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  1. WC was always exceling at promoting pride stuff, never at fixing bugs. As for the lion un Flambé.. really WC? really?? This DLC is quite literally a copy and pasted dressed up version of the "Shadowmane" creature from their old game ARK: Survival Evolved. Same 3D model, same textures, same animations, same mechanics like a stacking DoT bleed, only this time it spawns everywhere & it's on fire. You can go buy McDonalds, a cup of coffee, or a bazillion other fully-fledged games for $5 instead of supporting this blatant cash grab garbage. got catbaited lol Wildcard wants my card again
  2. Why exactly? whats the diffrence between it and the Island? Naa it should be "I CANT WAIT FOR AB!"
  3. Lots of stuff.. nothing intresting for me personally. When will AB come.. thats the REAL question!
  4. darcek


    Add Rainbow effect to rain in the map would add to immersion,and I think its really beautiful to see.
  5. Farmed some Black Pearls on SE,when one guy kept stalking me,untill I found an Alpha Death worm. Dude tried to ks it,then protested he only tried to "help" and im been unreasnoable and grumpy..
  6. No dissapearance,maybe cause we kept ours, fed and close by,but it is buggy as hell. First it lost all its cover trees and rocks nodes etc.. Then the resource inventory went poof,then the Resurrection option went poof,Ive struggled to feed it,instead of two inventorys it had two feeding bars now! one 8k and another 22k,i managed to fill its food on both said metters that appear randomly when you try to access inventory to look at its stats. Now we keep it around mainly for cosmetics and tbh hope it goes poof as well.
  7. Cooked meat dosent heal on SE, is that intended or a bug I shoudl report?
  8. Does the victim(the Bronto etc) Has to have full weight food on it during the pregnancy or is it ok it will only have "some" amount of food enough just to eat.. also trough can they utilize those? Secondly, How do you control the Rhyagna agro? I mean in trap you want it to stay in, but today after impregnation it agroed the pregnant Bronto again so couldn't keep it in the trap.. Will using maybe rare flowers grab its agro?
  9. This seem to be tied to the crossbow and longneck bugs.. Where if I wait between shots its working ok,but if I smash the attack button,nothing happens and it just stopps shooting at all.
  10. Its quite easy to recreate, I just need to go with my "uber" Basil to the sea cave,get swarmed and show the result... Ill try filming it soon.
  11. Anyone notice this? I see people posting taming guides etc,also tips in dododex,still no one mentioned the Basil has been broken. Now if im getting attacked by a group of megladons or other sea dinos,there will only register one,2 shots,then it will keep missimg no matter how I try to place it..attacks dont land in front or the sides or back.. Before on ASE it could easily kill anything,now i cant even kill a megladon unless I stubbernly keep at it.. but its insane and Basilo now has stopped been a combat able dino.
  12. Servers are total dog poop. They just transfered ASE servers to ASA. My server(5203) gurntees crush every 15 min. We get a great varity! Crashes,Rollbacks,Rubber bandings,getting stuck in place and lags, I even go tkicked for losing connection and the awsome message"you cant log in cause your already logged in" They will not fix this cause they dont know how to.And not willing to invest in new Servers.All they can do is add servers,cause less population in server more stable.
  13. I remember this issue was part of ASE as well. Wasnt this fixed already? My trike only rarly collects berrys,though alot of bushes everywhere
  14. So another guy asked quite an intresting question in the discord im in,which I dont know exactly,maybe someone can help clear it up please? His question was: I will add to this, that at the end of Extinction DLC,which is supposed to be on "Old Earth" when you beat the king Titan,Theres wonderfull short video about how the planet is been reseeded and corruption is removed... Then we are moved to a star ship? and then when it blows were ejected to a random near planet? (Arat) Can someone explain these?
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