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  1. I swear to you wildcard ...

    If ARK ever reaches the status WoW reached, yeah maybe they can think about making a movie. We're talking about an unfinished game that's not even 3 years old vs a game that's 13 years old and still strong.
  2. Compliments to the Developers

    I would take a wild guess that it is because of the way this game came to be...that is Early Access. Usually a game would be developed with a very limited number of people outside the company knowing of its existence and then when alpha and beta tested, it would be released to the general public. If this was the ARK way, most of us would have discovered some of the bugs only after release and would be comprehensive that sometimes ''poop'' happen and takes time to be fixed. The negative side of it, I doubt ARK would have been as popular as it is today. But ARK was part of Early Access, something relatively ''new'' in the history of gaming industry. It allowed the devs an immense support (financially, idea wise and so on) during critical phases of their projet. But on the other hand, it exposed some of the game flaws for quite a long period of time. And when some basic bugs still live in the game since June 2015, I can easily understand why some people are throwing rocks at the devs.
  3. Compliments to the Developers

    Except there are currently BP's requiring over 600 slots (the max slot number of a Tek Replicator) to be crafted. I just hope there is a Tek Industrial Replicator in the works in some not so far future.
  4. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    You know all those dinos needed for kibble take space. I would love to have only a 10x10 two stories high house for all my daily needs in Ark including the 5-10 dinos I regularly use...but there is so many things ''still'' wrong with this game that I simply cannot limit myself to a small shack if I wanna be able to gather ressources, turn them into ammo and produce dinos I need for bosses and what not.
  5. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    My personal experience says no, GMs would not do anything about it. Why you ask ? Because I once had a base whose outer walls were built on fence foundations. A few months went by without any issues and then one day a troll found out and decided to pillar in front of every of my 3 behemot gateways. And when I say pillar, it was a mere feet away from the door, so nothing bigger than a raptor could walk out. I've asked the players nicely, and when received a negative answer, I resorted to an official report. This lasted a few months without any changes and in the end I moved bases, this time putting pillars and foundations as part of my walls to prevent the same issue occurring again.
  6. Should I buy the season pass?

    Do you wanna play they 3rd DLC ? If so, buy the pass. If not, skip it.
  7. Ah so glad to see all those names explaining to OP how much Ark is the greatest of them all and he's all wrong. Man I wish someone was sending me paychecks to spend my whole day on these forums telling you how WC is the company that made America great again.
  8. Happy Holidays: Community Crunch 113!

    The further it goes...the less you guys give us. Well...represents the whole WC thing I guess.
  9. how to hide a storage in a founda?

    It is weak but with the same ''fix'' they now prevent you to put pillars in between walls (you know, make your base look beautiful). Unfortunately, ceilings do not properly snap to foundations (they are a bit higher) so it will be easy to spot.
  10. Another question about P.C.

    Can I call bullcrap on this please ? I have a similar set up (only difference I have a 1060) and I can't run smoothly on high, lets not even talk about epic.
  11. Christmas event?

    I am indeed disappointed. Was hoping xmas event would bring me back more into the game than the 2-3 hours per week required to feed...oh well, there's plenty of games out there.
  12. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Good, now should we expect XMas event's on the 24th only or will they launch it this week and thru January 2nd like usually ?
  13. My Argentavis flew away.

    Happened to a friend last night...I was helping him with someone when he landed his Tape next to me on the ground and the bird just kept flying away as soon as he would dismount. Spent about half an hour chasing it more than one. Wasn't on follow, was on passive, landed on solid ground.
  14. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Will there be an XMas even on old legacy servers ? I am hoping to see Raptor Claus drop a few gifts once again this year.
  15. heavy turrets resource requirements and crafting

    Still Heavy Turret is the high end of defenses. If you are level 80 or 90, use normal turrets and plants. You should not have anything THAT important to defend by that level. Anyway, it takes less than two weeks to reach 100 so it's not like its hard.