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  1. the fact, that there will be a third creature added, which hasn´t really been named till now, leaves room for speculation.
  2. Oh c´mon... there are some awesome Creatures in the voting and people still vote for a Baboon on steroids, because somebody on youtube told them to... ...just a matter of time till the spanish fans take their turn on the bat again....
  3. let them vote but only use the votes as indicator instead of a guaranteed adaptation of the #1 But as I recall it was stated, that the design team has the last word on the decision anyways.
  4. It´s a shame i can´t downvote this for ovious reasons.. ._.
  5. Rule of cool... It´s big, scaly and has sharp teeth. that´s just my opinion, but I allways saw the mammals in Ark as pretty boring. Sure, there are a lot of theropods and beside another abwesome theropod, i´d prefer an actually viable herbivore like Sinoceratops, Styracosaurus or something lesser known... (or something aquatic) but look at the ratings... all the stuff that get´s upvoted are therapods... or a Monkey with some huge red buns XD
  6. I also thought about submitting this. But my idea would be a pretty territorial Apex Predator, attacking even other Apex Carnivores, giving him a rivalry buff against apex, alpha and Bosses (activating it via roar?). Maybe not as tanky as a Rex but faster and probably more damage/bleed/armor penetration
  7. obviously i´m the only one who thinks, that Valguero is overrated....
  8. Due to the fact, that the Extinct animals on the Ark are labeled as extinct, i Think that "We" are in fact Humans... clones. Genetically recreated Humans. ANd i Think, that "She who waits" is the last homo deus... that Homo deus is a form of aetherical human being, made of manifested data. That´s why She is kind of linked to all arks. Also i think it´s pretty obvious, that she is Helena...
  9. So you want Suggestions for speciality Servers? Well.. you know.. this sound like a perfect way to bring back vanilla Primitive servers...
  10. So.. will there be a tlc phase 3 or got we just robbed of a higly necessary Carno remake?...
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