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  1. Its been an amazing few years almost 5k hours in game and I will take away memories of Ark that will last a lifetime. For me at least I will remember it alongside Sonic, Mario, Resident Evil, and Battlefield Vietnam, that's a random mix but they are some of my favourite games ever, can not wait for Extinction. Oh and I am well happy to see my Castle Black build up there Thanks guys and Happy Birthday o/
  2. Cool!! I am looking forward to the streams glad we can compete again as well, this is a great idea Any Idea when the last lot of prize money will be sent out btw? need some cash to rent a server for a while One more question, if we email artwork such as videos for builds would you prefer a video attached or is a link to the video ok?
  3. Hey First Thanks for the Win guys I really enjoyed building this glad you liked it. Still can not log in through my steam account atm
  4. Thanks Ranger, I got really nervous scrolling down to the ARKitect section today there were so many good builds I didn't expect to win. Thanks, Ark judges I am glad you like it, and gtz to everyone else. Also, I recon mateaperic51 should be hired as a concept artist for a future Expansion
  5. Gtz to the winners Thought I was lucky to get runners-up this week great builds all round. The argy and sarco look amazing I am glad the sacro lost its nose teeth 0.o
  6. mateaperic51's artwork and creature concepts are awesome really nice work man.
  7. Thanks for the win guys, very much appreciated I have had a few new subs on my YT channel and some great feedback lately and I want to keep creating builds that really catch peoples interest. Oh and a big thank you to all the modders I have a tone of stuff to play with an GL to Zen Rowe
  8. ThePilgrim

    Solar Sail Craft

    This is my entry for the ARKitect competition. The New Mayflower spacecraft
  9. Thanks for the win guys, I really appreciate it had some great comments about the Desert Trader on Reddit and youtube as well, people really like it. Gtz to all the other winners. Raptor looks good, also looking forward to the Argie TLC looks a lot more buzzard like gg.
  10. Hey thanks for the win, I am glad you guys liked the temple and gratz to the other winners. I use to have TRex Zoid about 25 years ago didn't know there was an Anime. gg all around some awesome pics this week.
  11. ThePilgrim

    Temple of Tlencan

    The floating Temple of Tlencan, based on the bases of the Lizardmen from Warhammer.
  12. Thanks for the amazing comments about the Skyscraper guys, I really enjoyed building this one. Gtz to the other winners, the galleon was a great build with no mods. Have to say thanks to the Wildcard guys as well, the prize money has come just at the right time for xmass really looking forward to Aberration.
  13. ThePilgrim

    The Pilgrim's Builds

    Created this album to showcase my builds
  14. I like what you did with the aquariums, that's a really smart way of using the Vacuum Compartment
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