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  1. Question about v273.6

    yeah that was a steam issue, responding to this since you asked how often its checked on twitter if steam every fails to update its binary, always deleted everything in the steamcmd folder except steamcmd.exe so that you get rid of the steamcmd cache
  2. server? singleplayer? modded? able to pastebin me the crashlog? (click on the popup and press control + c, and control+v, set it as unlisted, ty) regards
  3. Patch 272 - Floating mobs, players and mounts

    are you able to update your server to the newest update (272.1) and let me know if the issue still occurs? Thank you in advance!

    Let me know if you are still crashing after next update (v272.0), should be deploying in 1.5 hours. Thanks
  5. able to post me the call stack (crash log) can control C and control V it in pastebin or something since it will be a wall of text, much appreciated
  6. What settings (complete) are you using? Also in the mean time, save a copy of this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal when we work out your setting issue you can revert and not lose anything (if dinos have started dying, rename the corruption backup to TheIsland.Ark in that folder)
  7. Crafting Skill does not work

    The crafting skill only applies to blueprints, e.g. you could make a 200% damage rifle 266%
  8. Offline Damage Protection bug

    There is indeed still a countdown for structure demolish and dino unclaim
  9. Offline Damage Protection bug

    Its to combat griefing by kiting wild animals into offline bases
  10. fix for this issue has been deployed (258.2258.2). let me know if sucessful, if not, new pastebin or the crashlog please
  11. when does this crash occur? thanks
  12. Cheaters

    not off of the top of my head but i believe we pushed the fix to xbox servers as well as pc we generally fix those things on xbox at the same time as pc if it is just a server side fix (in this case it was just a server side fix). if its a clientside or client and server fix, the fix is delayed for xbox because the update needs to pass microsoft certification before being pushed live.
  13. New to PC Building Need Some Advice

    You will find most games benefit from a single powerful graphics card more than 2 weaker ones in sli (ark DOES have sli support though). The build looks solid though. As a reference this is the PC i use with everything on epic in game and without issue (its components are a little more dated, your cpu and mobo will be better). Regards Stark edit: forgot to mention, i keep my cpu clocked at 4.6ghz, my gpu in boost at 2ghz, and my ram at 3333mhz