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  1. So much woke.. wth.. Lesbians'? Check✅! Interracial couple? Check✅! White male misogynistic? Check✅! Strong female character triple check!✅✅✅ Why must everything these days be dipped deep in the message, instead of concentrating on good entertainment and escapism?
  2. Waiting another year for this sux! 😔
  3. Beside that, ARK 2 WHEN??????????
  4. Where to start: The x10 RATES were a total joke as most servers were unplayable(I myself tried like 4 Veins all destroyed because of server inability to remain online more then 10 min at a time and lovely system of destroying anything that goes out of render aka a player that dc cause of your infrastructure) ,I was only able to gather stuff when it went back to normal rates with that we got no lags as well and no crushes 🤷‍♂️ Server 507 ext keeps crushing even after event thou its much better now we get crushes every 20 minutes not every 10 so that's a HUGE difference!!! thank you Wild Card!! *irony mode off* Another side note, not connected with the charity event rates, Ever since the comical called: "Stability patch", transfer went from meh to total fail. Each time I try to transfer the game freezes, then client down ,need to relog.(I do like sometimes 10,20 transfers a day, this is incredibly annoying) On top of that seem also the notice:"Items Not Allowed" also failed. Made some high quality Haz suits for next event, went to transport check the cd on my parts all well ,I transfer ok. I then check and 2 chest pieces,2 helmets and 2 pants all gone. Thank you WC!
  5. Looking for ticket to Alpha or Beta Dragon please

  6. Thanks for the birthday gift ARK! Was waiting next to a mission booth,on Ocean biom E,to transfer to other server.On me I had building blocks for a new base,equipment and like 5 tops dinos podded. When I got back from work and loged on I discovered I have been killed. ? Not only that it was also such death that my body didnt remain or my equipment.? Where I stood there is nothing that could have killed me,except screwing with the server timer,making me die from hunger.(result of the event patch I bet) Thatnks for this birthday gift. You suck!
  7. So on one hand you're encouraging people to go tame new dinos just for cosmetic purposes on the other you don't resolve Server Cap limit issue. Lame. sooo lame. I play on SP so don't have again that hassle, but it's no rose garden much more fun playing with others on officials, but broken game and no help in sight. So staying on my SP Island all by my lonesome...
  8. Thanks for finally doing a breeding event,thou are server is constently caped so it dosent help us at all,we will just be caped the whole weekend without been provided any solution to your servers CAP issue. Also not cool posting a spoiler picture,right smack at the begining of the thread. Some new players might still be unaware of this.thanks for ruining that for them... ?
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