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  1. Turret change discussion megathread

    You know, even tho I am not at all concerned by the turret change (playing on a Legacy PvE) I do think this issue and solutions are both way too simple. I understand devs have data and that data points to this being a major issue. Fine. But the solution is too simple. And the said solution only barely stops the ''bleeding of the wound'' it doesn't heal it, it doesn't provide any tips and tricks to avoid it in the future. I mean I've been getting lag on my old server where only 3-4 people play...and when I say lag, it's not the usual ''savetime hook up'' but big long freezes. I know very well that my server is not affected by turrets issues...so, yeah, kinda looking forward in a few weeks to see that this bandaid glue got dried up and the bandaid fell off the wound.
  2. Nope still not getting any DLCs
  3. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    Yep. Only thing I would be worried (if I was one of those buying Aberration) is that they closed 900+ legacy servers to open about 200 ''new'' servers on launch day. Per those ratios...they will close the remaining 300 legacy servers to open up 50 aberration servers.
  4. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Please no, no no.
  5. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    Given then released all Legacy servers files...I expect them to give us a nice xmas gift by wiping all legacy servers before 31/12/2017
  6. So now that the weekend is over...what about those PVE legacy saves ? Or shall I classify this among another ''Jeremy said, but never did'' things ?
  7. Dye making secrets?

    Would be nice if we could make Dye recipes...like we can with special food.
  8. It's sad that we're unable to get a clear answer from the Devs. I'm on legacy and their next move is pretty much determining of me continuing playing (and paying) for this game or not.
  9. Any news on xbox v272.0 equivalent?

    They busy working on aberration !
  10. What did I do...my tribe lost 109 dinos due to a titan somehow enraging in our base. Our base is on two levels, I was on the top level feeding some dinos when screen started getting spammed with red text of death.
  11. What S+ are you looking forward to?

    Having used it on private servers after building with vanilla items, S+ should not require a server wipe. But most likely will require for players to manually replace every piece of a building by S+ items (because I don't think there will be a possible conversion). And, in the end, it all depends on how the devs decide to implement it. My personal opinion is something along these lines : 1) Devs says no server wipe 2) S+ update rolls out 3) Many people complain latest patch destroyed their base 4) Global rollback to pre-patch 5 ???
  12. Obelisks

    Because sausages and alphas like to control obelisks and build over them to prevent others from using them.
  13. Well to be honest, they did release them last time they killed a bunch...yep even those that were not killed, but yeah...I can finally kill it all.
  14. CONSTANT updates are a disgrace

    If only it was actual fixing. They fix one bug but create 5 new ones. At this point...I would rather keep one not so annoying bug that's most likely been present since the beginning.
  15. Would love an answer on this as well. A tribemate and myself have been working our asses to keep our Legacy base alive, but the motivation is slowly fading away.