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  1. Ha...joke will be on you when they miss the PUBLISHED release date of their DISC version.
  2. You are not being ''forgotten'' but it seems they have major issues. It's been delayed and delayed and delayed. So much that I suspect they won't make the August 8th release date on xBox/PS4. Oh btw...since this morning you can download a 30gb patch for xBox (22+ for patch and 5+ for Ragnarok).
  3. Issues with wild spawns inside my base

    Your solution might be simple...if you put dinos on ''neutral'' they should not attack the Ichthyornis which usually should not bother with tamed dinos. Luckly it was metal so he couldn't damage it but still...this should not be happening in build up areas. If an alpha raptor can spawn inside your base on a south beach, what's stopping an alpha rex or even a giga from spawning inside your base up north.
  4. I like how they don't give a flying raptor that we're being disconnected every 5 to 10 minutes. Like the whole server. I predict patch 262 was the killer of official servers.
  5. Issues with wild spawns inside my base

    I think this explains it...
  6. 55 GB free and can't update ARK?!?

    I have only Ark installed on a 232 gb SSD and still run into this issue.

    All we know is 262 patch notes state : More Eels, Trilobites, and Euyrps in underwater overworld Now...262.2 patch notes state their numbers are reduced by 33%...for what its worth it could mean it's just been brought back to pre-262 levels.
  8. Patch v262 incoming!

    Since 262 most servers are unplayable. You log in, 5 min lag, you try to move, 5 min lag, you get disconnected with everyone else on the server. Rinse and repeat for hours on end.
  9. "New Content"

    Speaking of...reading all the patch notes...90% of time I felt it was console oriented. Just my opinion tho.
  10. Patch v262 incoming!

    I went thru all the patch notes and there is only like 1 or 2 interesting things (baby wyrverns using less milk is one). And yep a 232 gb SSD with only Ark on it is now down to 1.88GB..WHAT THE raptorING FLYING raptor.
  11. Server Wipe

    A part of me wants the wipe to happen, so my friends and I can have a fresh start, on a fresh server with an ideal base location. Another part of me doesn't want the wipe because I am not sure I wanna spend days and nights without sleep to breed dinos and grind everything we have so far.
  12. Server Wipe

    Well, I hope they STEP UP really good...cuz by current standards its going to take 5 years at least.
  13. Leaving for holidays

    On PVE server stone lasts 12 days. Metal lasts even more.
  14. While I haven't experienced that...I am pretty sure tho the excuse is a generic one. Once a tribe mate got that same excuse 3 times before he finally met the GM. Another person on server also had issues and received the same excuse.
  15. Devs does any of you play official?

    Maybe because it's dumb that when someone selects a server that shows a ping of 20...then they join and ping is 120...maybe if they joined the 80 ping server their ping would have been 90.