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  1. No one is saying that you guys aren't doing things to prevent meshing or generally speaking exploiting and cheating. But honestly, the exploits the video shown exist since at least 2-3 years. I mean, at some point it should be time you actually fix those big, popular, known by most, exploits. That will slow down cheating by 60% (at least), then you can work on the next most used method. And I say this with no mean intention. There are mods, there are ways people who understand gaming programming suggested more than once, how to easily and quickly fix most of the blatant issues. Yet
  2. Having past experience, there is about 80% chance something goes wrong and all those structures are destroyed. Thankfully, there are server rollbacks but still, that takes time and complicates things. My current base fence is built with three pillars (one on top of each other) and then two rows of walls...rince and repeat. Looks beautiful and pillars prevent other players from building too close to my walls (fence foundations do not do that). But even then, I have few pillars missing because snap points went nuts and those pillars (even being surrounded by walls) were considered as lone
  3. Any specific news on the progress of S+ integration ? Seems to me that besides WC hiring Orionsun (S+ developer), there hasn't been much technical work done.
  4. What's the point of taking down legacy servers ? I mean why not take TEA's server down permanently and save one of the servers that's supposed to be killed on March 9th ?
  5. The further it goes...the less you guys give us. Well...represents the whole WC thing I guess.
  6. Good, now should we expect XMas event's on the 24th only or will they launch it this week and thru January 2nd like usually ?
  7. Will there be an XMas even on old legacy servers ? I am hoping to see Raptor Claus drop a few gifts once again this year.
  8. Sorry man, but ON NITRADO is not yours nor mine, it's a server owned by Nitrado and they can put an end to my hosting agreement when ever they wish. Hosting it on my own server in my own bedroom is the proper term for hosting it on MY OWN SERVER.
  9. You can spin it the way you want, in every dictionary in the world, in every language in the world...those words mean the same thing. YOU doesn't mean nor define Nitrado or any other server provider but me, you, and everyone else as an individual person. YOUR OWN doesn't mean nor define that the owner is Nitrado or any other server provider but the individual. YOUR OWN doesn't mean mine if I say it, it means yours.
  10. Just realize that this company well tell whatever people wanna hear so they can sell more copies. Win10 Cross-Play was supposed to be on release, then September and is now scheduled for December 12th. As it was promised there will be no extra cost attached to it, and now its seems Nitrado is the only company getting the money for the feature. Notice, that's the case for PS4 aswell, so I wouldn't expect much. So, just realize who you dealing with and decide if you wanna keep giving them the money or not.
  11. Of course you keep quoting my answer...but hey, check what Joebl0w13 said below... as far as I remember, Windows 10 and XBox cross play were supposed to be an added feature for the game. So I assume they were also supposed to be free...except, if we're to believe the rumor (true or false you be the judge) the feature is not free because we are forced to do it thru Nitrado who is rather expensive as a server provider. So my friend, what's your take on this rumor spread ?
  12. Silly rumor ? Lack of information about this major game addition in a thread where they touched a lot of points from today till the end of year is nothing to classify what I said as rumor.
  13. S+ will be part of DLC #3...a mod DLC. All sponsored mods will be integrated in the DLC allowing everyone to buy and enjoy them on official servers.
  14. So now that the weekend is over...what about those PVE legacy saves ? Or shall I classify this among another ''Jeremy said, but never did'' things ?
  15. 0 hrs in the last 2 weeks And It's not about me...
  16. Well they are traveling for Twitchcon...so there will be delays. There is also a hurricane heading to Irleand (hope everything stays okay) so part of their team will definitely be out of action for a month or two because of that (joking aside they always find themselves into some natural catastrophe anywhere around the world to justify delays).
  17. Are the news and updates about the game going to be posted on the app before they are on twitter and reddit ?
  18. For a small studio...they do have teams all over the world...and it seems they are in bad luck because their teams seems to be located in every city/region where there was a very recent or incoming natural disaster. As for this whole thread...well its a big ''lets refresh everyone's memory what we did in the last 5 weeks'' and a few screenshots to please the 5-6 people (that I can name on top of my head) that bother submitting them.
  19. Why not ? You wanna be able to transfert your level 100 toon will full ascendant gear and your 50th generation bred dinos then head into the Aberration boss in mere days. Basically burning thru a brand new DLC in matter of hours ?
  20. I hope and wish the new DLC forces you to defeat all bosses on the island before being able to CREATE a brand new level 1 character on the Aberration map. Otherwise it's way too easy.
  21. As long as it has lag and the character falling thru ceilings/foundations while ''sleeping''.
  22. Ha ha ha ha ha... Killed legacy servers only thu Nitrado...ha ha ha ha ha ha. Good luck to anyone hosting.
  23. The OP needs to be updated. @Jen @Jat You guys posted this... Source : https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/237201-the-great-migration-xbox-uwp/ Then the first patch goes and says... Can you be true to your word for ever 1 hours ? Like really. At this point, wipe all legacy servers, wipe them now, no announce, no nothing. Show everyone how ready you are to deal with a poopstorm and how cash hungry you are.
  24. The sad truth. The trailer vs gameplay is like a well writen book vs a badly adapted movie.
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