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  1. Really hoping this will be addressed now that Extinction is out
  2. Same problem with no success with anything I've tried. I can load paintings I've made in game but am unable to paint converted images. It's been over a month since I submitted a bug report ticket about it and I've yet to hear anything from support.
  3. Last Friday when I ran it with my tribe a lvl 87 tribemember wasn't pulled in even though I started it and am lvl 104?
  4. 90 is minimum of official servers for everyone going into the arena regardless of who opened the portal.
  5. Same here, bug was reported. Still no response.
  6. My advice is pretty similar to everything already stated. I'd log a couple hours in single player first to learn the ropes. Then switch to your server type of choice. Once on server build a small hut out of metal or stone, try to get a feel for the community of the server. Are there lots of trolls? Does one tribe own all the land? Dont tame anything you don't want to lose. Start talking to other players who want to talk, fight the ones who don't (within reason. Don't attack anyone you don't think you can take.) Once you start talking to people join or create a tribe. Once you do this the game becomes much more fun. I've met some pretty good friends in this game and that's what I believe the appeal is. Also, uploading then transferring/ respawning your character can cure the illness.
  7. I have the same problem painting on a canvas. I have tried: lowering graphics settings, raising settings, painting a different canvas, changing the template to a less complex more basic design, and have asked my tribemates to try. I have not had any success. I submitted a bug report and I encourage anyone else having the same problem to do the same. Hopefully it gets fixed soon or we find a fix ourselves my tribe needs a giant bowsette mural.
  8. My tribe has had the same problem except with canvases. Graphics, picture quality, picture complexity has not played a factor in the disconnects. They happen every time. For every tribe member. @FeyGriffin did you find a fix?
  9. Tip: You can never get offline raided if you never go offline
  10. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ I have read the rules. Posted the link so that you can reread them too scroll all the way down to small tribes and read. Going into discord and asking for information on the server is not teaming. People do it all the time in global chat when they first come to the server. If your logic is applied then anything said in global chat could be considered teaming as well. Answering questions is not an informal alliance as IN GAME the tribe answering questions can still raid/wipe the new tribe at their pleasure.
  11. I wouldn't be happy with a three month wipe. After three months regular tribes are finally at a point to start ascending and doing bosses. On the subject of server wipes to fix balance. They don't do anything but put everyone back at square one. The tribes that are alpha, determined, and WANT TO will just grind back up again in two weeks.
  12. Yep. I usually just popcorn everything before logging off to prevent this.
  13. Very true. And it doesn't even matter what server you go to either. SOMEONE will always show up to raid you XD
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