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  1. Hey Thanx for the interest, can confirm still PvP with orp, currently maybe 3 or 4 tribes on each map, everyone seems pretty mature and relaxed, no rules as such just the normal no resources or cave blocking, everyone just seems to get on with it. Let me know if need anymore info Have fun
  2. Hello Survivors I'm just doing the obligatory server advertisement post SERVER INFO Hosted by Nitrado, Has been running for about 3 months with a nice group of people growing, currently on game day 1425, also ranked top 400 in Nitrado server rankings (not sure how that works) The Center and Ragnarok map have 16 slots, with Aberration, Scorched and the Island all having 10 slots each, More slots can be added if needed. We are averaging roughly 10 players on week nights and the sever has filled up on a couple of weekends:) Search Safe Haven in unofficial PC server to find us Server Settings I have tried to keep settings as vanilla as possible, Player position on map and corpse locator is enabled on all servers, also loot drops/beacons will offer 2.0 loot (Default is 1.0) Gathering x 5 XP x 5 Taming x5 Mating x25 (with 100% imprint possible) Offline raid protection is enabled All other settings are as official Admin Admin with only be enabled for legit reasons, no handouts will be given or spawned so please don't ask (Ive even fallen out with a family member over this ha ha) Admin logs enabled, please do not ask for hand outs, everything on the server has been worked for and will stay that way. Rules Simple, just be respectful and don't harass anyone Well I think that's everything, If Ive missed anything out feel feel to ask here or PSN = Psymon08 Thank you for reading Happy Surviving
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  5. Hey glad your having fun, Yeah think there was an issue with Nitrado, everything was sorted pretty quick, let me know if ya need anything
  6. Hey no problem, welcome and have fun, not in game much but message if you need anything
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  9. Aberration back online:)
  10. Quiet but still active, and welcome
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  13. Bump, public meeting /trading areas completed
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  15. Hey it's not to bad, rag has a couple of big bases but nothing to drastic , no pillars or land claiming message me if I need to know anythin else
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  25. hi there, just completed broodmother (gamma) solo for first time, was surprised by how easy it was, id say 10 bred rexes with good saddles would do it. Good luck try and get an alliance set up and go together.