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  1. Wow, this thread still has some activity? Sorry guys but I've given up and moved on to Conan Exiles. It looks better, tons of NPC's, insane number of buildings, armor, weapons, alchemy and food recipes, etc, compared to Ark. It definitely has its issues but the company actually communicates to its players! Not like the guy that built Prim+ then abandoned it. I forget his name already...
  2. With the Ark II announcement, Prim+ is dead. Hopefully they incorporate primitive items in the base Ark II game. SO, not holding my breath tho...
  3. Just please keep Ark II an insanely large sandbox game where we have 99% control. Do not make Ark II some linear story game, I'll never touch it.
  4. I forgot to mention. I was on CI, Prim+, SP, XB1 yesterday and wanted to see a dang Wyvern so I quit and loaded up 'regular' Ark. I played with a few Wyverns then wanted to go back to Prim+. After loading, I was asked where I wanted to spawn and none of my beds were an option because everything was gone! Seriously WC?! I thought you fixed this! I can't have a save in both game modes?! If $GameMode -eq $x (SAVED GAME FILES GO INTO THEIR OWN FREAKIN' FOLDER!) Incompetence!
  5. Great point! As long as WC kept rolling out new or working old maps, I'd pay! $$$
  6. I tamed a Mammoth on Prim+ so I could see the new saddle and attacks (which there are none.) Is this a joke?
  7. I was hoping the last update may include something for Prim+, that's what I get for hoping...
  8. P.S. to my last post. Prim+ on CI is still driving me nuts!! > No Wyverns at all. > Very low level dino spawns (15 or 20's) across the entire map regardless of the two difficulty settings available on console. > Fireflies are pixelated blocks across the entire map. This is just a triple facepalm. > Supply crates work now but give the same, mostly saddles (the same saddles) over and over again.
  9. @Sytarn, "Actual more features then vanilla." - YES! What are players/WC/C not understanding here?! MORE STUFF PEOPLE!! @mindlesstime, "I was prepared to Post another rant about Primitive+ being forgotten." - RANT = PASSION, DRIVE, LOVE... REMEMBER THESE THINGS WC/C?? Wait right, you went from passionate, driven humans to cogs in the machine. @dizeyner, "Ive loved Prim+ on PS4. it doesnt work on windows PC. THat being said I do not think it needs to be a separate game mode. Why not have the best of both worlds. If you dont like tek dont use it. Id like to see MORE RP ob
  10. Awesome replies! Well, not the validations that "WC" and "C" have abandoned Prim+ but the for Prim+. Being a console only player, PC is for work/console is for life . Giving Prim+, "Unofficial mod status and someone else taking it up as passion project," would be incredible! However, console players would be in the same boat we are now and miss out on a great many new changes/fixes. Not to compare Bethesda to WC, but Fallout/Elder Scrolls allows us to add mods on consoles. I spent countless hours getting all the mods I wanted, in order, to get them to work on XB1. If a
  11. I love posts that echo everything countless players have said countless times in these forums, ignored by WC. CI on Prim+ does has supply drops now but not a single wyvern. I started a new map so who knows what else is broken. C'om people! POST something Prim+ here! If this gets enough attention, maybe a moderator could shoot off an email saying... Hey WC, people are actually addicted to your second of only two games modes. Maybe you can put in some cycles toward making it work? This site, TLC updates, Twitter, nothing about Prim+ but we got to watch WC ppl doing NOTHING for
  12. Aside from that last post, thanks for the replies!! FYI, on CI, Prim+, XB1, local, dinos everywhere were such low levels. I ran DestroyWildDinos all over the map. Now nothing spawns. C'on WC! If you're aiming to go triple A like EA. Abandoning features, slow or non-existent updates, no communication, you're well on your way! Congrats...
  13. Two days, no love? Alright WC, people (me) are willing to spend dough, clams, notes, bones, moolah, paper. E.g. Money on this to: 1. Get Prim+ incorporated into the primary game mode so it gets regular updates. Or, 2. The Prim+ game mode gets some TLC . Just make it work on all the maps and the maps work as they should. Supply crates, spawns, etc. Please.
  14. TLDR; Please post anything here to show your support, your love/hate relationship with Prim+! Give an, I Agree!, or Yeah!, or pages and pages of love, screenshots for Prim+! WC hasn't responded to anything regarding Prim+ in over a year. The only related posts I've seen were from the "C" man who has unfortunately abandoned his baby. > Asking us if Prim+ should be incorporated into the base game. > Or, make it a mod and handing its future to home devs which would likely rob console players of the game mode. (Not knocking home devs.) > And that thread... was abandon
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