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  1. For those lucky enough to get their hands on one lol, I went from the original xbox one to the xbox one X and the difference in performance was incredible. I still lag a bit flying over those massive bases (official PvE) but how is that lag on the XSX? Traversing through the biomes in Ab must be lots smoother now, with less freezing on the XSX too yeah?
  2. Story time! So with the xmas event comes chaos as people fight for drops (Official PVE), my server is close knit and agreed not to take drops already being followed by someone except for one tribe. So I tried to play hero as we were all fed up with the offending tribe stealing gifts on their skiff, and landed my wyvern on their skiff. I stayed on for a minute untill my game crashed as they flew extremely high upwards. I relog in a completely different area, I crashed by blue ob mountain and woke up on metal mountain next to volcano. No wyvern in sight, I was
  3. So I main aberration, and want to build a little metal outpost base on Ragnarok solely for raising wyverns. What would be a good size? 12x10 maybe? Not looking for anything fancy just a metal box with a behe gate really, just looking for good size dimensions nothing too big for a solo player on official to raise wyverns.
  4. Official player here. I've dced more the past few days than I have the past few months collectively. Hoping i'm not alone here as I reaaaally hope it's not an internet issue lol
  5. Yeah it's super hit or miss whenever I decide to go look for drops there. Side note, the area needs to be unrendered for drops to spawn right? Assuming i'm sitting in the cave waiting, one shouldn't spawn?
  6. Thinking of setting up a side base in volcano biome preferably where there's a lava pool so I can get to stealing Magmasaur eggs and breeding them. And also, how does one get Ambergris without teleporting and instantly burning up in the lunar biome? I've almost never played Genesis so i'm not sure how to plan this all out.
  7. I've just about filled the river in my base with all foundations and pirahnas are STILL spawning. Is there no escape from the jaws of the evil pirahna?
  8. There is a total of 7/8 drop spawns, correct? I've gone in earlier today, grabbed a drop, came back much later on, spent an hour trying to find a drop and nothing spawned. Are the crates here bugged? Edit: For clarification, the dungeon down in the red biome.
  9. Next up increase the element amount you get from charge nodes on aberration since you're increasing the element gains on the other maps! ^^ Amazing tlc can't wait
  10. Following Community Crunch 243 with the buffs to Element gain for the boss fights, I think it would also make sense to increase the amount of Element crafted up in charge nodes from 3! It seems WC wants to make Element easier to get as time goes on (yay!) Maybe an increase from 3 to 5? I dunno. Just a thought. ^^
  11. Yeah with each one I left a folder named "Batteries" inside. Some of the folders I noticed have been deleted as well. I'll wait a few weeks before I try to put batteries in a bunch of them again and see what happens.
  12. Do they serve any actual significant usage other than crafting Element in PvE? I spent a bit making a ton of batteries and put 8 in each node, so people can easily craft their element and be on their way. More than half of the nodes are empty of batteries now. I just don't see why people would yoink the batteries lol
  13. Was surface running on Aberration with my best rock drake. High armor saddle, amazing stats. Had her for a very long time. Reaper spawns from underneath me, pushing me underground as it came up, killing me and the drake because of anti-mesh.
  14. Finished up my big 27x24 metal breeding room on Ab! Thank goodness for the abundance of metal in biolum, because sheeesh.. Got ~200 ACs bunched up in a neat square to mass hatch whatever I need. Got a few fridges up, things are looking good so far. Tomorrow i'll put feeding troughs around the room, maybe a vault or two. Things are looking good. ^^
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