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Zalco's Feedback

  1. Xeeta left Positive feedback   

    Time differences do stink, but Zalco is definitely worth the trouble of coordinating a good exchange time! Great communication, very friendly- would love to do business with again even if I am the buyer :)

    Zalco was Trading

  2. skuIlman left Positive feedback   

    Fast and easy, he even gave a little extra!

    Zalco was The Seller

  3. Amichi left Positive feedback   

    Very fast trade, great communication! Would definitely recommend!

    Zalco was Trading

  4. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    great guy, fast and easy trades! looking for more in the future.

    Zalco was The Seller

  5. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    nice guy, very enjoyable trade

    Zalco was The Seller

  6. b0ender left Positive feedback   

    very nice trader, fast and easy!

    Zalco was Trading

  7. rexgutierrez left Positive feedback   

    Very easy to work with, nice trade, fast and smooth. Recommend to anyone.

    Zalco was The Seller

  8. Reaveroni left Positive feedback   

    Great guy very patient responds fast

    Zalco was The Seller

  9. Freddyy left Positive feedback   

    easy and fast trade, he came to my server and trade was done in like 5 mins

    Zalco was Trading

  10. Darkramzeu left Positive feedback   

    Very kind persone, fast with trading and a man of his word. Absolutely looking foward to trade with again in the future.

    Zalco was Trading

  11. Super Fab left Positive feedback   

    Great seller, very trust worthy, and fun to talk to.

    Zalco was The Seller

  12. Nudelkocher left Positive feedback   

    fast and easy trade, trushworthy trader, always again

    Zalco was Trading

  13. Trollz left Positive feedback   

    Really nice and friendly trader ! I hope to trade again with him in the future. Highly recommended

    Zalco was The Seller

  14. Darkramzeu left Positive feedback   

    Friendly player, fast with trading and replying. Definitely a good person to trade with!

    Zalco was Trading

  15. Cretinous left Positive feedback   

    Really great trader, is quick to respond and is a nice dude. He even gave me an extra set of eggs after a mishap. 8/8 Great trading mate.

    Zalco was Trading

  16. KdtBigs left Positive feedback   

    nice trader, fast and good

    Zalco was Trading

  17. Desilent left Positive feedback   

    nice trader and was a smooth deal :) will do more trades :)

    Zalco was The Seller

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