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  1. Any reason for this: https://ibb.co/V3h1nb2 Last update shown on Aug 28?
  2. Just open radial menu while aiming at your dino and use remove leech.
  3. Unplayable for me,server keep crushing and sometimes even cant connect so I left ,decent game otherwise,especially if you live in the UK where the servers are.
  4. Thank you for the explanation, and the workaround. Im sure to use that. Still weird this only happens to me on Crystal Island,Dont think it ever happened on different maps but I might be wrong. ?
  5. Weird, Why this only happens to me.. ?
  6. I have no idea if this is a bug,but when you open the baby inventory it should show you the imprint meter on the bottom,below its stats. If it reads 100,then it simply means you've already maxed the imprint on that baby,it will still request imprint from time to time,but theres no effect to that except showing 0% .
  7. Tek tek cloning chamber Issue So I've just built my first cloning chambers. I have a small base placed one in each side. Powered them and placed 2 dinos. What happen next is only one dino show for cloning. there`s no option for the other. ? If I take one down then the other show. Anyone know why this happen and what I should do to fix this? Nm found the solution my self,apparently you need to re chose the cloning option for it to show the other clone.
  8. Crystal Islands and transfer issue After they opened the crystal islands map,I've transferred there built a base,and continued playing there and on other maps as usual. Then I noticed this issue: Except of prime crystals and fertile eggs I cant transfer or upload consumables. These include: comestibles . Shock darts.Kibble.Health and other potions. Anyone else notice this? Is there some workaround or all consumables I bring to Crystal STAY in Crystal?
  9. I was in the same position. taming a 150 Griffin when I heard update ping,then lost connection. After it came back thou no harm was done, as situation was for me ,exactly as when the server went down,just kept the taming process till finished.
  10. Prime meat and easiest source of Superior Kibble eggs. Check the other dinos giving eggs for Superior.Moschops clearly is the easiest of them to get. They were supposed to act as a sort of a Gatcha.producing tons of materials hard to get.However for some reason they were buged and not fixed by WC. They do work with prime meat. If you need an easy source of prime meat get one decent level,level its Prime to 200%+ and youll get tons of Prime meat.
  11. Best recipes Was wandering what best recipes people use for food and drink. I have some from Berries and Veggies. Some from meat some from eggs. All with various degrees. Anyone got a nice recipe they like I could use? My main goal here is to get max food or water with added benefits but easy of gather,aka small amounts of items or items easy to gather(Like Berries)
  12. Pod and breeding I know when you pod a pregnant female it kills the baby. What about the mating interval? Does it reset? For example if a female has 19:20 till can mate again and I pod her.will she be ready to mate in 19:20 or will this time change?
  13. What a great Idea! Didnt know that was possible. Thanks ??
  14. I only found the salts themselves. Never a bp.
  15. Anti meshing and how to protect against this So Ive by now died several times to Anti meshing mechanic. Specially where you get into serious fights,your dino gets pushed down under the mash partly. This creates a 2 fold bug: 1)You dino is literally stuck between above and under the surface. 2)If you dismount you will be killed. Most of thos times at least my stuff lay on the ground and I can pod the stuck dino. This last time thou was a serious punch to the face so to speak.. Got stuck again..dino under attack no chance to win all I could do was unmount,th
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