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  1. It would be nice, if an employee expresses itself. The players are a bit faded! It is an event we with x1.5 but you can not use it because the servers do not run properly. It would be nice, if an Admin quickly expresses itself! The event we will be soon without you having a benefit from it
  2. Well, now it will be less. How about a concrete date? When comes eg The christmas event In March? it would be better if you set your achievable goals for the next patch. So are less disappointed. Merry Christmas Oh, little reference from me From the 24th to the 27th of the same year, I randomly select selected dinos, skins, and objects for each fertilized egg which you bring me. Except are eggs from dodos, dilos and fertilized eggs from dinos below level 100. You'll find me on server 120 Much fun yet!!!
  3. can anyone help me,pls???
  4. On monday 2 gigas hatched with me (twins). It all went well until Wednesday, one of the two disappeared. He's not dead. I've got the support. NOTHING! You get no message back. Today the other giga has disappeared. I gave him a kibble, then flesh in the feedingtrog done and suddenly he was gone. I immediately reported the support. NOTHING! My question: why no one cares about it and how do I get replacement? I would be glad about your help. THANK YOU