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  1. And again for the second time my items vanished from my storage (stolen headstone, pumpkin and scarecrow) on server crash!!! How am i going to collect them if i have to collect them all over again from zero and never get them on time before server crash????? I am not able to craft anything in cooking pot cos my items are gone before i collect them enaugh. I am really mad right now. This shoudl be fixed by now. I play on official PVE.
  2. This not fixing it for me. i still can not go up there.
  3. Im not able to walk up the mountain any more When i build this, i was able to walk up with no probelm, while building it i fall down many times and i never had problems walking up again. Tme main reason i build it there was i was able to walk up there. I teleported by mistake to other teleporter near just for it to be shot down with no more power (so i couldnt teleport again back) so i walked up trom that other teleporter up the mountain to my own, and i could do that without problem (August). But now I just can not. What changes and why? I noticed that aslo on some other places.
  4. Upload them and forget about them in the cloud, in 24 hours they are gone, easyest way.
  5. I solved my problem, I made my mate to kill my char on 201 and throw my impantant (same ID) away. I transfered there with no problem. But there are needed some guidelines what to do in such case.
  6. i know my char on 201 should not exsist. I dont want to risk and join to 201 to see if that char is usable or not and something overwrite my fully functional char on 211, because they have same ID. Idk how they code their game. I just want to know what to do now that i have this problem. I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MY CHARACTER that has ownership and is fully skilled and have all bossfights engrams and all ascentions!
  7. i am the owner of 201 Se and 211 Rag base. I need to know waht to do now. Should i tell my mates to kill my sleeping char on 201 before i transfer there from 211? Or just log in on 201 and see wath happened with my double? I dont want to lose my char over this problem cos i dont act right.
  8. i want to transfer back to 201 in the near future. So will i get message to overwrite the char? What will happened? I dont want to lose my char that is now perfectly fine on 211. Can i keep another duplicate char that is sleeping in the base on 201 when my mate drag it back in? I dont mind to have another skilled char, lol i would not say no to that. Help me, what shoudl i do with double character?
  9. I have following problem with my character. I wake up today on 201 SE server, spend and hour or two there, then i transfered my character to 193 SE server and spend and hour there, after that i transfered my character to 211 ragnarok server and spend an hour or so there and logged out. Leter i transfered from 211 back to 193 to upload a dino and logged out on 193 and when i came back, I transfered to 211 ragnarok to upload a dino there and i logged out there. Few hours later my mate informed me that he found my char on 201 outside the base and drag me back into the base. I knew had char last on 211 and not on 201 so logged back on the last know server i know i was, that is 211 and everythign is ok with my char there. So what shoudl i do wih my double char that is on 201 now?
  10. I would love to see carbonemys being immune to cnydarias, as turtles in real life are eating them.
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