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  1. Scorched 163 unplayable

    I wouldn't bother with asking for that fix, I've been doing it for so long that I actually grow grey hair in the meantime. Studio WildCard never acknowledged the problem let alone made steps to improve it.
  2. Dino disappears middle tame

    My first case was 150 Dung Beatle, I used a grappling hook to get it to my base that was very close, started taming. Beatle was 4 poops down and just disappeared after touching Bronto leg.
  3. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    I have couple questions: Can we expect that anyone from Studio WildCard acts like a mature adult and answers the uncomfortable questions as well as the nice one? Do I have to start throwing F-bombs to get anyone attention? What's the next meaningless stuff you are going to bring into the game instead of fixing your infrastructure? There hasn't been a single weekend for a month now where the servers would be stable. 193 SE (paid DLC): 1st weekend lost 6hours due to some datacentre issue during which servers kept running resulting in plenty of babies dead and lost 2 imprints 2nd weekend 14 hours offline time, servers rolled back 3rd weekend 9 hours + lost in rollbacks and super high latency Will Aberation servers be as bad as current officials?
  4. So this just happened, mid tame, a daedon randomly took off and disappeared. How can this happen in a released game? Will Aberration suffer from same problems?
  5. Are you buying aberation?

    With the state and quality of current products I'm not willing to give wildcard any more of my money
  6. Dinos spawning INSIDE base

    It wasn't happening for me on legacy server, the foundations kept them away now it seems to be different
  7. Our base is fully enclosed, and there is no way for dino to fall in, the only explanation now is that they spawn inside base, it's 2nd time in this week we got killed inside base losing all the gear because the bag is not there ( have a video of me spawning just after seeing KILL message without bag). Can we get that fixed?
  8. Alpha Leed no captain's hat

    I see, thanks, topic can be closed
  9. Alpha Leed no captain's hat

    So you are saying for Leed it's an inventory item unlike for any other skin from alphas that goes directly to your inventory the moment it's killed? That doesn't sound right
  10. I've killed an alpha leed with a wyvern but didn't get the skin. Wiki says it's a guaranteed loot and it doesn't say anything about checking the body (I guess it's like alpha wyvern and alpha death worm when skin just lands into your inventory)
  11. Doeds Won't mate??

    It happens to me sometimes too and then suddenly the bar goes up to 90% instantly, also make sure their genitals are intact
  12. Obelisk timer bug

    I've left the quetzal egg overnight incubating, and it was fixed following morning, not sure if there was an update at the time I was offline but it looks like having the fert egg in the inventory during update was the cause for that
  13. Obelisk timer bug

    I was attempting to transfer 2 eggs from SE to Island server, had them in my inventory then the Server Update alert appeared and this is the first bug report. It happened to me before but I wasn't sure Fertilised egg in player inventory loses half of the spoil time/ Now to the main bug, as you can see on attached video the timer just restarted, it happens over and over resulting in me not being able to upload the egg
  14. Double XP Event

    I really hope that after the 14!!!! (fourteen) hours of downtime last 2x weekend wildcard will stand up to task and deliver that event
  15. Preserve bins - salt effect not applied

    I first noticed it couple of weeks ago when I was raising wyverns. Killed an alpha wyvern, got into preserve bin with stack of salt = 2h30m spoil time but only 2h worth of salt, I've logged out for an hour and couple minutes to find that 3 salts spoiled (correctly) and all the milk. Second time it happened when milk was about to spoil in 12 minutes, I had an imprint in 6, flied out of render distance to pickup something from other player and came back for the imprint, wyvern wanted milk but the milk that should still have 6 minutes was gone.