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Lichaamstaal's Feedback

  1. nola667 left Positive feedback   

    Wonderful and amazing trader. Thank you for the beautiful wolves! Hope to trade again!

    Lichaamstaal was The Seller

  2. Cupric left Positive feedback   

    Great trader was patient with me taking my time. Has transmitter which is always extra benefit..

    Lichaamstaal was The Seller

  3. Armythug left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Dilo eggs
    Had a great trading experience with this seller.

    Lichaamstaal was The Seller

  4. Weiss left Positive feedback   

    All good :) Thx! (Sorry, forgot the name of your topic)

    Lichaamstaal was The Seller

  5. dxgamergeek left Positive feedback   

    Amazing colors and stock. Very easy transaction; will buy from again and again and highly recommend to anyone!

    Lichaamstaal was The Seller

  6. Sleiva left Positive feedback   

    Quickly, trusty and friendly trader. Traded with him recommending him.

    Lichaamstaal was The Seller

  7. Kenav left Positive feedback   

    another fast and smooth trade with lichaamstaal

    Lichaamstaal was Trading

  8. Kenav left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and fair trader.

    Lichaamstaal was Trading

  9. Billay left Positive feedback   

    trade went fast and smoothly, very satisfied and would trade again

    Lichaamstaal was The Seller

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