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  1. Substitute for Owl Pellets on Ab for Gacha production? I normally fill up my Gachas with tons of stone, but i'd like to increase their crystal drop rates. Being on Ab obviously snow owls aren't allowed so I can't fill them up with the owl pellets alongside the stone for maximum productivity. Is there a substitute that works just as / nearly as good as the pellets, that I can access on Aberration?
  2. Crafting Skill on Gacha Production So I almost never use my Gachas for loot, I use them for resources. Now, would increasing crafting skill also increase the amount of resource I obtain from each crystal? Does crafting skill affect how often they'll drop crystals? I usually shove a ton of stone in their inventories and grab the crystals afterwards. If crafting skill makes no difference for resource gain, I'll look into leveling weight instead.
  3. Sitting around my main base, gliding about on my Drake on Ab. Thinking of braving one of the caves to tame a mating pair of Glowtails, then breed them mindlessly until I get black and red Glowtails. Can't imagine how long that's gonna take though.
  4. Oh yeah the moment it happened I knew I wouldn't be able to get my stuff back- i'm only bummed about losing my chibi that I was working on but now I know not to bring anything super valuable with me to the surface.
  5. TEK Suit Passives?? After equipping my first full set of Tek Armor and loading it with Element I realized you don't get the insulation passive you're supposed to get. As well as, I still take radiation damage with the full set on despite the fact you aren't supposed to? Official PvE, if that matters.
  6. Anywhere on the surface of Aberration, if a Surface Reaper emerges from underneath you, you can get meshed. I just lost my favorite drake and chibi.
  7. Meshed by a Reaper I'm not coming here to complain but- Has the anti-mesh system messed with anyone else? I lost my favorite drake and chibi after a surface reaper emerged from underneath me, pushing me under and prompting the anti-mesh system. (PvE) I'm just, really confused more than anything? Yeesh, welp back to raising drakes
  8. I'm incredibly happy about this. QoL updates are some of the best things to happen to official server players. Feels great
  9. Tek Suit & Radiation? Aren't you not supposed to take radiation damage with a full set of Tek on? I took damage and nearly died on Ab despite having the entire set on and loaded with element
  10. Alpha Overseer Prep So i'm dying to get those extra 15 levels, and hopefully another 15 against the Alpha final boss from Genesis. What is suggested for the Alpha Overseer? I may join a group and bring a good reaper along, the AoE attack will be great. I'm terrified of being dismounted during the fight, I assume if that happens i'm dead meat? I'll take any tips though. EDIT; I'm also on the fence about running these bosses, i'm level 120 and let's say I DO achieve level 155. And then I lose my character mid-transfer (Official, it's never happened to me before. But I hear it often) I'd have to run the bosses all over again even if my character was to get restored
  11. Remove Cryosickness in PvE Can understand cryosickness in the aspect of PvP, but for PvE I don't see why it should be there. Be awesome to be able to deploy your dinos quickly for a boss fight, osd, ele vein etc.
  12. Does this mean pvp and pve will have different rates for EVO events?
  13. Can't wait for next QoL patch. The previous one where raw meat stack size was increased, multiple storage sizes increased, etc., has made life on official significantly better. I wonder what they'll do next for QoL. Not too sure what they can do, but I'm looking forward to it.
  14. Reapers vs Ele Veins So being mainly on Ab, the grind for Ele is real. I'm thinking of setting up a small base on Extinction to run Element Veins with a few Reaper Kings i've raised. Would I fare well against any sized vein? I'm solo, and it's been awhile since i've done the veins. I'm aware the Reaper spin isn't working atm so I may wait for the fix first. Just want to convert all the Ele to dust and bring it to Ab as a nice supply of Element rather than crafting at charge nodes constantly.
  15. Mining Drill vs Pickaxe Just wondering if one or the other gathers MORE? I've been using the drill to farm up red gems and it's been helpful. Is there a way to get say an ascendant drill? And would it perform better (gather more) than an ascendant pick if they were the same damage percentage?
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