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  1. So, I signed up for this. Could this be why when I tried to log into my regular server none showed up in the list?
  2. Here are some more screenshots one is for all maps and play modes, the other is for all maps and PVE mode.
  3. No servers? Hi, Can somone help me figure out why my ARK no longer shows any servers? All the ones that updated in the last update are not showing including the one I run. I verified that my server is up and running. Verified in Steam that my list of servers has not changed but when I go to play the game no servers show up. I even searched for my server by name and it said there was no such server. How can I find my server when the game itself says it no longer exists, yet My service provider clearly has it as up and running? Please help! Granny The Gamer
  4. What mods do you run? I like to play the primal Fear mod. I like that people use Discord, but my PC can barely run the game. It bottlenecks and I seldom can have anything else open like discord when I play. Am hoping to get a new one but the funds just aren't there right now. Discord is also hard to find servers there. You have to already be in the server to find the Discord channel. So that does not fix my dilema. but at least we have that when we need to talk to people.
  5. Server Search - Modded How can I find a server to play on that has mods without having to wait for the download of all the mods when trying to join the server? I like modded, but I like 12 or less mods. There are colums (in the main menu) telling the day the server is on, the number of people on it and so forth. Why can't there be a column for the number of mods? Even if it doesn't tell what mods, if it just tells how many that would help a lot. It gets frustrating waiting on a server with 25-30 mods to subscribe to them all and then have to go back and unsubscribe to them all when you don't play the server because you don't want to play that many mods. If there is a forum, or other such place, where server hosts go and share their information that would be helpful, but not all server hosts will likely be there. But a new column just telling how many mods there are would help me aviod a long drawn out process of trying to find a server with a limited number of mods.
  6. Oh dang! Do you know where I can find the notes about it? Need to let my followers know.
  7. Howdy Y'all, So I found where the corrupted Deathworms spawn in and even made a video about it. However, have had a comment that others cannot get them to show and when I went back to the Forbidden Zone I could not find one either. Have there been any changes to its spawn rate? Or some other such change that may have affected it?
  8. Glad to see S+ finally getting added, even if only in part. Which I do understand, by the way. Will be interested to see if S+ stays a mod with the elements that you do not add. As for the kibble rework, sounds good but agree with the comment about it making some dino's useless, But am OK with that. As a person who plays alone a lot (solo some and on servers some), I like the idea of not needing so many dinos to care for. I look forward to your spending some time to tweak the things that need it!
  9. Possibly, I do run mods on my local server. I hope they can fix it soon.
  10. I understand the need to roll back how many beavers there were but now I am not finding any at all. Please fix Wildcard!
  11. I have had issues too, but can pick up stuff just has a really small target spot. In other words, have to line up just right to pick anything up. REALLY annoying, I hope they fix it.
  12. Hey, did your whole base disappear or just a few items? Asking because I play PVE and I lost just a few things and am trying to make sure it was not due to this. I think someone broke my stuff but not sure since this issue came out.
  13. I can get on and ride it but controlling it is a whole other thing. Can't get it to do any of the stuff shown in videos.
  14. I noticed that some didn't work too. Haven't double checked since the update. but since the update, I have not seen one beaver.
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