot . Details are correct who cares about reasons lol . Good opportunity to wipe a 99 breeding facilities. Also have a scout for their underwater tek base near red obb . That's full of loot and tames too . Bring a squid .
  4. And think of all the AAA games made by top developers that offer 20 hours total game play , barely any multilayer and ask 60 pound for it . They then run fake advertising campaigns to sell it and make it look good . Looking at you division . When you have a game this big with this much building and open world sandbox pvp and so many people online riding animals all doing their own thing , I am amazed it works at all , I can exept a few bugs with such a huge world .
  5. It's like the best game ever made mate . Like can you even name a game that is half as good as this ?
  6. Don't have all your turrets on players only ?
  7. 228 is a proper freaka show for the tribes. NoA is built near green obb on the scorched plat . They are a breeding centre for one of the megas. ( not PG one of the bent ones ) . They are all amErican and mostly pve players put their by their leaders. No one on in UK day time . The base isn't weak but has some weak spots. Would be ideal to wipe with a desert titan . They got all the loot if anyone still raids for loot . Vaults of fab shotguns etc. Reason I want them raided is there is a woman In the tribe that beats her 3 yr old daughter. She doesn't even mute the mic you just have to sit there and listen to her beating it . I was allied but once I listened to that a few times in chat I left the server .
  8. Yeah Bro I'm with you . They should make all solo players unraidable when off line . Add orp for solo tribes .
  9. Only troube with that is that it really sucks being in a mega. People don't want to play like that . So it leaves being allied or getting wiped . People end up bouncing around servers getting wiped until a friend from an old tribe that joined a mega invites them to a server and they can build .then it's pretty much forced pve on a dead server
  10. Don't expect any more story maps , if we get another ark DLC it will just be a random mod map for a last minute cash grab . Ark is a buy once and never pay again game , atlas has microtransactions so it will generate a lot more income than ark. So foresee a future of atlas updates and maybe an ark 2 in 2020 with added microtransactions
  11. Logged on lagged into the base for 5 minutes , after it rubber bands me I know I can play , tribe needed gunpowder so I went and hit some rocks with a doedi , blackscreen, log back on finish hitting rocks , fly back to base and transfer all from doed to me and back into chem bench 6 times , pressed craft , then flew off and hit more rocks , transfer All a few more times and blackscreen again . Log back in walked to vault grabbed c4 and long neck and a ptera out the cryo fridge then walked to transmitter and looked for highest pop island server 43/70 gotta be some action there right ? Spawned at East 1 threw out cryopod and jumped on bird , I flew whole map looking for a base to raid or some tames to kill. There was no bases , just low level bobs and stone huts , killed a few low levels and blew a few huts but no bases worth hitting or loot to take no one even had a tame , I maybe killed 5 dodos and a parasour looking for a decent base to raid . But nothing , alpha must have been hiding in a sea cave or something. After about an hour of flying round pointlessly I saw 5 guys pull up on the beach and throw out tames , I just laughed to my self high pop server attracts endless trolls and there isn't even anyone left to kill , i just transfered back home let them guys fly round a dead map like I just did .
  12. Fire for pve and alpha Dragon killing , milk runs etc Poison for PvP Lightning for killing gigss and titans
  13. Argy is the most useful Dino . It's a smithy , a transport ,war bird and a farming mount all in one , can carry a anky or a doed , can get high health and weight and has loads of stam. If you only have one tame make it an argy.
  14. Strap c4 too a storage box and tell them the gunpowder is in there. When they go to open it detonate the c4.
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