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  1. I'm wondering where on Ab i'm best off looking for Rock Drake saddle bps from farming supply drops? I heard the surface is good, but which area? I also heard one of the caves is good as well, but i'm not sure which is better? I assume I'd be able to find basilisk and karkinos bps wherever I can find drake bps as well. So, yeah! Any answers are appreciated
  2. The amount of doubt portrayed on this thread, and then wildcard comes out clutch for the community. Lets go. Ahahaha
  3. Drakes that can destroy Reaper Queens. I'm getting back into Aberration, and i'm just wondering what stats to look for in a 180+ hatched Drake? And also, what stats should I go for as I level it up? I've heard many mixed answers. 15k hp, 1500stam, 300 melee for example but that doesn't sound like much of a hard hitter whatsoever. I'm looking to have myself a solid drake that can take on reaper queens. Might keep another cryopodded in case I need the mate boost for the fight. Any suggestions for what stats to achieve before fighting a queen? I'll have to find myself a good drake saddle bp as well, I hear a good place is the cave in red that you can bring drakes in (?)
  4. Nothing like unrealistically getting tossed off of my drake. Then causing everything in the vicinity to tear me to shreds before I can hop back on. And lets not forget the baryonyx infinite stun.. Idk, a lot more needs to be changed.
  5. Which dinos aggro to which? I decided i'd start new on aberration. Got myself a drake, a karkinos, bulb dogs and the usual resource dinos. Well,, what creatures would aggro to my drake and karkinos? And also, can raptors and megalosaurus grab you off your drake? If so,, that's awful haha. I need to farm up red gems for my first drake saddle. I'm afraid to take my crab to red considering it can get float locked. Maybe I'll take my paracer down xP Do most creatures still attack tamed Basilisks as well? I'm not sure if that was changed. But if the karkinos can get float locked by sarcos and other dinos still, I assume the Basilisk wasn't changed.
  6. Ngl this is why I quit PvP after a year of playing it Each is to their own but I couldn't stand spending weeks building up just to get wiped by a megatribe of 30+ either overnight or on a holiday (people that spend their christmas wiping people that are offline are a big yikes) And people were INSANE when it came to their ego. I entered PvP thinking negotiations would be possible. NOPE The true face of humanity shows itself there. Not saying kiters and scammers don't exist in PvE but holy moly
  7. I plan on trading eventually, but for my main gameplay I like to do things solo. I have some experience playing abb solo, so I think i'll give it a try again. I loved the learning curve the map has to offer, and considering the latest update building is more flexible and so is taming, i'm pretty excited. I'll start there tomorrow!
  8. I'm on the fence though. Truly thinking about soloing abb but it sounds like such a pain.. And rag is awesome, featuring literally every biome plus scorched engrams. What i'd do to be a solo with reaper kings lol
  9. I feel like as a solo maintaining more than 1 base is extra hassle for someone that plays other games but I'm willing to try that out and see how it goes. I played rag and thoroughly enjoyed it but what put me off was how pointless it was to try and get from place to place on a land dino, all the valleys and whatnot. I could be wrong though, i'm sure there's paths around. I do have people from my old server, maybe i'll contact them when i'm established someplace else. I hate asking for stuff when i'm starting out again haha
  10. I've been playing this game on and off since early 2016. Latest playthrough was Extinction PvE, but unfortunately my tribe was inactive so I lost all motivation to play. Lost a ton of dinos and some cool Tek stuff but it's all good. I'm mainly a PvE player, I love building and breeding on official, what makes me want to return is the latest kibble and structures rework. I'm thinking of joining a map as a solo, on official, and i'm unsure as to which map to play on as well. I love the island, but i've played it sooo many times, scorched is alright but the storms put me off, aberration is cool but delving deep solo seems hell, and extinction is probably best enjoyed as a group. Any ideas fellas?
  11. ARK PvP has never been balanced. Played it for a year and never looked back after being wiped on christmas day. Went in gamechat told them they should be spending time with their families rather than spend 8hrs raiding somebody haha. But tier progression and the ability to transfer servers in a PvP realm has never settled well. I get transfers weren't always a thing, but tactics like soaking turrets clean and knowing months work can be wiped out overnight is so, so painful.
  12. PvP, where instead of spending Christmas day with their families, they spend it on ark raiding everyone offline
  13. I've come to tame a ton of these creatures. Extremely powerful at the cost of extra meat consumption-- but left on turret mode they seem to act odd. I'll bring a couple of Velonas to do either OSDs or Element Nodes, strategically place them around and leave them on aggressive, turret mode. As expected they stand in place and will target whatever comes near.. except it seems to be inconsistent? A lot of the time I've noticed despite being in turret mode they'll just sit there. Shoot at something but not actively, almost as if they don't want to target creatures for a few seconds before deciding to shoot again. I'm unsure if there is a cooldown for when they're in turret mode, but I've been swarmed doing drops and sometimes the velonas won't do anything. They'll just sit there. Anyone else experience this or am I not using them to their full potential?
  14. This is the most important issue that needs fixing on Extinction. Please, we need to get this topic seen. There's corrupted dinos with ABSURD levels roaming the city. Rexes and spinos I came across were anywhere from 250 to 300, happily wiping anyone built there.. I'm not sure how the devs would go about fixing this. I just wish corrupt dinos would vanish after destroying an orbital drop. This is very, very bad.
  15. Okay thanks lots. The rex can do easily against the swarming pteras? My main goal is to get my hands on cryopods and the replicator bp haha
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