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  1. They get a whole week for a single day. that´s more than enough. IIrc the first times it was just a weekend. Give them a Hand and they demand the whole arm..
  2. Ocean was messed up the moment the Jellyfish was added. Ocean has sadly not enough content for too many Creatures And there is no point in using other Creatures than Tuso or Basilo, when Jellyfish just stunlock kill everything that doesn´t manage to oneshot all of them. if they at least wouldn´t dismount you...
  3. Wyverns could finally get a saddle and Drakes could have a slightly higher attack speed... but that´s just my opinion and nothing that would justify adding a new Dragon-creature... so we wouldn´t need that. Also there are planty of mods adding broken Dragons...
  4. Well, it was in second place in every voting. obviously it´s enough of a statement for WC to add it. Like they did with Sinomacrops before....
  5. Next Community Crunch should include a free Box of Kleenex ... Community needs that.
  6. If I remember correctly, it was stated on the first vote, that those suggestions could be used as inspiration for creatures in Ark 2
  7. you really don´t get the point. sorry, I really do not care enough to explain that to you in detail. so keep your assumptions and keep complaining, if that´s what makes you happy.
  8. So if a Creature places 2nd in not only one but two votings, it´s quite a bit of obvious information. it´s being added, because WC decided to do so. So stop assuming it´s just because people complained. there is so much stuff in this game, people complain about and nothing of that gets changed or added because people complain about it enough...
  9. When there is something that i´ve learned about this games community, then it´s the fact that they´ll always complain.... doesn´t matter what subject.
  10. It´s almost funny, how this comment section is mainly one person complaining eagerly. Dude... just chill and let people enjoy things. You´re not the one to decide what the game "needs" or doesn´t "need". Other people would say that the game doesn´t need another flyer so what...
  11. Thinking about it.. there are actually more than enough creatures. So why not do submissions and votings for Tlc in the Future? I´d rather take more actually viable creatures over new creatures and a lot of useless older ones. a few changes to the process and some restrictions for submissions et voila!
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