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  1. I will like to buy you a 445% yellow female giga and blue male giga, and get 5 eggs 425%. thank, waiting your answer

  2. Ghuty

    Best Rock Drake Colors

    Yellows Top!
  3. Ghuty

    DINO Auto Decay should take longer

    Yes, will be nice 14 days... in my opinion 8 days its a few time.
  4. Ghuty

    Boss Dino Recommendations

    Really usefull post, thank you for the info
  5. Ghuty

    Top Dinos Right Now

    The last thing I hear is Gigas close to 500% DMG and Rexes 9XX% DMG, but who knows...
  6. Ghuty

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    That's look pretty nice!
  7. Ghuty

    Broodmother Gamma Fight

    Megatherium with a good saddle +70 amor is enough to run broodmother.
  8. Ghuty

    New Map/DLC Suggestion: Rip Tide

    that sound good! Will be nice listen that wildcard still working on ark.
  9. Ghuty


    You can try to post your suggestion in ark mobile section...
  10. Ghuty


    Well If you run overseer boss in abe you can get +15 lvl and if you run ascension in the island you can reach another +15 lvl, 130 is max you can reach in official server. you get +5 gamma boss +10 for beta boss and +15 alpha boss.
  11. More events will be nice, you can feel the lag is bigger when we have events thats its cause more people is playing, and that is good