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Future Tek Zoo & Aquarium - Ft All dinos (few exceptions)

Future Tek Zoo & Aquarium - Ft All dinos (few exceptions)
Wolf Angelus
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Wolf Angelus
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Movie length adventure tour which is how this is meant to be viewed, found here 

Story concept:

The future is now, Science!
Presenting synthetic trees/plants & robotic creature A.I, to deliver the ultimate, life-like experience, like none other!

A world of future, wonder, and mystery. Welcome to a world millions of years old, existing today, thanks to technology!

Reality or fantasy? Dive into the deepest core of my imagination, this is my world, my paradise....


8 hours ago, ThePilgrim said:

I like what you did with the aquariums, that's a really smart way of using the Vacuum Compartment

:3 was one of the KEY concepts here. Might give others ideas too. It was confusing to get the mindset of how to make it work at first - a self made tank, attached to a tank, lol.

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