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  1. Cheat deeppockets works for unlimited weight afaik too, for PC at least.
  2. Can we get formula to calculate armor/saddles pelase? I`ve searched nearly everywhere, and i dont have space and time to install DevKit only for this info
  3. Creature can despawn if you block them completely preventing them from moving, for example placing gate/pillar in middle of their body. Hard to achieve with giga, but probably doable. For giga trapping you could try metal dino gates placed in П shape with one gate behind it after it runs into the trap, that if you havent tried it yet .
  4. Not too bad idea, but hardly doable because of many reasons, one of them would be that people would be forced to purchase DLC that they might not find interesting, which would mean losing interest to the game in general for many. I personally would like more focus on storyline, but it shouldnt be forced.
  5. They only care about popularity and how much people gonna purchase their game its looks like. Changing rules on the go. Only hope is that last voting will be more fair.
  6. How can this voting be fair? Most likely over half of this people dont even play ark...
  7. No, we havent tried it yet, will try later, ill update the post if it will help. Edit: It works, imprints back to normal. Answering this from your other post: "However, even if babys grow faster, nobody could yet tell me if the higher growth-rate will result in not being able to get 100% imprint on them." - Time between imprints got adjusted for us but most likely you wont be able to imprint the fastest growing small creatures, depends on your breeding settings ofc. There is a code to fix it, if imprint is necessary Cheat setimprintquality 1. That will make creature to have 100% imprint.
  8. The false imprint issue is still a thing. Not doing this mission anymore because have to disable buff through the cheat every time
  9. Hippopotamus gorgops is an extinct species of hippopotamus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippopotamus_gorgops https://prehistoric-fauna.com/Hippopotamus-gorgops A little bit ifo about real hippos: They are extremely capable in the water, have dense leg bones which help them stay underwater, move very fast along the bottom and are able to hold their breath for up to 5 minutes. On land Hippos have been clocked running up to 30 km/h over short distances. In deep water, they locomote by a series of porpoise-like leaps off the bottom or in a series of high, prancing steps. Hip
  10. Another issue about this mission is that canoe health bar doesnt register damage, and you get cicked out with a message about time running out, but its not the time, its canoe that broke So far canoe missions seems to be one of the most bugged missions there is. Edit: Yesterday my tribemate spawn in without canoe when we started mission and also i stuck floating on rock later in same run https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2535721974
  11. Cheat cods worked for us, but had to do it for either all of stages, or the one that last the longest. Is anybody aware if there is a code to disable bonuses only from maewing race?
  12. Didnt they said they fixed it?
  13. CatInFire

    Rare Flowers

    For people that still wondering where to find rare flowers on Gen2 Besides beaver dams and buying them for Hexagons i found this plant in Rockwell biome. Farmed by hand or mining drill, havent tried dinos yet. Coords are 47-41, if you wander around a bit there is patches of plants looking like this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2524130850 Edit: Can find them in other places in that biome, but at this coords is the closest to the entrance into the space.
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