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  1. Transfers ruin pvp

    Transfer was poop at the start... and is still.
  2. What Has This Game Become?

    by other big tribes or even bigger tribes, lol
  3. What Has This Game Become?

    Official pvp was allways for big tribes or people with no job or social life. The ability to trnsfer everything between servers and invade made this just way worse.
  4. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Carno should look more like this and be slightly buffed in Damage output and Aoe of it´s attacks
  5. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    i´d like to see the Carno to be more bulky and dynamic. More like he is in The Isle or Primal Carnage. with higher base damage and a better aoe than now
  6. Ark 2

    because Money
  7. Change The Evo Event !

    they wanted extra icing... but it seems like they got extra salt
  8. Plant X Changes For The Turret Cap

    on primitive they are the only kind of turret you´ll ever have. 100 of them are not enough to keet your base safe. ... oh yeah.. i forgot.. primitive is nearly dead an NOBODY CARES...
  9. No transferring ever

    If transfer gets enabled then it´s rip Aberration... Don´t let that happen! It allready destroyed SE
  10. Pvp has changed since the cross server transfer was enabled. I´m sick of tribes from certain nations that are not allowed to be mentioned, just to wait for you to be offline an then wiping everything pvp mentality sucks. It´s just about wiping. Everything is far too time consuming. as soon as you´re offline somebody will try to raid you. so you allways have to have sombody online.
  11. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    YES! I want the mitghty War-Mammoths! actually Herbyvores need a massive reballancing in Speed and Special abilities.. since I thin the lack of diversity in raids is horrible... you only see a hand full of Carnivores and maybe Brontos.. Make the other Ones more Attractive. Bigger and faster. Tanky Ankylos with some nasty side effects with their punches (even if it´s only inflicting torpor), Trike with a Charge meter, faster Bronto, because it´s a pain even to move them over short distances and takes HOURS to reach a siege target. At the Moment it just feels like you need to get certain Predators to challenge the wildlife. there is no room to develop you own style and stay competitive at the same time
  12. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Change Argentavis to giant Cockatiel pls.. thx
  13. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    First of all i´d like to see the most Herbyvores to be much bigger and faster. then the Ankylos Tail should be longer Spino needs mostly two kinds of changes. 1. Soundset. the walking sound is annoying as hell. 2. Stats. There is barely any comparision towards other lage Carnivores.
  14. 3rd DLC Guesses

    Earth was devastated by A Meteor. There is a huge impact on the ohter side of the Planet.