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  1. So been bitten by the Ark bug again, although I've been playing on my own private servers I've been feeling the urge to get back into official on my own. I choose an empty Aberration server, with the aim of just keeping my self to my self and get to a decent level. The server is empty most of the time apart front the odd straggler probably jumped over to unlock engrams. I start with building a crab trap on fertile river I end up building my base around this, I didn't expect such a base this big but its makes a change from trying to squeeze everything into a tiny 4x4. After appro
  2. Ragnarok PVP unofficial Haven't been able to play as much as I would of liked to recently, I logged on this weekend half expecting to see a few dino deaths but to my surprise it was only the one low level snow owl that passed over to the other side, the only other thing I needed to do was to top up on gasoline. I trek off over to my oil pump only to find it empty, even on my quiet server it still gets stolen haha I've been messing around with the mods and getting stuck in, really enjoying the Rare sighting mod, I love that blast of excitement you get when you get notified of a rare
  3. Ragnarok completed the open plan kitchen/Garden area, almost fully functional now only thing left I need to place is the industrial cooker, it then dawned on me I've got no honey and I've never tamed a Bee before, so decided it would be the weekend of Bee taming, didn't go smooth at all haha, didn't actually get a tame until Sunday night after trying from Friday afternoon. Got back to the garden, placed my new shiny beehive and invited someone over to come for a new tour, it was at this point I was telling him how hard it was to get the Bee and he just laughed and said why didn't you just
  4. Took the plunge and moved from official ps4 to my own cluster on pc (not a stealth ad haha) I didn't get raided on Aberration, but heard a couple of rumours about the alphas meshing so decided to move on Still pretty quite which I don't mind, but more lively that the official aberration server I was on. Felt a bit mean leaving all my stuff and tames behind, ill just keep on telling myself they are now free and liberated haha Really enjoying the new settings so far, plus took my first visit to Extinction for Gachas and Snow Owls. I built myself a home for the Gachas wit
  5. EU PVP Aberration Official So after my previous encounter with the alphas, I was part expecting to log into the death screen, however after a tense loading period I log in and everything is fine and untouched, maybe they are nice alphas but the cynic in me is saying they are just waiting for me to build up some more, either way ill plan for the worst. last night I got the first proper use of the chem bench and crafted loadsss of gun power to be split between rockets, c4, rifle and sniper bullets, now I feel a lil bit prepared I start to plan my new base just for raising and hatching
  6. Eu PVP Aberration Official I've been meaning to tame a higher level spino so tried to take advantage of evolution event and grab myself one. My first spino was a bit of a disaster, highest I could find was lvl 100 and when she was knocked out I lost abit of efficiency , never mind she can be used for river runs. This weekend I find myself a nice 140 with above average health, im not feeling very imaginative so I name her "Healthy", however she doesn't go down without a causality, my poor bulbdog is no more, but its ok I now have the perfect excuse to go grab me some glow tales i
  7. Aberration PVP Eu Official Off work sick so that means one thing, breeding time !! Decided to raise 3 ravager babies behind the entrance to old rail cave to help me out with all the evil in there. Sadly only two made it to adulthood, one baby just randomly disappears, never mind, I never liked her anyway. I didn't manage to get any more than 17% imprint but they still seemed to do the trick, with a little help from my shotgun. Its kinda sad knowing these ravagers will never see the outside of this cave because they are now to big to leave, I shall name them Pit Pony and Cave Dwel
  8. Eu Abberation Official Busy weekend but another quiet one, feel like I got a lot done, mostly alone on the server apart from a couple of visitors probably just logging in to reset timers, I did hear a rock drake gliding above which scared me and kept me inside peeking out the windows until I knew the coast was clear, yeah im that person lol. Taking advantage of the event, I got all the mats for the new chem bench, industrial cooker and converted all my base to metal, I seem to get much more done when im solo. I feel im actively being lulled into a false sense of security due to
  9. Abberation Eu Official Lonely productive night, spent most of the night as the only person on the server, no problem, I enjoy my solitude, especially in Aberration. Most of my time was spent in the kitchen, where I planned to make copious amounts of sweet veg cake, I say planned because I totally forgot about the sap I would be needing. I've been on this server roughly about 3 weeks, in this time I haven't seen my neighbours yet but I have noticed their sap taps, they have built some kind of ladder to reach the tap, however my crab has become quite adept and jumping and landing exac
  10. About 4k split between PC and PS4, does anyone know a way to check playtime on ps4? Hi Vor Its interesting how a game like Ark can bring comfort/solace in certain situations, I hope you feeling better these days ?
  11. Ok so after a long hiatus I am back in the swing of things EU official Aberration. Decided to make a start on the farm last night, Crop plots check, seeds check, roll rat check, just need the bettles now. I have to head down to the blue area, which is a bit nerve racking seeing how I'm still a bit rusty but hey nothing ventured nothing gained. I head off on my trusty crab with a plan in mind, travel down from mushroom forest, select one of two beetles to take home to tame, simple. So I approach the blue biome, what's that little sparkly thing ??? Shinehorns I forgot all abo
  12. Karkinos time placed a trap on fertile river and waited patiently for high level crab, couple of hours go by with nothing, this river is usually full of them. I call it a night and head back, only to find one right at my base, a nice 130 all red female (Red Sonia) Did a quick run around to get the materials for a new trap, trapped and knocked out successfully, with not one catapult shot missed. I usually take time in building my traps but seeing how good this quick one turned out has inspired me to be more messy in the future
  13. I've recently started playing again, and it hasn't happened to me since I miss it haha
  14. I've always been a good boy but decided to take my first captive last night. I usually just keep myself to myself, however was feeling mischievous so I went on the hunt for a victim. I come across this guy, knocked him out, locked him up the usual. Not wanting to upset him to much I asked him sing me a quick song and he can go on his merry way. I swear this guy was happy to sing like a bird for hours, I think he was a Mariah Carey fan and repertoire was endless ha-ha. He didn't seem to mind being a prisoner at all, he was such a good sport, in fact he promised to tag al
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