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  1. So und jetzt bitte nochmal auf Deutsch oder in vernünftigem Englisch
  2. The one issue, that really sealed the deal, that I´m clearly never going to buy ASA, even if it´s on sale is the decision to give Nitrado a monolpoly on servers. I mean... aside from the fact that it´s still just upgraded normal Ark and the game itself lost it´s appeal. So wake me up when Ark 2 releases in maybe.. 10 years? what? ....too optimistic?
  3. Also Arks Creatures areen´t accurate, because they have been geneteically modified or are made up.
  4. I think you misunderstood how I meant that. It´s a guess what could be the thought process behind this "strategy", not that it was a good strategy or there is some kind of masterplan behind this mismanagement. I have a good friend who thinks like this. Doing things completely different than any normal person would, thinking it´s a super smart move and will work even better than normal... when in fact it´s just straight out stupid. I wouldn´t be surprised if the same was the case here. 😅
  5. by whiney I rather refer to behaviour like the constant bragging if there is no evo event, high expectations etc. Or the classic.. claiming to know what the game is about, and thinking, they know better what fits the game and what not... Maybe those people won´t preorder or buy at launch. but give it some time and most of the resistance will soften and people will buy it anyways.... given the case it´s actually solid and holds what it promises. that´s how it allwys is.. I don´t really care that much about ASA, since it´s just the same stuff as ASE but a bit enhanced. Ark 2 seems a bit more interesting from what WC promised. But with ASA about to launch and greedy snail milking the ip, I doubt that we´ll see that within the next five years, if ever...
  6. I somehow still think, that they try this silence as a marketing strategy. showing nothing, to revt up the tension and then it will blow everyone away, if the final product is shown. It doesn´t work but at the same time it somehow works, becaue despite being frustrated the people are still invested in the matter. Doesn´t make it a good strategy but let´s be honest... it´s hard to tell when the community is pleased, because, let´s be honest, this community likes to be whiney about almost everything
  7. I don´t know. some of these people seem to live in a different timeline...
  8. You really have no clue... first of all, I´ve been playing official for way to long, back in the day, when true primitive servers were still a thing and WC didn´t even think of changing the 1x to it´s current definition or almost weekly evo events. Had all the stuff with breeding, looking for max level tames and defending those against rivals, warfare, raids that lasted for days, being part of a alpha alliance etc. second, I can afford and maintain my own server, that I use to play with selected friends. and lastly.. mods... At some point you´ve seen everything, did everything. Mods are a way to add new challenges and content to a game that had nothing to offer anymore. And some, like Ark additions, are just great. but you don´t know all that stuff. you´re just trying to talk down my point of view and claim, I had no right to have a opinion. You´re clearly not the one to shut somebody up, you Muppet 😂
  9. I´m pretty sure that´s not up to you to decide. Your own fault, if you decide to play official pve
  10. oh come on... is this community already that spoiled? You can´t literally do anything without all the fancy stuff that has been added since Extinction?
  11. If I leave the tinfoil hat at home, I´d say, that those bugs are way easier to handle an still are bugs, that are not intended. But sometimes those are kept as a feature. looking at you, rideabele Moschops. while the gamebreaking Bugs and exploits... well... seems to be cruchial who benefits the most off these ones... but I´m just not in the right mood to put onb the tinfoil hat, to discuss that topic 😅
  12. So no levels in Speed, no Maewings, Cryos... people will have to start over with the bare basics. Wonderful. I love it. for the sake of the old days.... at least you can keep your evo events and modified rates 😁
  13. Just download the savegame an play in singleplayer or on a private server. Problem solved
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