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  1. I've transferred to 10 different servers with the mutagen icon present everytime I enter the rockwell biome and haven't found a single bulb spawning. I heard the xbox series X doesn't render the bulbs unless you're very close, but I still have no luck. Any tips?
  2. ..and it's Juvenile twin sister was perfectly fine. I had maewings nearby with active troughs, no meat inside them but that wouldn't cause the giga to starve right? Must just be a hopefully rare bug.
  3. Still not fixed. Cryopodded an ice golem from val, can't deploy it anywhere now. Rip.
  4. I'm well aware that the Mutagen grind is no joke, but what's the best method currently to gather the most per vein? Mantis with picks seems good but even with official rates at 3x it's brutal!
  5. Ever since I got my series X console, if I transfer out of Aberration or go to quit, the game freezes and crashes. I know a lot of others that play on next gen consoles also have experienced this. This has been going on for almost a year now, any possible fixes or am I sol?
  6. For what you need to do to tame them and how cool they look, for a mid-late game Aberration tame their usefulness on this map is rather.. extremely poor. Literally any carnivorous dinosaur will aggro to your basilisk. I've lost one to a raptor while I was afk, it couldn't hit the raptor as it was stuck doing circles. Maybe make Basilisks so they resist radiation and only take aggro from larger dinos? They'd become a lot more viable and have more uses than looking pretty
  7. I try the drill but for the obsidian nodes in the radiation zone, but it doesn't collect them half the time. Stryder takes radiation damage so that's off the table Should I just go down with a skiff and a pick? Kind of rough if i'm looking to mass harvest obsidian
  8. Seems Aberration is falling short of the other maps in terms of Element, with only 3 craftable per 40 minutes per charge node, and Rockwell doesn't drop Element Why not increase the Element per craft from 3 -> 5, maybe 3 -> 10? Would help a ton and keep Ab up to the other maps (aside from Extinction lol)
  9. Yep! I guess a patch came out in 2019 allowing Cookers to take any water source rather than just an intake. Guess i'm still scarred from way back haha
  10. I gave that a shot in SP, my base is about double the height of when the restriction starts haha. Well if Indy Cookers work with reservoirs I won't mind building a ton of those instead
  11. Built on one of the high paths on Aberration, have a nice looking base but sad I can't irrigate it. Any pipes I put down over the edge to try and get down to the river and I get the "Too high above ground" message. I'm aware I can stack a ton of metal reservoirs, but don't you need a direct source to water for the Industrial Cooker to work?
  12. Aberration falls short terribly in terms of Element gain compared to every paid dlc map after it. You only can craft 3 Element at a time inside a charge node, after which you have a cooldown of well over 20 minutes. (Maybe a 3 to 5 increase? 10?) As well as, there's no reason to fight Rockwell after your first time. There's no reward other than the levels and Tekgrams, why not add Element rewards? Aberration is a fan favorite map and a few QoL updates would be great for such an amazing map
  13. Few days ago I had no trouble finding the asteroid specific resources. Now i'm on the Element rotation and have searched over 15 asteroids, nothing but spread out metal nodes. Is this intentional or?
  14. PvE Official if that matters. I'm thinking of bringing another giga for the mate boost, deactivate the shield and just chomp on dinos attacking the OSD (in PvE you can't damage your own OSD) BUT i'm mostly worried about the enraged creatures. What can I do to avoid my gigas from getting enraged? They're not imprinted by me and have prim saddles. I don't have a better giga saddle bp but have been farming Rag drops like crazy for them
  15. This. Extinction servers seem EXTREMELY buggy lately. I never DC on any other map, usually have a solid ping in the 30s on xbox series X. But extinction? Rubber banding like crazy and sometimes the entire server is booted, probably once or twice an hour.
  16. I've had a 1 male 2 female setup with an oviraptor for awhile now and no eggs have popped up, should I just keep taming females and hope for the best? Seems like the egg drop rate on these guys is incredibly low.
  17. Next up increase the element amount you get from charge nodes on aberration since you're increasing the element gains on the other maps! ^^ Amazing tlc can't wait
  18. Finished up my big 27x24 metal breeding room on Ab! Thank goodness for the abundance of metal in biolum, because sheeesh.. Got ~200 ACs bunched up in a neat square to mass hatch whatever I need. Got a few fridges up, things are looking good so far. Tomorrow i'll put feeding troughs around the room, maybe a vault or two. Things are looking good. ^^
  19. Sitting around my main base, gliding about on my Drake on Ab. Thinking of braving one of the caves to tame a mating pair of Glowtails, then breed them mindlessly until I get black and red Glowtails. Can't imagine how long that's gonna take though. ?
  20. Anywhere on the surface of Aberration, if a Surface Reaper emerges from underneath you, you can get meshed. I just lost my favorite drake and chibi.
  21. Does this mean pvp and pve will have different rates for EVO events?
  22. Xbox had a rather sizeable update yesterday, but the same bugs still persist. Could very well have been an update for something else, but it was a fairly large update.
  23. Logged into me being under the map. Then died shortly after. I logged out in a bed, too. FeelsBad
  24. Looks like I'll be fishing all day when I hop on ark tomorrow for those skins! Happy New Years fellow survivors
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