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  1. Before the patch comes for PS4 (Tuesday or Wednesday?) we plan to grind our suits for the mats.
  2. Tek Armor and Mek Wipe When should we expect this on PS4?
  3. Genesis Is Supposed to be Broken Opinion on all the strange things happening with genesis. According to the story, isn't it supposed to be strange and buggy? Could all or most of what we are calling broken be intended?
  4. There is no indication that this weekend will contain 2x rates.
  5. X Creatures What is the X creature thing about? Do they have OP stats and are they tamable?
  6. You completed the part 1 of the DLC already?
  7. There is no reason to expect ORP clusters to be excluded from Genesis.
  8. I'll go out on a limb here and say: Genesis
  9. I suppose you could do that. It would be silly to think that you could not use the items learned in Genesis on Genesis. Could you imagine doing missions all day only to line up at the Ob or whatever transfer mechanism and return to your home map? Seems unlikely to me and frankly unappealing. The description on Steam: GEAR UP AND BUILD UPAs you brave the many dangers of ARK: Genesis, take some time to craft new gear. Wield weapons like combo-capable plasma claws and remote-guided cruise missiles. Make tools from fishing nets to mining drills, or new vehicles such as hover-skiffs. Build interactive structural elements such as pressure plates, alarm systems, jump pads, ocean platforms and more. Whether you’re a go-it-alone survivalist, a weapon-making warmonger, or a base-building architect, this expansion has a crafting project suited for you.
  10. I believe the new structures coming with Genesis would be evidence that you will be building.
  11. Extortion: Pay to Stay /on Official Dude called me out in global and told me to send him money to stay on my server. I sent him my middle finger. Thinking about reporting him but haven't yet. Anyone else run into this type of thing?
  12. 15 minutes to kick in and lasts as long as most decay timers. Metal base is about 15 real days.
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