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  1. Extinction server 1008 . Tribe uproar . They have foundations covering the whole snow biome, nothing can spawn , no manas , got speaking to dude on the server he said they only 5 man tribe , worth a wipe just for the foundation spam .
  2. It's kind of true , some critic dude sits there and says snakes on a plane or starship troopers are bad movies but I'd like to see him do something better . And if you can't do better yourself then shouldn't you just appreciate the talents of other people who can ?
  3. So new forum rule No one can complain about ark or wildcard until they have made a better game themselves . If you can't do any better yourself what right do you have to criticise their work? Using this rule , who does it really leave to be able to say anything ? Maybe a few people at blizzard , final fantasy 7 makers, the dude who made pokemon , Skyrim and fallout devs , xcom devs halo devs and maybe the dude who made fortnite . And I can guarantee you if you asked those people about ark they would have positive things to say.
  4. Yeah but that's the whole point of this section of the forums , to try get people wiped . Maybe some panic gang on a bored one check this forum for a troll mission , maybe some unknown trolls go give them some grief , who knows ? And yeah I already destroyed their turret towers and most of their tek , and pulled up with a forest titan , I am doing things too. I'll probably just mesh them in the end , but transfers are open now and don't really want all 99 coming to my server lol
  5. All that sounds like he has just been reading the negative reviews and not even played the game. Character loss was bad when every one and their mom was duping during early access and abb release . It was caused by joining a server that then had a roll back before sever save . A problem created by players cheating that has mostly died out. Freezing and lag are Internet problems , any games with loads of people actively pvping will have lag. And glitchin and falling through the floor are unreal engine issues . All games that use that engine have similar problems. Ark Devs did the best they could with the technology available to them 5 years ago.
  6. Notice that he doesn't deny the location or pve players not online in UK time or vaults full of loot . Details are correct who cares about reasons lol . Good opportunity to wipe a 99 breeding facilities. Also have a scout for their underwater tek base near red obb . That's full of loot and tames too . Bring a squid .
  7. And think of all the AAA games made by top developers that offer 20 hours total game play , barely any multilayer and ask 60 pound for it . They then run fake advertising campaigns to sell it and make it look good . Looking at you division . When you have a game this big with this much building and open world sandbox pvp and so many people online riding animals all doing their own thing , I am amazed it works at all , I can exept a few bugs with such a huge world .
  8. It's like the best game ever made mate . Like can you even name a game that is half as good as this ?
  9. I was on the desert titan , no way whatsoever to catch him , tribe mate in the ice titan tanking bullets , couldn't catch the mana , we had 2 manas our selves and a snow owl , the whole lot of them couldn't catch it . He would jump out of render lose the chasers and then come back to shoot us while we was tanking his base . It was really annoying made the raid take ages , he was still jumping around after his base was wiped. There is no way to really kill a good mana driver that knows what he's doing.
  10. Any one ever played elder scrolls online ? It's the same problem there. Nightblades can turn invisible at will . Engaging and disengaging at will. They have so many nerfs over the years they are by far the weakest class at everything, but the simple design of the class with the power to chose fights makes it permanently op , even after everything else is buffed to nearly one shot them.
  11. Agains manas there is no strategy and cunning . We raided a base with titans and everything , they only had one guy online , he was on a mana and there was just no way we could catch him . Like 6 of us . If he wanted to escape he could ,even from our manas . The power to engage and disengage at will is too powerful .
  12. When you can mass breed lvl 300 plus manas there is no hope for balance. They have the best mobility coupled with the best dps at incredible range pair that with the ease of breeding them and they become the best tame. You can't pick the rider or snipe him as they are way too fast. No land tame can catch it . The breath makes nothing able to get close to it. On the other hand how can you nerf them without making them completely useless. They already need 40 levels in stamina to be usefull.
  13. It gets an ascendant saddle, and can be bred for more damage reduction. It may well lose to a bear if they sit head to head and bite each other. Just barely . But a mana will never sit still. It will jump in the air and freeze the rider from the bear . Once dismounted it will k8ll the rider 5hen the bear . The bear will never get a hit on the mana.
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