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  1. on normal settings this ist almost impossible. there are tons of Corrupted and they WILL get close to the drop. once they are there you are most likely to damage the drop with your giga. and that damage is nothing to laugh at
  2. Yeah, but i don´t mean spawning specific ones, but making the normal ones easier in some way.
  3. Add a Server option to disable player damage on orbital supply drops It really sucks, that there is noch option to Make Element Nodes or Orbital Supply drops easier for solo Playes on private servers, other than to set the Server to single player settings. just add a server option, to disable the Damage dealt by players and Tames on those structures and make solo players on smaller private servers happy
  4. isn´t there a way for server admins to disable player damage to the Drops and veins?
  5. Admind Orbital Drop and element vein changes. So, is there any way to lower the difficulty of the Supply drops and element veins on private servers? Maybe like disabeling damage dealt by the Player?
  6. obviously i´m the only one who thinks, that Valguero is overrated....
  7. Due to the fact, that the Extinct animals on the Ark are labeled as extinct, i Think that "We" are in fact Humans... clones. Genetically recreated Humans. ANd i Think, that "She who waits" is the last homo deus... that Homo deus is a form of aetherical human being, made of manifested data. That´s why She is kind of linked to all arks. Also i think it´s pretty obvious, that she is Helena...
  8. So you want Suggestions for speciality Servers? Well.. you know.. this sound like a perfect way to bring back vanilla Primitive servers...
  9. So.. will there be a tlc phase 3 or got we just robbed of a higly necessary Carno remake?...
  10. Carno should look more like this and be slightly buffed in Damage output and Aoe of it´s attacks
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