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  1. So I have heard of this happening a few times now, it happened in EA to 806 the centre, it's happened to a few of the new servers, Wildcard should make this a weekly event. Every week maybe just during x2 one pve server should be chosen at random and made pvp for the weekend. This server should be announced on the front screen of ark when you log in. After the weekend return it to pve to stop alphas settling there. I think this would make for a really fun and exiting gaming experience. Solo pvpers and small tribes will have a place to mess about for a few days, pvers will have a new challenge as they will always have the worry of when the raiders will come. I think it will help bring communitys together to defend their server and bring a bit more life into the game. Anybone else support this idea? Come on Wildcard make it happen
  2. What the actual hell

    Lol its wiped already ha ha that must have been the most funnest quickest server wipe in history lol
  3. What the actual hell

    Best advice lol, all the PvE guys should merge into one huge tribe and keep the server safe. They are already good at farming, taming breeding and controlling the map with pillars. No one can kite a giga to your Base like a pve player lol. They already have Their bases made for a Head start it should be easy to wipe anyone who tries to build. Just pretend they are blocking a metal spawn, you know they have years of built up hate for people building and not being able to stop them, now they can. Now you can pillar the whole map without fear of being admin wiped and foundation round bases to stop them getting bigger lol. All the things you like to do to each other on pve will still be effective on pvp servers, probably more so. I know I've never seen anyone lift a wild giga into someone's Base with a quetz platform on pvp.
  4. Why the complaints about official pvp

    Plus there is always something you can do while being raided, bold and club the guy, pike his passive dragon while he's on cooldown, go to Their Base and start sniping, flame arrow their tames watch how fast they stop raiding you and return to Base. Even if they come in force and wipe your little shack it's not over, it's persistent world pvp, you can go back and get them after, wait in the bushes and rocket them off the beaver while they are farming, there is always something you can do, your attitude of may as well turn off the xbox is why you lose every time. This game is not for you.
  5. Why the complaints about official pvp

    No. It's been going two years already, the servers have only just reset so there is loads of stuff to do, tribes are still getting established, Soon the servers will be stable ( by stable I mean a ruling alpha will be in place and the rest of the server will be their allies or just small non threatening tribes) then people will be on mass breeding for mega high level mutated dinos, then when the bases are built and the raid dinos overflowing, the real fun starts, cross server raiding, cross server alliances will he made and massive wars to wipe whole servers will happen. The game has loads of life in it to last for years, and every new dlc will increase its life even further. There is a reason all the good players have 4000 hours in this game, they are not going anywhere soon. As with all games some people will leave, this games not for everyone, it's a persistent world full loot pvp game, players that ask for matchmaking and fair pvp with teams are playing the wrong game, and the sooner they leave the better,.
  6. Why the complaints about official pvp

    Nah I'm guessing most of the hardcore pvpers on ark don't play fps games because they are way too easy playing amongst little kids, I bet most pvpers had mad kill death ratios on cod and dominated halo that much it stopped being fun. I personally gave up on cod because I used to run around and get over half the kills for my team every match, like at least 35/70 kills and with minimal deaths, it just became boring, I would get nukes in hardcore team death match without even trying. Ark pvp is way more skill based and requires more thinking and patience than a point and shoot game. That's what attracts the hardcore crowd. Plus when you win ark pvp it is way more rewarding than when you come top of your team in a deathmatch.
  7. What the actual hell

    it's just a shame it's a cross ark server and not part of the official cluster, everyone will need to male new characters, but ah well you will level fast killing passive dinos in defenceless bases, what platform is this on? Tell me it's xbox one.
  8. Why the complaints about official pvp

    Yeah I know what you mean bro. Just yesterday, I raided a tribe with three people online, with just a ptera a ramshackle sword and 3 rockets. I blew their behemoth gate, then blew a few plants up, then I cleared a few more with flame arrows to make a clear path, they had four turrets but bad blind spots. Then last rocket into their stone Base and Dino pen, It probably took twenty minutes, the three of them were online hiding in their Base, they didn't run out to pvp me, they didn't try too shoot me , they didn't ride out on their Rex to try and defend, all they did was complain in chat, asking why raid us? Asking everyone on the server for help, telling me I'm all these bad things and general saltiness. I ran in their Base and started chopping up the passive dinos, rex dead, bronto dead already from flame arrows, the flyers and farm tames got it next, they didn't try to stop me, they just gave the server a running commentry of what was happening, like "he's killing my argy" oh the argys dead, no leave the Anky, stop, not the dodos it was truly pathetic, I ran in smashed the generator, looted and dropped what I wanted while I chased them round the base with a Club, they got really salty when the bed was destroyed and they had to spawn on the beach. I found 10 grenades in their Base and used them inside the stone Base just to destroy it. Then I left on my ptera laughing. They carried on complaining for about half hour after until they realised no one on the server cared. Now these guys are a prime example of pve players on a pvp server that shouldn't be there, they would have had a way better experience on a PVE server. They never wanted pvp.
  9. Spike walls damage WILD dinos in PVP

    Yeah I have played since it came our on xbox and can always remember dinos being killed by spike walls, it's not a recent change. always remember to not have spikes in your taming ares as wilds will aggro to them and die, even a equus will be hurt by them and die if it kicks you off. On a side note a player in prim flak with a prim pike can pike down a wooden spike wall and only lose maybe a 100 health. Helpfull raiding tip.
  10. Perfect Base Location Help!!!!

    Maybe the beach? I'm guessing your on sp or pve so defensive positions ain't needed, if on the island build on herbivores island, big safe and by the sea.
  11. What the actual hell

    Yeah but think about all the new pvp players that are going to go there now since you posted the server number, it will still be 70/70 just with destructive trolls instead of care bears
  12. Kill all passive tames.

    Fight bosses for better pvp weapons and structures, trade for better pvp war dinos or weapon blueprints and help new people to see them get wiped by trolls the next day, it all sounds like a pvp game to me
  13. Kill all passive tames.

    Ye lol Pvp or building a Dino ranch for pvpers to raid
  14. Kill all passive tames.

    Yeah it's a survival game, but the survival part is over really quickly, spawn, punch a tree, kill dodos for hide, ko a trike, pick berry's, make a raft, tame dodos, collect eggs, kibble tame 150 ptera and you have survived. What is there to do then?
  15. No reason? The reason is pvp, am I supposed to speak to every tribe, cause an argument just to raid them? what do you walk round on call of duty saying oh I can't shoot him he hasn't done anything to me? The reason is fun. People raid for fun. The main reason I usually have for attacking someone is that their Base is badly designed, it hurts my eyes and I want to show them where their weak points are and how to build a proper Base. Or that they are taming too much stuff without building enough defences and I want to help them get their priorities right