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  1. So where's everyone gone?

    Gained 24% of players compared to what period ? Ark can barely reach 50% of players they hit in January 2017...their highest active players since the beginning. Any healthy gave would usually surpass its alpha/beta/testing numbers upon release. I've gained 2% of my body weight yesterday. You will tell me I ate a whole pizza on my own. But if you take into consideration that I played hockey Friday night and lost about 2% of my body weight in water that should change the perspective no ?
  2. Alpha dinos can't drown?

    When I started playing, I used to drown alpha raptors by kiting them to a lake near red obelisk and tagging them from above. Killed a few this way.
  3. So where's everyone gone?

    Despite there being a net gain in the last 30 days (game just released), looking at the data over a year...the tendency is clearly pointing into one direction.
  4. Windows 10 release?

    The +20% performance gains on PC and Windows 10 Play Anywhere feature are two completely separate thing. Now, I personally have lost hope for the +20% performance gain update.
  5. So where's everyone gone?

    Mid-to-Long term...they inevitably will. I mean WC said it costs them 100000$ per month to run the servers. Once the DLC money stream wears off, they get no further revenue but costs are still there.
  6. So where's everyone gone?

    There is about 2000 (if that) official servers. Key word being official. WC has zero cost and only gains money when people HOST THEIR SERVERS. Paying a monthly fee to host = Paying a one time licence for dedicated servers.
  7. Legacy Server Looting Epidemic?

    Well of course that was happening in Early Access (despite claims that WC put an end to it). It will happen if its not already happening on new servers as well. Just give some time to the breeders to get a few interesting stats / mutations. No one sane needs 1000 gigas or wyrverns...expect if you give me 20$ for each...heck yeah i'll spend every second of my life making more of them.
  8. So where's everyone gone?

    Why bother when OP clearly stated... As for me, well I'm still trying to keep my legacy alive but its getting harder and harder. I'm only seeing like 3 or 4 other people except me on the server. Yesterday was fun because a base was up for demolition (an old enemy) so I had lots of pleasure to kill their dinos and destroy their poop, but most of the days, I log, visit bases to reset timers, check generators and feed dinos. That takes at least one hour and feels a lot like a full time work instead of entertainment. So I get bored and go play something else. Lately, that something else is a dumb as American Truck Simulator with two friends I met in Ark...so I guess at least there is that good.
  9. Feeling utterly defeated

    I am not saying there are not people out there who spend every second of their life doing just that, breeding non stop. But it has been documented with proof (obviously not on survivetheark.com) and screenshots of what people got. An example : https://imgur.com/a/CwARn
  10. Playing on deleted ''Legacy Servers''

    Don't worry about it. Glad I could help. Enjoy the game.
  11. Playing on deleted ''Legacy Servers''

    Your server provider should offer you an option to upload a savefile. Now this may vary from provider A to provider B so I cannot give you exact directions but yes, usually you will have FILE BROWSER and find the file on your computer and upload. You are welcome. Enjoy your old map ! Also notice, you probably wont be able to upload THE ZIP. You need to extract the files from it to use them for both singleplayer and server hosting.
  12. SE Deep drops monopolized

    What is exactly stopping you from placing your own beds in proximity of the beacons ?
  13. Playing on deleted ''Legacy Servers''

    You need to extract the content from the Zip file and paste it into a location that should be similar to this : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal This will allow you to play it in single player. If you have a hosting account with a server provider (as Nitrado) then you should be able to upload those files as ''server save files'' and run them on your server.
  14. Feeling utterly defeated

    Of course its hearsay. It is only until a friendly GM spawns in a rex to place the one your lost by some weird accident. How do you think first 1500 melee rexes were obtained ? Someone had a GM spawn them a 400 or 500% rex, then they bred the poop out of it, until it reached 1500 melee.
  15. Just want tougher glass (greenhouse wall)

    Simple answer is NO. If mods exists its because its much easier to do a mod than to tweak files that will get replaced next update anyway.