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  1. I am wondering how the dedicated server files are handle on xbox one when you host a dedicated server. Is the file upload in the cloud? Can I backup it if I copy the game to an external drive? I am not sure if the local game files are copy when you copy the entire game to an external drive using the xbox move/copy (copy in this case) feature.
  2. Fjordur should be the first map of Ark Ascension. they could be new maps , dinos , storyline from there.
  3. When breeders hatch hundreds of eggs at once it could crash the server. Limit the amount of dinos a tribe can have unpod. Apply dino settings to all makes all those dinos start breeding at the same time.
  4. Server Gen2 1625 not appearing in session list since 2021-12-19 , 10 pm eastern Something wrong with server? I have noticed that some "commercial" tribes have several hundreds of dinos out for either breeding or selling. They are located on the ledges around the maps with massive bases. I hope they are not the ones crashing the server. I think the cap of dinos a tribe can have unpod at the same time should be limited or reduce. Same goes for the amount of stuctures a tribe can have.
  5. Re-building after I stopped for 2 years. We were on Scorch, now on Crystal Island which is the best map they have done in my opinion. Lots of space and flat area and such a beautiful map with many biomes. Wife is on breading and I am on building and farming Shards because we still have our tek engrams.
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