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  1. ARK TLC Pass 3

    There is one serious Problem with Herbyvores.... or maybe two 1. They are all so raptoring slow!!!.... 2. their stats are worste than every viable Carnivore... that needs to be changed, since they seem, to be only for utility and farming.... i mena.. come on... Trike, Anky and Stego have been serius threats to Carnivore... but they are laughable... the are so raptoring slow... what even makes taking them to a farming run horrible, if you got no Quetz...
  2. What Ark really needs

    Tlc pass nice and good.... but you know... there is this one thing, that just needs to happen... something that awakens dark and deep desires in every mans (and womands) mind... you know what that is? ... A goddamn budgie skin for the Argentavis! needs to happen like.. uhmm.. last week!
  3. Ark TV show?

    you mean a tv show that is supposed to air once per week but actually airs later every two weeks two days later than promised?
  4. So.. will there be a tlc phase 3 or got we just robbed of a higly necessary Carno remake?...
  5. A Fabricated Version of the Crossbow would be awesome... Poison Arrows And some kind of Modern Spear Axe or Halberd.. something between PIke/Sword and Tek Sword (There is a serious lack of modern melee weapons) Two Handed Axe or Hammer. hmmm and maybe a Mortar....
  6. There is actually a Thing that i Miss allmost as much as the Brachiosaurus... Some Kind of more Advanced Melee Weapon betwen Sword/Pike and tek Sword. Something with some reach.
  7. Ravager - Direwolf - Sabertooth

    Out of these ones, the Ravager is my new Favorite... Sabertooth is just trash.. not even worth taming
  8. you´ve got almost three weeks... hurry!
  9. I want Brachiosaurus. K, thx bye.
  10. recipe The Recipe Update

    There is allready one in the Game... it´s called raw meat.
  11. Spino has still less HP than a Rex. I think that´s the critical point.
  12. Transfers ruin pvp

    Transfer was poop at the start... and is still.
  13. What Has This Game Become?

    by other big tribes or even bigger tribes, lol