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  1. Stark

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    The windows 10 version hasnt been released. Microsoft made a test version downloadable in an obscure way. Multiplayer on it will not work until its released officially (soonish). Thanks Rob
  2. Stark

    Patch 272 - Floating mobs, players and mounts

    are you able to update your server to the newest update (272.1) and let me know if the issue still occurs? Thank you in advance!
  3. Its appreciated Currently have the details of an affected server, just awaiting a few further details and then will be testing that servers save file on a dedicated machine to see if i can narrow down the issue. Regards Stark
  4. Those threads are familiar to me, it seems like a really rare issue and i have actually contacted and joined i believe 3 different people in the past with regards to the matter. Using the exact same base co-ordinates i was unable to replicate the issue after multiple attempts, usually when this sort of thing happens, and we are stumped, the community gives us a better idea of the issue as they learn more until we narrow down the culprit. Essentially, provide as many details as possible please and I will always be happy to look into this again until it is fixed. Thank you, Stark
  5. wyverns are immune to their own special abilities, fire cant damage fire, etc
  6. its intended to make you choose carefully when to use their alternate attacks, regards Stark
  7. Stark

    Crashing Problem since Patch v738

    Moving to the xbox support subforum so you are better able to get support, Regards, Stark
  8. Stark

    Community Crunch 53 and ARK Digest 35!

    Please remember art is very subjective, what one person thinks/feels is not the same as another person. I hate coffee. My best friend loves it. I love beavers, jen loves parasaurs (pro tip, if jen is judging, make sure you sneak a parasaur into the shot). I would just say keep competing and enjoy yourself, ark is a game, the idea is to have fun. Good luck to you and your future entries should you compete again! Stark