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  1. yay so im not alone, me and the wife been having this problem all afternoon trying to restock on basic mats for saddle making and food restocking kinda frustrating to say the least :(
  2. are we getting one this week or since extralife recap we skipping it?
  3. As the title says its a weird one this ... and only has happened since halloween event started, i have moved a stryder to Valguero (ages ago) and now when i go and mine / harvest stuff on it i activate the transmitter and do whatever needs to be done metal / stone etc however now if i dismount it it gets very jittery almost like a loss of framerate once on the floor i can look all around the stryder BUT if i go between its legs the framerate drops again until im out of the legs .... the only way i have solved this problem is to relog but as soon as i use it again it is repeated - got several stryders so i am going to test the same thing on them on other servers ... all official too. I would have used the bug thing but it says log in when i am already and no other box to actually log in anyway ...
  4. hmm just sounds weird ... im sure it has been lower than 4hr 47 on a 3x maturation ... either that or im going more crazy either way thanks for the link
  5. is it me or are maturation timers out of whack? fresh hatched dinos all giving 4hr 47 mins to next imprint .... which isnt even 2x.... PLUS spooky piles are totally cheap AGAIN 1-5ish items each pile ..... they where increased last year due to the same problem of not been able to farm enough to get much if anything lol
  6. they didnt hear you ... still the same crap and the maturation timers are out too /normal ark
  7. supposed to be 3x maturation ..... how does that = 4hours 47 on freshly (literally just now) hatched x-rexes?
  8. Fixed the Gen2 servers to not crash every couple of hours and fixed the bad lag that isnt server saves .... wait nope still dreaming shame lol
  9. guess whats down? down agin ... dur dur durrr thats right EU 990 GEN2 again .... sheesh i feel im playing backwards atmo give it 40mins and itll be up again ..... SIX steam handles all 123 got disco'd when the server crashed according to battlemetrics ... thats highly dodgy if u ask me never seen that many 123's on at once .... meh nvm seems it duplicated the players getting kicked
  10. LOL pop goes EU GEN2 990 again ..... and this is regular ... event or not ..... when bases have row upon row of stacked cloners all running and dinos just sat in 'massive' bases (i havent seen bases this big in all my time on ARK - they literally do not render in fully unless u move and i have it on max range) its kinda no wonder at times GEN2 servers are horrid
  11. sigh 3x and 990 has been down 5 times or so just in the last 24hrs - rollbacks every restart ps its a typical GEN2 server official EU...
  12. and down for the 3rd or 4th time today yay fun times not gen2 990
  13. when u get brand new players on the server steam name '123' battlemetrics cant show all the servers they have been on and the server conveniently crashes ... sigh gen2 990 middle of the ark day too no save was expected....
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