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  1. neither do I, I already took a screenshot of it so idc if it gets deleted for me
  2. where do we go from here? EDIT: I’ve met my post limit for today, but is anyone else having trouble accessing the website on PC? I’m currently on mobile and I can only access the website through my phone.
  3. what do we do after we get the active terminal uplink?
  4. it says here on the Ark Wiki that Rockwell names it "Edmundium"
  5. There are only 4 elements, if there was a lightning element, there would be an image in the rings. There are 4 images. One that looks like it is in a Mushroom Cave, one on Icy Cliffs, one on the top of what looks like a Volcano, and one that looks like it is looking at the sun from underwater. The image below is of the "Mushroom Cave"
  6. Almost all of the biome pictures last for about 4 seconds except the Ice Biome. The Ice Biome picture lasts for about 2 seconds. Idk if this'll help but just thought I'd throw this out there
  7. Looking at the timer link ( https://survivetheark.com/g/ ), I see on the sides 4 different symbols with the changing colors. I'm assuming the Green background with the Skull means poison, possibly referring to the Broodmother in it's swampy spider cave. There is a white Snowflake, meaning Ice, referring to the Megapithecus. A Red Fire symbol which obviously means fire. This refers to the Dragon. However there is a fourth, blue symbol that seems to look like a water droplet with a ripple beneath it. This could represent water. But there are no bosses in Ark that are represented by water. Yet. The Ark Devs said they were planning on implementing an aquatic boss in an answer to one of the questions asked about Extinction Bosses while Extinction was still in development. Now with all of the Arks down on earth, this could mean we're getting an aquatic boss to FINALLY have a use for our aquatic dinos. On another note, the code currently seen on the countdown (the codes change each day, or at least that's my guess) translates to this:
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