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  1. Fix scorched earth

    Yeah I noticed that after I posted lol was hoping someone would love it .
  2. Please change the system of dino cap

    Be cool with everyone, make a big alliance, then get someone else in a big alliance to declare war on you, accept the war and it will bring the whole alliance into it. Then you can go around and kill loads of dinos in everyone's undefended bases. Will reduce server cap for a bit and give you some fun.
  3. Fix scorched earth

    With two way transfers the flyer nerf and the release of ragnarok scorched earth is looking kind of pathetic. It's not worth building on due to weather, not worth farming on due to 30min cool down and angler fish, can't get dragon eggs as no flyers that spawn on the map are good enough. It is a useless waste of space. I loved scorch when it first came out and was thinking of ways to make it a viable map to live on. 1. Fix the weather. Make sandstorms no longer reduce stamina. Keep the vision being obscured but let us still do stuff during a storm, makes desert goggles useful. Make electric storms no longer effect generator and turrets or guns but make them just shut off fridges and lights etc, still annoying but not a game breaker. 2. No generator damage. The most annoying thing about scorched, so much map useless due to not being100%wind. 3.add griffin's to the map. We actually need a flyer fast enough to get eggs on the map that came out with dragon eggs. 4. Limit transfers. Make it like aberation. Only dinos that spawn on that map can transfer to the map. Wouldn't take long to reskin everything to be sand coloured scorched dinos, ie scorched wolf, can be tamed on scorch bred on the island and then transfered back to any scorch server to raid. These few changes would make scorched a viable place to build and would make the map relevant again. Could also reduce amount of drops or quality to balance it a bit. At the minute a scorched base is undefended and pointless due to rag and the weather. Before people say dumb stuff like scorched is supposed to be harder and have bad weather etc I just want to say it failed, it was a good concept but later changes made it pointless, the idea was a failure no-one plays on this map and now we are left with an empty map, my ideas will bring life to scorched again and open it up for pvp.
  4. pvp items from aberration to aberration

    Adding to this they need to alow weapons and equipment to be transferred to Arberation from all maps, as soon when people are bored by aberation they will start raiding Island servers with their aberation dinos and weapons but the island tribes won't be able to fight back. It will be like scorched all over again just with weaker tames. For the win, allow only aberation dinos on aberation, only scorched dinos on scorched but fully open up item and weapon transfers. This way we can still pvp but the maps aren't ruined.
  5. Getting boss ready Rexes.

    Look on the trading forum or on Facebook, will find high stats for your rexs plus mad high levels and colours, will save you a lot of time looking
  6. Question about this dmg% harvesting deal

    Ye same as above, don't worry about weight u will hit slot cap first, I think giga has more stars in meat gathering than a rex as even a low level giga seems more efficient on a meat run than a high level rex
  7. Fungal wood

    Make a way for us to get fungal wood on the island, like from hitting swamp trees and things. Would make the aberration engrams more useful. Also add the little cactus you hand pick from rag on the beaches and add a few sulphur rocks and silk plants. Could also add the different colour gems to some of the caves. I'm all for locking engrams to certain maps or behind dlc but it's silly some really useful items cannot be made on every map for the people with them unlocked.
  8. Making polymer

    What is the best cheapest thing to make with organic polymer that you can demolish into normal hard polymer? Looking for a way to save the access poly I get from killing all the crabs
  9. Oviraptor for egg boost and mega kibble Megalanias because they climb and don't have a use on other maps but would be good on Arberation Thylo for climbing and good travel mount
  10. Aberration favorite/least favorite creature

    The crab gets float locked by nearly everything, and why can it pick up stegosaurus and roll rats but not trikes amd megas
  11. I feel well and truly ripped off with SE

    Scorched got ruined when transferring opened up, it was fun before then. But now it's ruined by the flyer Nerf as no more 200% speed argy means nothing on the map is fast enough to get dragon eggs. It was a good concept but ruined by later game design decisions. If anything should make scorched so only scorched dinos can transfer there like aberation. Reskin a few of the scorched dinos, wolves into coyote new colours for stuff etc, add Griffins to the map so there is a viable egg farmer and it wouldn't be a bad map. Pvp tribes may use it again.
  12. Two crabs can pretty much soak all your 100 turrets anyway without healing, but yeah the plant heal is pretty op. Plus the plants are everywhere, every good base location has a plant close by, makes it as bad as scorched.
  13. Event this Weekend?

    LOL yeah probably right, But in my head they have harvestamountmultiplier =2.0 for standard rates since it was doubled and when an event happens they put it too 4.0 or 6.0 for x2 or x3 and then after the event some noob puts it back too 1.0 which is the original rate from when ark started. Probably not true but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes.
  14. Event this Weekend?

    Is it just me or do they always mess up after a x3 event and put it back to the original x1 rates? It seems all this week I have had 8 wood from a tree, that seems real low, like it's supposed to be x2 from release rates but a year ago we wasn't getting 4 wood from a tree. I think that's why it seems like a grind on x1 after an event because they mess it up and put it back too x1 original not the current x1
  15. Breeding rates. Pros, Cons, Fixes?

    On x2 some dinos seem to not even eat and just raise them selves. Megalanias come to mind, you just keep filling them up and no meat goes out their inventory.