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  1. So when you try to sign into the island server it tries to create a new character? Did you look on the server you came from to see if your character was there? There have multiple times where I thought I was on a server and was able to interact with things but finally the server and client ended up syncing and I either wasn't there and needed to try to connect again or hadn't done all of the things that my client showed me doing so the server overrode what I did. I have also had the case where my character got duplicated when I went from one server to another so the servers thought I was still on the server I came from. REALLY wish they'd fix these issues as it makes the game a pain at times, especially when you DC. I cannot even imagine how terrible this is for PVP players to have happen to them. I'd rage quit for sure. If you cannot get your char back by to sign into the server(s) you came from then you will likely need to make a report to get them to give you some form of character, unfortunately from what I read here on the forums and elsewhere it will not be the same. I play on an unofficial server and they are able to do a few things that I don't know why, other than time/cost, they don't do for players on officials to help give you a character back. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. 800.18 is the latest client version on your Xbox itself. 800.111 is the latest server version for official and nitrado servers. As for why you cannot find your main character I am unsure. If you were transferring at around the time when they updated the servers to the bad/corrupted version or possibly transferred after but before they decided to roll back your character might be gone. If you cannot find it on the server you transferred from or to then you might need to create a support request to get it back if you're on an official server. Wish I had more or better information, sorry. EDIT If this was a newly created character, as in after the Summer bash first dropped then it's gone because of the roll back. Can't think of other reasons, well other than it's Ark.
  3. 1.57 GB update is downloading for Xbox right now, not sure it's the version they mentioned on Friday that fixes the newest crashes. Likely related.
  4. That is the last I've heard on whether there will be more rollbacks. Though you know, it's Ark so there could have been something else that might have them considering rolling back again. EDIT: To be clear, it's very likely there won't be a rollback given how they've handled similar situations in the past. Just calling out that software can and will have issues so you can never know for certain. Like say they find some of the new content allows for duping or meshing and they need to undo considerable damage. Again, not likely but just saying it "could" happen.
  5. You'll need to get the next update to get that fixed unfortunately. Was hoping to play some Ark with my daughter this weekend.
  6. I would definitely hold off on playing on single player if you can, as last official thing I read about it is that you may end up losing data, if it's not already lost. So far as I can tell they have not released a fixed client version. But it's pretty chaotic in getting that sort of information right now. Hopefully someone at WC can keep the original post here up to date with status for the various things rather than having to rely on various tidbits about what is and what is not fixed.
  7. Got an update recently for Ark on console, but the patch notes don't appear to be updated. Guessing it's the PC ones without Crystal Isle changes?
  8. Are you sure you cryofridge had power? If you are away for a while always be sure you have them powered before you access them otherwise dinos will die in them. It calculates whether it had power the time while you were away at the instance you access it. Not saying this is the case as there could be a new bug that I haven't seen yet but this has been the most common issue I've seen for folks.
  9. No idea what the end result will be but I let someone at WC know about it and they said they'd check it out.
  10. Can you chat at all about the fixes made for recent perf/stalls? I have noticed some improvement when joining out server, used to timeout very often and require multiple rejoins in order to play. But wondered if that was mere coincidence. That and it seemed like some of the stalls when rendering in bases are better, mostly noticed it around greenhouse parts where it would stall every time when loading in someone's greenhouse.
  11. Yep, still works as of today. Can you post a screenshot of your player saddle crafting folder?
  12. Worked fine for me on Xbox, well did at least before the update yesterday, haven't checked after that since it was working when they last fixed it.
  13. Weird, for PC and Xbox updates that update was the Love Evolved event. It was also around the time where they added anti meshing fixes so perhaps one of those broke fence supports?
  14. Do you recall what update this broke with? You reported it on Jan 11th. Are you on PC or Console, if console which one?
  15. Just so I'm clear, you're also seeing a crash after going to the main menu when exiting while on Extinction using an XB1X? FWIW I'm seeing that as well. I have no idea if it's related, but also on our nitrado cluster my character has gotten duped 2 out of the 10 or so times I've transferred between extinction and valguero on our cluster.
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