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  1. Host on Windows but connect/play on Xbox One? Hey guys, I'm sick of the setting caps on XB1, like difficulty, dino count, etc. Is it possible to host on Windows 10 and connect using XB1? Thanks in advance. CN
  2. Could we get large contiguous maps again please? The Island = Awesome but small. Scorched Earth = Awesome and a decent size. Aberration = Pretty good and a decent size. The Center = Awesome, more like this! Ragnarok = Awesome, more like this! Valguero = Good, but small. Extinction = Biomes, hate it. Any preferred biome is too small. Genesis = Biomes you have to teleport to, really hate it. Any preferred biome is just ridiculously small Could we please get a new large contiguous map? Like The Center or Ragnarok? I'm kicking myself for paying for Genesis, the areas are tiny and the teleport requirement just ruin Ark for me... On XB1.
  3. Is that why your only other game mode, Prim+ has had laundry list of things to fix for over a year?
  4. Can confirm. Very annoying.
  5. As an Xbox player, NPC's would be AWESOME to have in SP! Official are just beyond frustrating to play on, dang humans... Have NPC's as an option to load like Prim+. Hey WC, I'd pay BIG MONEY to have this on XB! I've read the 'Primal NPC' pages, looks impressive.
  6. Reply much appreciated and boo. They could at least raise the caps for some of these settings. Thanks again.
  7. Hello fellow survivors, Reinstalled ARK after some time, I hoped to see some changes on Xbox One. Playing SP, can't find answers no matter what I Google, a few questions please. Is there any way to? 1. Increase difficulty past 1? 2. Increase dino respawn? 3. Decrease whatever makes dinos scatter when I place a foundation? It's like dino repellent which makes the game too easy. Thanks in advance!
  8. CaveNoob


    Well said sir! FYI, on console so downloading mods isn't an option. Good new games are coming but until then I'd like to have a new (NPC) experience playing Ark again. Wildcard needs to know how much playing online just sucks for a lot of players and to give the SP experience a boost!
  9. CaveNoob


    NPC's??? You had an NPC mod that gave me hope, now it's mysteriously missing from your mods page. Your online servers are pillar maps. Single player Xbox is dead without NPC's. Just... freakin... put... it.. in! And the new map... SMH. No reason to come back to Ark without NPC's.
  10. A map a "hair" bigger than the Island. Clap.....clap......clap..... It's called bigger, better Wildcard. Quality over quantity get's boring on a map so small. Figure it out man and for any haters, free that sucks, still sucks.
  11. Been gone for a few months, fired up Ark, Ragnarok. About every hour and a half it dashboards. Xbox S, single player. Crashes randomly. I pet a Lystro. Flying a Ptera, anywhere. Putting raw meat in a fire. So random. I only cheat for engrams (it's SP), no dinos. Likely a memory leak. DOES WC READ THESE? Ark's unstable and all WC can talk about is new cosmetics and new content. Um, no. FIX UR GAME!
  12. The fact that you have to beat bosses for the material makes all this garbage. A lot of ppl play (laggy) single player to stay the heck away from the cesspool of (most) online servers.
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