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  1. There is a total of 7/8 drop spawns, correct? I've gone in earlier today, grabbed a drop, came back much later on, spent an hour trying to find a drop and nothing spawned. Are the crates here bugged? Edit: For clarification, the dungeon down in the red biome.
  2. Next up increase the element amount you get from charge nodes on aberration since you're increasing the element gains on the other maps! ^^ Amazing tlc can't wait
  3. Following Community Crunch 243 with the buffs to Element gain for the boss fights, I think it would also make sense to increase the amount of Element crafted up in charge nodes from 3! It seems WC wants to make Element easier to get as time goes on (yay!) Maybe an increase from 3 to 5? I dunno. Just a thought. ^^
  4. Yeah with each one I left a folder named "Batteries" inside. Some of the folders I noticed have been deleted as well. I'll wait a few weeks before I try to put batteries in a bunch of them again and see what happens.
  5. Do they serve any actual significant usage other than crafting Element in PvE? I spent a bit making a ton of batteries and put 8 in each node, so people can easily craft their element and be on their way. More than half of the nodes are empty of batteries now. I just don't see why people would yoink the batteries lol
  6. Was surface running on Aberration with my best rock drake. High armor saddle, amazing stats. Had her for a very long time. Reaper spawns from underneath me, pushing me underground as it came up, killing me and the drake because of anti-mesh.
  7. Finished up my big 27x24 metal breeding room on Ab! Thank goodness for the abundance of metal in biolum, because sheeesh.. Got ~200 ACs bunched up in a neat square to mass hatch whatever I need. Got a few fridges up, things are looking good so far. Tomorrow i'll put feeding troughs around the room, maybe a vault or two. Things are looking good. ^^
  8. Putting one down by my indy forge outside, not sure if a fix went out so fellow players can't yoink your stuff or if you still have to pin em.
  9. Good lord! Suppose i'll set up a small metal outpost base on a scorched server then. Any specific "less lethal" / easier caves there I could run to grab said snails? Scorched is the only map i'm very unfamiliar with.
  10. So i'm trying to get a snail farm going and, i'm aware the level doesn't impact much anything however i'm worried about how often i'll have to feed them. I've tamed up a 130 and 150 and only level food so feedings won't be very often at all. Should I stick to taming high levels, or would a low level suffice with only leveling the food stat as well? I just figure i'd ask because 20+ cakes to tame high level is a bit expensive for me.
  11. I've knocked one 140 Karkinos successfully, but two, both 130 died upon the catapult spamming? I could've sworn I hit the body each and every time, I have a nice trap set up too. Is it down to luck?- I've tried using that iron sight at the end of the catapult, but not sure if it's good to go by.
  12. Just witnessed a piranha that was aggro'd to a stone pillar of mine indeed deal damage (and a good amount at that) to it. Could be a bug?
  13. That is what throws me off. There were no nameless. Only an angry spinosaur, maybe a manta and a sarco as well. I'll for sure be changing them all to metal soon, but the fact the gates took so much damage in a short amount of time confuses me.. Is there any measure on official where if you build on a river the structure takes more damage? I'm not blocking any paths. Edit; The only thing that I genuinely thought could do that and would spawn nearby is an alpha karkinos. But there was none in sight.
  14. I have my base at a waterfall by the blue biome in Ab, and I have behemoth gates that cut through the river. I figured they would protect me against the piranhas, spinos, karkinos, sarcos, and other creatures that'll happily tear me apart- lol. But a spino literally shredded my gate the other day as it was attacking fish. I wasn't aware they could do that.
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