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  1. I tend to agree on the noise of the machinery. In PVP I also don't like the noise of the generator. It would be nice if the noise of the gen was reduced by walls.
  2. If you keep doing the same thing you're not going to get better. Hide, don't get found. That is what you are learning now.
  3. I like the idea of seeing these kind of stats. How many eggs hatched by species would be cool. Also how many hatchling murders too. I would also like to echo the need to see server performance metrics. Seems to be on a downward trend.
  4. I have noticed recently that more often than not there is a 10 second or so lag spike on server saves. This is killing my game play enjoyment. Seems almost every time I am in a critical moment this happens and I get wrecked.
  5. So with these rates wont most babies be adult before they can be fully imprinted?
  6. xbox is BTW - Your forum name = Priceless.
  7. @Joebl0w13 Why did you change the title of my post? It was specifically about the delay.
  8. @Cedric Since we are delaying Fear Evolved, WC should bump the rates to 3x
  9. So Extra Life event will be a bust because TLC3 will break the game as such updates always do. @Cedric is it possible to delay the TLC until after ELE?
  10. I'm curious about this subject as well.
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