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  1. had the same issue 1 hour ago xbox official pve could not retrieve adresss so i went and played borderlands 3 ill try again later....
  2. Yup and this is the right time to stop playing ark. I got 2500 hours and ARK is the game ive enjoyed the most in my life i think ( besides Dark souls) but they give us 5 days noticed, wipe 33% not 10% of servers,wont offer us customer services. Then whats the point of even playing this anymore...Im done wasting my time and getting raptored all the time.
  3. This is nice and all and i LOVE the game but could you plz check the Official island servers that you moved to better hadware..its now unplayable when more then 12 people online,massive lags,pings..and i got 3 hours more on my breeds thats NOT fun at all
  4. Thus making it unplayable on week ends due to high population and server that cant handle more then 12 people online....
  5. Im on Official server 371 and pillar isnt an issue, we are a lot of regular and theres plenty of places for new players too. New players complains because they spwan on like south 1 and wants to have a house there without looking elsewhere. And if someone wants a place that has pillars and is a regular i never seen anyone said no to remove. I cant be on like i want to so pillars were a good way to slowly build my base but making sure i have a land to build on. Its stupid and should stay the way it is now. It's just gonna end up pissing your ''veteran'' players and fill the land with empty that
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