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  1. Can we get formula to calculate armor/saddles pelase? I`ve searched nearly everywhere, and i dont have space and time to install DevKit only for this info
  2. Creature can despawn if you block them completely preventing them from moving, for example placing gate/pillar in middle of their body. Hard to achieve with giga, but probably doable. For giga trapping you could try metal dino gates placed in П shape with one gate behind it after it runs into the trap, that if you havent tried it yet .
  3. Not too bad idea, but hardly doable because of many reasons, one of them would be that people would be forced to purchase DLC that they might not find interesting, which would mean losing interest to the game in general for many. I personally would like more focus on storyline, but it shouldnt be forced.
  4. They only care about popularity and how much people gonna purchase their game its looks like. Changing rules on the go. Only hope is that last voting will be more fair.
  5. Another issue about this mission is that canoe health bar doesnt register damage, and you get cicked out with a message about time running out, but its not the time, its canoe that broke So far canoe missions seems to be one of the most bugged missions there is. Edit: Yesterday my tribemate spawn in without canoe when we started mission and also i stuck floating on rock later in same run https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2535721974
  6. CatInFire

    Mining Drill

    It is very nice tool, but why do we still have a sound bug with it? Every time it breaks the noise wont stop, and have to fast travel or kill yourself...
  7. Well since it will be primitive themed there will be other aspects of the game which would keep us interested in game for a long time. They cant just remove Tek without adding anything in return, just this time it will be different goals and im very exited to see what will that be. What im hoping for is that all dinosaur part such as taming, breeding will still remain and improve without much of a change from what we currently have.
  8. Will the biomes be divided as in genesis part 1?
  9. I suppose those amount of wiped legacy servers will be rehosted in new cluster system and with different maps.
  10. About that i think they all have their part of work whch they doing. And not always it bad news.
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