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  1. I will like to buy you a 445% yellow female giga and blue male giga, and get 5 eggs 425%. thank, waiting your answer

  2. Really usefull post, thank you for the info
  3. The last thing I hear is Gigas close to 500% DMG and Rexes 9XX% DMG, but who knows...
  4. Megatherium with a good saddle +70 amor is enough to run broodmother.
  5. You can try to post your suggestion in ark mobile section...
  6. Well If you run overseer boss in abe you can get +15 lvl and if you run ascension in the island you can reach another +15 lvl, 130 is max you can reach in official server. you get +5 gamma boss +10 for beta boss and +15 alpha boss.
  7. More events will be nice, you can feel the lag is bigger when we have events thats its cause more people is playing, and that is good
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