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  1. When ark was the best

    Lol glad to hear pve players are getting fun ruining chamges too
  2. When ark was the best

    The monkey didnt even move lol Its a good achievement to put the work in to beat the alpha bosses , breed up the chicken army , grind the artifacts etc But how fun was it ? All the boss fights are boring as hell, it takes too long to get everything organised for the fight and then its real anticlimactic lol I much prefered the game befoer bosses and tek
  3. When ark was the best

    Yeah them was the days , max lvl 120 kept everything manageable , brontos were beasts covered in x plants , no transfers meant good tames actually mattered and you knew your enemies , rexs was just for eggs lol That was around the time just before the centre came out , that was when I started playing , that was the game that got me hooked , imadgine starting now , I would have quit after an hour
  4. When ark was the best

    When do you think ark was at its best ? For me it was during early access , around the time just before the therizino was added , farming was still fun , you had to out of render the quetz on a pteta but you still could do it nice , birds was high level and fast and strong , I could still barrel roll and get milk without stopping every 5 mins, turtles could tank bullets and we had an army of multi coloured turtles , quetz still had hp, no troodons or pegomastix or stupid seagulls running around outside , I loved my ascendant rocket launcher 1 shotting metal walls , swamp cave was fun with no centipedes , the sea was fun with no eals , tek wasnt out yet so that game ruiner wasnt a worry , we could have as many turrets as we liked and even spam plants everywhere , transfers had just opened up so there was loads of weak alphas that had terrible bases still trying to hold onto their servers that they had had for 2 years but now didnt have man power or skill to fight off cross server raiders , pvp still happened on your home server instead of everyone just being allied and people still thought we would get to keep our stuff after release so was grinding hard. And it was before mass duping took over every server . Simpler times feels like every change made after this has made the game worse in one way or another , slowly sucking the fun out of the game , and crushing our will to play . I also feel like the game was more balanced back then as well.
  5. It would have been nice if we could transfer stuff to arberation on release so we have a place to put some of our extra turrets .
  6. Main problem with ark

    Yeah I get what you are saying but you can still make the big box look different. Put turret towers on the top , sniper positions , have some hidden rooms and maybe a sloped roof section somewhere. It is possible to have a well defended good looking base (well maybe before this turret nerf lol)
  7. Turret change discussion megathread

    Lol you know most of these so called griefers are alpha on their own servers and only come to your server to pvp because they are friends with everyone on their own server . They are the true pvpers , why give nolife alphas the pleasure of blowimg up your fob ? You know its much more annoying for tbem when they have nothing to hit back
  8. Main problem with ark

    Everyone is playing a building game but hardly anyone can build good. Tired of seeing uncreative square boxes everywhere , can you all please try build some nicer things , its better for you to live in and its more fun for people to raid
  9. Turret change discussion megathread

    Yeah and tribes, transfers plus a grinder sort of make the hardcore part of it a non issue , hardcore would be netter no tribes allowed.
  10. Preventing dino spawns

    Put foundations all around the outside of your base
  11. Turret change discussion megathread

    They say the reaaon for the nerf was people building too many turrets since release amd it was ok on legacy and it happens worse on rag. I blame the angler fish. It gets too many pearls , combine that with mantis for easy poly and you get thousands of turrets.
  12. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    How much strain on the server dose the dinos doing constant checks for player location so they can turn their heads to face the player ? How about the random noises they make , or the tails swingimg ? Or the poop dropping all the time ? Or lights and turrets and 2000 electric cables checkimg for power constant ? Or the flowing water from taps ? It seems to me that all these things put a strain on the server with comstant checks , and maybe cutting some of these would help server performance. Could even be that whem a server reaches a low enough level of performance that they auto disable ?
  13. Turret change discussion megathread

    So to compensate for the loss of turrets Woild you be happy if they cut tribe size to 7 peopele and made no alliances . Would bring ark back to small scale pvp. While they are there they should boost the rates and cut taming times so people can recover faster aftrr being wiped . Do you think that these things are now necessary since the turret nerf ?
  14. Officials- Do they want us to quit?

    Yeah I can see this coming also
  15. minigun turret

    What are the changes ?