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  1. So happy to see my suggestion there. Lots of good is coming. I'm so happy!
  2. And this is a prime example of the ark community. Yeesh..
  3. Hold "E" To Dismount Option. Heya folks. I think this might be a nice quality of life option to add into the game. A checkbox that allows you to select whether or not you'd like to hold down the action button (E, Y, or Triangle, depending on the system you play obviously.) rather than tap it and you dismount. Just to save lives, I guess? If you check the box, you then would have to hold your action button down for 2 or so seconds before it lets you go into dismounting / mounting.
  4. Water Reservoir Condensation Effect Was getting familiar with the self-filling water reservoirs. Playing on abb and it not raining, I was surprised to see them auto fill. It seems they fill when I leave render or when i'm logged off. However after i'm logged in for a bit, the 4 taps eventually stop dripping water? I have 4 reservoirs connected to each, and they're all connected via a cross pipe. Is this normal for the taps to stop producing water? I'm just not sure if growing plant species x would survive with the amount of water a crop plot can hold, and knowing the taps will shut off sometimes.
  5. Glitched Upon Entering Server. Wondering if anyone else has this glitch. Basically I join my server and I try to access the inventories of my dinos or open any inventory really, but it doesn't happen. I also can't open doors? My stamina doesn't go down either, so essentially I can't do anything.
  6. Ahaha thanks! Yeah as a last resort I hopped on a crab and spammed the grab button and sure enough it poofed back into existence.
  7. Welp. Funny thing happened. I decided as a last resort, why not bring my Karkinos into the breeding room and spam the grab button. Surely enough, the little reaper king poofed back into existence, into the crab's claw. Wild. Ahaha
  8. Baby Reaper Vanished.. So my first ever Reaper King. I was so excited, found a 145 Queen and got the 75 bonus levels. Birthed it, did the pheromone, cryo podded it and threw it back out which stopped it from wandering everywhere. It was great. I'd leave for awhile to fill up its inventory with meat. But at about 7% maturation, I had come back on to see the baby was gone. Nothing in tribe log about a death. No trace of the baby anywhere. I'm super bummed out. Not really one to complain but, really? FeelsBad.
  9. UPDATE:: Alright i'm pretty upset lol. I logged off for a bit and logged back in to find the baby has vanished. Completely. No death in tribe log, and it wasn't wandering since I threw it out of a cryopod. Welp. There goes all my effort..
  10. Success! The baby came out at level 220. I'm not quite sure what reaper stats are considered good or not, but it has 12.1k health, 2k stam and 290 melee. I imagine that melee will go up as I imprint a bunch. Also cryopods made this way easier! Feelsgood. And rewarding. ^^ ((Also I've no idea what stats to go for when they're done raising. 30k health the rest melee? 40k health? I'm open to any ideas.))
  11. Success! I'm impregnated by a 145 queen. I believe the 12 hour timer pauses as you're offline, so i'll wait for tomorrow's double to level up. This is awesome.
  12. I've been destroying low level queens with 10k hp, 527 melee, 59.3 saddle. I know all queens have the same health; but I imagine higher level queens will hit a lot harder.
  13. I just hatched a 190 with 5.5k hp, 1012 stam and 335 melee. Not sure what good stats are for hatched but i'm very satisfied haha. This might become my queen killer!
  14. Gamma Correction Preferences I was messing with the Gamma slider and was wondering how high or low everyone likes playing with their gamma set. From an immersion standpoint I like to keep my gamma abit lower than half. I used to play with it all the way up, but it was way too bright after awhile.
  15. I've been doing surface runs in hopes of finding good Drake Saddle Bps. A 52.2 Jm Saddle, a 50 Ramshackle Saddle (800 less red gems needed to craft than the Jm saddle, which is hilarious.) And an Ascendant 83.2 saddle. But crafting that is impossible in the smithy. FeelsBad haha Looks like I'll have to make a crafter and make a few of those ramshackle saddles then.
  16. River runs will suffice for the 75 levels huh? That's good to know, then.
  17. Will Training Dummies be Fixed? Fixed in a sense that, it will actually display the damage your dino can output. It isn't an end of the world thing for me, but it would be a super nice quality of life change, to see how the values differ per creature, or what the imprint rider bonus percentage changes the dps output to.
  18. I'm wondering where on Ab i'm best off looking for Rock Drake saddle bps from farming supply drops? I heard the surface is good, but which area? I also heard one of the caves is good as well, but i'm not sure which is better? I assume I'd be able to find basilisk and karkinos bps wherever I can find drake bps as well. So, yeah! Any answers are appreciated
  19. The amount of doubt portrayed on this thread, and then wildcard comes out clutch for the community. Lets go. Ahahaha
  20. Drakes that can destroy Reaper Queens. I'm getting back into Aberration, and i'm just wondering what stats to look for in a 180+ hatched Drake? And also, what stats should I go for as I level it up? I've heard many mixed answers. 15k hp, 1500stam, 300 melee for example but that doesn't sound like much of a hard hitter whatsoever. I'm looking to have myself a solid drake that can take on reaper queens. Might keep another cryopodded in case I need the mate boost for the fight. Any suggestions for what stats to achieve before fighting a queen? I'll have to find myself a good drake saddle bp as well, I hear a good place is the cave in red that you can bring drakes in (?)
  21. Nothing like unrealistically getting tossed off of my drake. Then causing everything in the vicinity to tear me to shreds before I can hop back on. And lets not forget the baryonyx infinite stun.. Idk, a lot more needs to be changed.
  22. Which dinos aggro to which? I decided i'd start new on aberration. Got myself a drake, a karkinos, bulb dogs and the usual resource dinos. Well,, what creatures would aggro to my drake and karkinos? And also, can raptors and megalosaurus grab you off your drake? If so,, that's awful haha. I need to farm up red gems for my first drake saddle. I'm afraid to take my crab to red considering it can get float locked. Maybe I'll take my paracer down xP Do most creatures still attack tamed Basilisks as well? I'm not sure if that was changed. But if the karkinos can get float locked by sarcos and other dinos still, I assume the Basilisk wasn't changed.
  23. Ngl this is why I quit PvP after a year of playing it Each is to their own but I couldn't stand spending weeks building up just to get wiped by a megatribe of 30+ either overnight or on a holiday (people that spend their christmas wiping people that are offline are a big yikes) And people were INSANE when it came to their ego. I entered PvP thinking negotiations would be possible. NOPE The true face of humanity shows itself there. Not saying kiters and scammers don't exist in PvE but holy moly
  24. I plan on trading eventually, but for my main gameplay I like to do things solo. I have some experience playing abb solo, so I think i'll give it a try again. I loved the learning curve the map has to offer, and considering the latest update building is more flexible and so is taming, i'm pretty excited. I'll start there tomorrow!
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