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  1. Yeah I completely agree with this, I've tried several times to craft some in drops. By the time the 1st pod is halfway done, somebody comes and pinches all your resources. I've even said in the group chat, that if everyone can just let me craft a handful of pods they can keep whatever else is in the drop but, it only takes 1 a-hole to ruin it
  2. 592 Island ps4 pve keeps happening too. Transfered over from extinction with about 40000 element dust, 4 gigas a good managmr, ascended ghillie, level 3 chibi, ascended shotgun, couple of rifles and tonnes of ammo. Plus a fair few tek building items too..... spawned in middle of one of these goddam server bug-outs. Fed a few dinos put element dust into a dedicated box. Then hit lag spot. Logged me out and when I could finally get back in, EVERYTHING I WAS CARRYING WAS BLOODY GONE! I mean, those gigas took forever to get, they are essentially irreplaceable and I WANT THEM BACK!!! THIS HAS BEEN
  3. I previous tried signing into the last server I was on (1057 valguero), but it could not be found. I was trying to sign in so I can switch servers to get the last imprint on some dinos. Now I have missed the imprint.
  4. I'm not sure if all maps have the feature or not, but I believe there is some kind of "proximity chat" feature now or something. I get it on my island map, but seems to be really buggy
  5. Update... We kinda screwed the pooch on our first attempt. The rider on the yuty died to about 10 dimorphodons then the yuty followed suite. The dragon managed to push a heap of our deinonychus off the edge and its was downhill from there. Needless to say our strategy could have used some planning lol. But excitement got the better of us and we rode in half-cocked. Ended up just being me running around with a shotgun getting destroyed. Pretty fun though...
  6. Just wondering... I was talking to a tribe mate the other day, as we are gearing up for the alpha island dragon. And he tells me that there is/was a bug, that when using deinonychus' in the fight, the game crashes. Is this still a thing, as searching online I can't find anything to say it's been fixed and only OLD posts about it. Cheers
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