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  1. yup same problem here.. Finally resolved it after building 4 replicator, by placing one in rockwell side instead eden.
  2. Have the same issue. My base is on Eden side. I had a trap on Rockwell side so ive build one there and it let me build over there.
  3. darcek


    Each time a server crush while your flying a skiff, that skiff will be disabled when you log back in. Please fix this.
  4. I have the same issue. Each time I fly a skiff and ARK server crush, the min you can log back on the Skiff becomes un operational.
  5. I've been losing 2 skiffs per day, for the various lag and meshing and whatever in Gen 2.. I've made like 10 so far with same replicator. Today when I went to produce another one it told me: "Construction area is obstructed" So I went through the arduous process of making a new replicator. I've placed the new replicator in a different spot with lots of room got the same message. Then I made a THIRD replicator!! placed that one on the roof of my base.. Still got the same message. And there's plenty of room on my roof: Please assist! unplayable G
  6. darcek


    When I went into Rockwell innards for the first time I got hit by a pleura of vids and voice segments.. it almost got me killed cause it freezes your screen and you cant do anything unless you close it.. is there a way to replay these bits or are they lost or maybe make a new character go to innards just for that?
  7. Did they change the teleport points? I hade a base near W Bog. each time I tp to SW or W it drop me at the same location. Like the W tp has been erased or something. Only NW is different.. Any ideas?
  8. Thats what I did.. was wandering about MD and stam thou
  9. What happens if im taming something and need to change servers?
  10. Just tamed my first Astrodelphis. Was wandering what stats I should raise for Official PVE server best?
  11. Why do my ARGY always drop the Anky its carrying each time it passes a Behemoth gate?
  12. darcek


    I tried to tame a Tusso.. It killed 2 turtles and spino..was next to its beak still it didn't give me an option to feed it even not a grey one. Any idea or just Tusso untamable in Gen2?
  13. ARK looks good, but for some reason my view distance is really bad.. I can see far,but dinos only show up when they are really close.. which makes hard locating and taming and surviving on the whole. Is there any way to increase view distance to see dinos more from a distance?
  14. What good is an event when I cant even log back to my server?
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