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  1. MrPetey

    Megalania Waking while torpor is "rising"

    Blame it on the lagg... Our legacy has been laggy for a couple months, was near impossible to tame fast dropping torpor tames. Was force feeding a giga 1000s of narcotics and it still woke up. Try again when its less laggy id say.. Havent had any issues on the new servers after full release yet
  2. MrPetey

    Spider and Bat Spawns too high

    Its just for a couple days, you will live Good luck surviving till its over
  3. Just send in a ticket with screenshots of the junk he placed in your base! The GM will move it out or make him move it out. GL
  4. MrPetey

    Are you buying aberation?

    Looks awesome, bought the season pass.. excited to see the new map, creatures and gear!!!
  5. MrPetey

    Breeding 101

    Where were you a year ago, when I was trying to figure some of this out Good post good info. The color mutation bringing a stat mutation aswell and the other way around i personaly do not believe is true but its what you say, cant proof if it does or doesnt.
  6. MrPetey

    Halloween Event?

    I 100% agree with this. I loved the atmosphere around the haloween event last year and loved hunting down the skeletons to gather all of the bone skeleton costumes for each creature. Its a shame that they just give em to everybody who goes to single player now to unlock them. To me they are worthless now. and i hope they fix that by adding something new this year, something you can only acquire by completing this years haloween event quests
  7. MrPetey

    WTB Season Pas But Allready Own Scorched

    Tyvm People! @Majix you are correct. I bought it and got the discount for having Scorched Earth allready in my library!
  8. I would like to buy the Season pass wich would give me Scorched Earth, Aberration and 1 more future dlc. I allready have bought the Scorched Earth DLC so my question is... Can i activate the aberration on 1 account and the Scorched Earth on my other wich does not have the Scorched Earth?