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  1. WhiteCrow

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    Neat, I didn't know that, thanks man 🍻
  2. WhiteCrow

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    someone was reporting that with therizinos manticore doesnt land that often
  3. I've done Manticore boss on SE many times with wyverns and not until recently it was all fine, now wyverns get stuck in landing animation and don't attack boss, there was no mention in the changelog of anything remotely related to arena hence the bug report
  4. WhiteCrow


    The same happens with wyverns, before it was like this now they keep landing making it painfully long
  5. As the title says, after using teleported I was prompted to respawn at one of the beds... as IF I used a bed to Fast Travel losing all the proper gear and a Jerboa that I liked, there was no death message in the tribe log so be aware
  6. WhiteCrow

    Pile of excrement after 278

    That's all for our "great" Community Manager @Jatheish , not giving a damn about players
  7. So it turns out it might be both @Jatheish and @Jen can't read and write and the TEK Rex saddle was "fixed" by changing the patchnotes to - TEK saddles no longer inflict raid damage (how you inflict torpor on titan, krab, and golem) this is pathethic
  8. WhiteCrow

    Pile of excrement after 278

    cool beans 1. GM dont return iitems 2. GM dont return dinos, they eventually spawn new one or close your ticket like lazy GM Daze
  9. @Jatheish How are you going to address the loss of dinos and items caused BY THE PATCH 278 and it's rollback? Everyone who was unaware of upcoming rollback and downloaded anything from obelisk has lost it. Did any SWC employee think for a second before executing the rollback that was a result of SWC incompetence in delivering the patch on a busy weekend? How are you going to deal with TEK rex saddle not doing raid damage anymore? Ruining one saddle per patch is enough I think.
  10. so this happens now too: and this: that's an AMAZING QUALITY for a patch released during the weekend, just when most people play
  11. I'm not going to start with the fact you can't use TEK tapejara to tame rock elementals now, or cloning chamber on SE because some idiot thought it's a genius idea that TEK tier should be affected by electric storms but NOW, NOW THEY DON"T EVEN DO WHAT THEY SAY IN PATCH NOTES Right after patch I took tapejara for a spin, rock elemental took all the shots on face and died so well this id F* done, next up is TEK rex, the same story, double check Patch notes and guess what, not a word about rex saddles So tell me @Jatheish and @Jen You can't read, write or what else? How much are you going to destroy TEK tier before everyone stops doing bosses because it's not worth it? The way you treat people who spend months to get TEK is outrageous and humiliating
  12. WhiteCrow

    Tek Generator and electrical storms

    IMHO the TEK Generator is the same technology that powers up Obelisks, so the obelisk should shut down during the electrical storm too. It makes very little sense for the TEK trier to be affected like that, especially that Studio Wild Card came up with another stupid idea and TEK Troughs when unpowered have a spoil time of player inventory...
  13. I'm waiting for SE193 to come back too. This is a pathetic show from Studio Wildcard of how little they care about us. Pumping all resources now into aberration to steal more of your money and I used word steal because they don't deliver on their end. SE193 has been now unstable for weeks, getting always 2 crashes in a row every couple hours.
  14. A classic issue that was never addressed by developers: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=HVz959vsPPU Now as I see it the solution is fairly easy (not necessary implementation): Use this beauty to allow players exit arena: or anything else really, just fix a BUG that was repeatedly reported since EARLY ACCESS
  15. WhiteCrow

    Rock Elemental TE starts from 90%

    For me its happening each time with elemental so not sure about how frequent it happens