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  1. Dear WC, I will be on vacation during this event. Please screw up the launch so you feel guilted into extending it at least a week. Thank you.
  2. I like the idea of seeing these kind of stats. How many eggs hatched by species would be cool. Also how many hatchling murders too. I would also like to echo the need to see server performance metrics. Seems to be on a downward trend.
  3. I have noticed recently that more often than not there is a 10 second or so lag spike on server saves. This is killing my game play enjoyment. Seems almost every time I am in a critical moment this happens and I get wrecked.
  4. So with these rates wont most babies be adult before they can be fully imprinted?
  5. So Extra Life event will be a bust because TLC3 will break the game as such updates always do. @Cedric is it possible to delay the TLC until after ELE?
  6. This should be about the time they announce the Fear event. Usually those meaty crunches take a bit longer to come out.
  7. If you want every bob running around with gigas then I think your expectations match better with some of the private servers out there.
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