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  1. Ark Survival Evolved: Honest Trailer

    It was funny made me chuckle anyway, the bit about all the good stuff on you tube and then back to my character naked and dying all the time.
  2. Max Level and Taming effectiveness

    There is an achievement for getting a max level Dino, I see people on my friends list get it all the time
  3. Reduce wyvern follow height

    Yeah it's true. On topic if they follow too close they will just fly into you all the time, better to give a whistle land command, or whistle stop twice and all flyers in the area land. I hate chasing dragons about.
  4. QOL improvement and fix to duping

    Ok ok but it would greatly reduce duping, when you have a few vaults of c4 you will stop for a bit, would still mean way less roll backs
  5. So the main reason people dupe is so they can demo the structures for mats so they don't need to farm. People have wanted the option to pick up and move items for a while, why don't we just change demolish to a pick up and move option. There would be no point duping if you can't demo the stuff you dupe. Everyone hates placing a behemoth gate wrong and having to demo it, or your ind forges is striking a bit through the wall. Two problems solved in one, what do you think?
  6. Title says it all, there is no point making new servers, sectioning off all the existing players, if the duping is not fixed. Yeah maybe they won't have tek gates to dupe, but at early game it would even be useful to dupe silly things like fert and stone walls or grenades. Then in a day or two they be duping metal behemoth gates, ind forges and then it's back too how it was and the whole legacy server thing was pointless. New players will hate this game if the only thing to do is join a mega tribe and sit around duping all day. No farming no taming just crash the server repeatedly. And if they don't want to do that they will just get wiped by the people who do.
  7. It makes me sad that you found a new dupe glitch this fast. It will take them ages to fix it. I'm just tired of the server crashing all the time, the last few days have been nice with no duping, we actually go to play the game. now it's back to crashing every 30 mins and a half hour roll back. Do we even need another vault full of transmitters? Or them stupid tek gates, everywhere I look tek gates they are so ugly. Only thing I liked was the Ar bullets but then again what good are those against an army of duped brontos? We can fill turrets for days and you can drain them for days with the same bronto, the games ruined, duping and tek and the flyer nerf took all the fun out of ark, whole games pointless now.
  8. Wow this flyer nerf is beyond overkill.

    Lol yeah I agree, the game got ruined with that nerf, even worse was at the same time they changed the whole UI, changed the graphics, and the Dino sounds and took me from 105 too 100 and took levels off all the birds I was breeding for months. They did all that to distract from how bad the flyer nerf was. Argys are the least of your worries wait till you fly on a quetz, slow no stam and makes stupid noises. They should just undo everything from that point so they can have a fun game on release
  9. Gas nerf - center - xbox

    And make sure you turn everything off, no need to keep them ind forges and fabricators running all the time
  10. Gas nerf - center - xbox

    Go scorched bro, there's a oil well just by green obb, you can transfer in, grab oil and dip off again in seconds, what your doing sounds long
  11. Alpha sex

    And I didn't say all pve players, just the ones in a large tribe calling them selves alphas are no lifers
  12. Alpha sex

    And all those reasons you just listed is why a pve tribe can never be alpha
  13. You still won't be able to compete, them massive bases and 100000 dinos will be back in one week, when the centre came out we had 3 Gigas in the first 2 days before we could even make saddles. The new servers won't be a peaceful place for noobs to build, they will be patrolled by alphas trying to keep their new home clean of people they don't know, you will be raided and caged by alphas. But also you forget the trolls, new players can't build up now as it is because the trolls wipe them before the alphas even notice them, new servers is gonna be such a troll fest no one will be able to build but the large alpha tribes. Remeber when scorched came out?
  14. Alpha sex

    Because no one could do that to a real alpha, pve tribes are weak and don't deserve the title alpha, maybe the largest tribe on a PVE server can be called ' the biggest no lifers ' but they are definitely not alpha