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  1. Got issues with graphics on older gpu without DLSS support too... r.ScreenPercentage 100 helps with grainy stuff a bit, but its heavier to run now in general and get this ghosting on movement, especially noticeable when flying with white-winged argy.
  2. ⬆️ *Cosmetics that they didn't even create themselves... Its all about content that was created by other people now. Its modders that make this game float, not WildCard and definitely not SnailGames.
  3. So sad to see this game rolling more and more down the slope... Everything that important is being largely ignored, and all focus goes into future "spend all your money" projects. They dont seem to realise that with the way they going there soon to be almost no one to buy their 💩
  4. If still relevant: try asking someone to drag your body out of the location you got disconnected, maybe that will help. Had similar bug on old aberration server.
  5. There is an Easter Egg of a game called Athos on a steam screenshot. Ark replacement? 😅
  6. You can try using ARK Server Manager, its relatively easy to use for server hosting.
  7. In old days when dinos where under mesh you could try to let them follow you to water, then they would swim up. Dont know if it would work now tho, but might worth a try. If you are on official server you cant use cheat codes since you`ll get banned for it. If you in SP can try use Ghost command, just dont forget to use cheat walk afterwards.
  8. Good news 😃 Can you guys make server cluster as well? Oh, also can you run with mods?
  9. Was excited about it for some time..but as of now not going to buy it because of: 1. No confirmation on hosting our own private server clusters 2. Regional price change 3. Bad optimization/instability Its sad really. Will see how it is in the future.
  10. While its all nice and all that, where is info about our own hosted private servers with a posibility to have a cluster of them? And why there isnt any mention about regional price change? If it was a steam change why not make a statement? The game now cost more than 25% of monthly minimal salary in a country i live in...
  11. They had MONTHS to be ready for this. The launch got delayed from August to October and they still managed to fail. I think it can be understandble why people are frustrated... The level of incompetence of that team is unbelievable.
  12. You can try to warn people in steam discussions of ASA, but its a mess there.
  13. Typical WC... Delays and no optimization. They had a chance to start at clean slate but well.. maybe they just not equipped for this. Sad to be dissapointed yet again. Another thing is creatures/dinos deserved more love as they are the main thing in the game.
  14. Dont think they would need to change servers, they just would be able to transfer to each other servers if they want to.
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