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  1. hopefully there is more to it this time around.
  2. Turkey Trials So what is it? What should we expect out of this event?
  3. What if anything would you suggest to close the gap and get some balance back? Increase structure HP? Turret damage?
  4. FE Event What time does the event end today?
  5. Thanks for the info. Ive been looking across from Carno and no luck. I'll try red as well. I'll get shredded by turrets if i go to the redwoods.
  6. Dodorex Spawn Locations Still have yet to see Dodorex. Is there locations on The Island that it is most likely to appear?
  7. is there an update to download?
  8. Never been through FE event. What can one expect on official servers? Is the dodorex a base wiper?
  9. How did you get a raft as a gift? I don't believe you can un-claim a raft can you?
  10. Have you check your inventory? Maybe you are encumbered?
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