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  1. So i've noticed beehives are EXTREMELY hard to come by here now. I've been looking for a few days. Could have sworn they used to be a lot easier to find.. Any tips on where I can find one? My previous ones all auto decayed since i was unable to login for 2 days and couldnt grab the bee from the hive lol.
  2. Is there extra levels on top of learning the exo mech or is it just the mech?
  3. Few days ago I had no trouble finding the asteroid specific resources. Now i'm on the Element rotation and have searched over 15 asteroids, nothing but spread out metal nodes. Is this intentional or?
  4. My gripe with space is, even if I get the asteroids I want, theres barely ANY of the specific resource spawning there. It's so barren, except for the metal nodes.
  5. Does the sleeping pod give you the same amount of experience regardless of whether or not there's an evolution event going on? Say a 2x experience event and you're offline in a pod, or would you receive the same amount of experience passively as normal?
  6. PvE Official if that matters. I'm thinking of bringing another giga for the mate boost, deactivate the shield and just chomp on dinos attacking the OSD (in PvE you can't damage your own OSD) BUT i'm mostly worried about the enraged creatures. What can I do to avoid my gigas from getting enraged? They're not imprinted by me and have prim saddles. I don't have a better giga saddle bp but have been farming Rag drops like crazy for them
  7. People charge an arm and a leg for max pick bps, few hundreds of tek usually
  8. Solo Official PvE player here. Wanting the (very elusive) high pickaxe BPs, but unsure as to where to look? I've heard the Rag ice cave is good but I check the entrance drops, no luck so far. I have all of the maps. Any suggestions?
  9. This. Extinction servers seem EXTREMELY buggy lately. I never DC on any other map, usually have a solid ping in the 30s on xbox series X. But extinction? Rubber banding like crazy and sometimes the entire server is booted, probably once or twice an hour.
  10. Just lost a bit over 100 element and resources to craft them. Bag glitched under the node platform, unable to grab the bag. Unfortunate
  11. I've had a 1 male 2 female setup with an oviraptor for awhile now and no eggs have popped up, should I just keep taming females and hope for the best? Seems like the egg drop rate on these guys is incredibly low.
  12. Story time! So with the xmas event comes chaos as people fight for drops (Official PVE), my server is close knit and agreed not to take drops already being followed by someone except for one tribe. So I tried to play hero as we were all fed up with the offending tribe stealing gifts on their skiff, and landed my wyvern on their skiff. I stayed on for a minute untill my game crashed as they flew extremely high upwards. I relog in a completely different area, I crashed by blue ob mountain and woke up on metal mountain next to volcano. No wyvern in sight, I was
  13. So I main aberration, and want to build a little metal outpost base on Ragnarok solely for raising wyverns. What would be a good size? 12x10 maybe? Not looking for anything fancy just a metal box with a behe gate really, just looking for good size dimensions nothing too big for a solo player on official to raise wyverns.
  14. Yeah it's super hit or miss whenever I decide to go look for drops there. Side note, the area needs to be unrendered for drops to spawn right? Assuming i'm sitting in the cave waiting, one shouldn't spawn?
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